Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords

Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Skyport: Barak-Mhornar

- Additional Footnote: There's No Reward Without Risk


Brokk Grungsson (260)

Aether-Khemist (160)

- General

- Trait: Opportunistic Privateers 

Aether-Khemist (160)

- Artefact: Aethershock Earbuster 

Knight-Incantor (140)


40 x Arkanaut Company (480)

- 12x Light Skyhooks

10 x Arkanaut Company (120)

- 3x Aethermatic Volley Guns

10 x Arkanaut Company (120)

- 3x Aethermatic Volley Guns


9 x Endrinriggers (360)

- 3x Drill Cannons

Endless Spells

Everblaze Comet (100)

Total: 1900 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 2

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 101


Kharadron Overlords have an interesting set of Allegiance abilities called ‘Skyports’. These are somewhat similar to Stormcast Eternals Stormhosts or Daughters of Khaine Temples as they mandate certain command traits which must be taken, however they give more options than most other armies using this army building mechanic, as each Skyport gets an Artycle, Amendment and Footnote that can be chosen from a list of 6 of each, for a total of 3 extra abilities available to any Kharadron Overlords army.

There are 6 Skyports included in the book which each use their own unique combinations of Artycle, Amendment and Footnote and also gain their own specific additional abilities. Or you can build a custom Skyport which allows you to choose freely between the 6 Artycles, Amendments and Footnotes for greater flexibility; however you lose out on the additional extra abilities from taking one of the named Skyports, which are often so powerful that they make up for the loss in freedom over choosing the Artycle, Amendment and Footnote – therefore you will rarely see a custom Skyport on the tabletop.

This list is a full ‘foot’ KO list, meaning one that contains no ships; note it does still contain two flying units for greater mobility however and is a lot faster than most people will expect from a ‘foot’ KO list.

The list can be both an Alpha and a Beta strike list; though it slightly favours the Alpha in the current ‘buff heavy’ meta.

Whether it is played as an Alpha or Beta list should always depend on your opponent’s list and how many drops they have; i.e. whether you get the choice of who has first turn. This gives it a big advantage over lots of lists in the game that only really work optimally one way or the other as you can play flexibly in those match ups to the detriment of your opponent.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have two options of roughly equal strength available to you, even if one option is slightly better for your army, think which option is worse for your opponent’s army, and do that. Playing in a manner which is counter to your opponent’s list mechanic will always be of greater benefit to you, than playing in a manner which is slightly more beneficial to your army.

Allegience Ability

Barak Mhornar:

Artycle – Seek New Prospects – You can reroll battleshock tests for your units while they are wholly within your opponent’s territory.

Given the unit of 9 Endrinriggers are often flying full on into your opponent’s territory, knowing they can reroll their battleshock is nice; its mandatory in Mhornar and isn’t the reason for taking this skyport, but it’s an alright ability that might save you a few balloon boys.

Note: This Artycle is not unique to Barak Mhornar and is one of the 6 ‘general’ Artycles, therefore you can put this Artycle into any custom Skyport.

Amendment – Prosecute Wars With All Haste – In your first turn, your units can run and shoot.

Wow. This right here is one of the main things this army is built around and why the list is 100 points down for 2 extra command points, because now you can use a command point to automatically make a run roll a 6. Suddenly those ‘slow’ foot KO can move 10” up the board (into range of most objectives on most scenarios) and still unleash all their guns! Having a 34” threat range on 12 light skyhook shots (24 with a Khemist – more on that later) turn 1 is not to be sniffed at.

Oh and moving 9 Endrinriggers 18” up the board turn 1 (if an opportunity presents itself) into range with all their pistol shots who are then only either a 3” or 6” charge if your opponent deploys on the line (as far into the center of the board as the deployment zone allows), is also a huge threat. Seriously this ability should not be underestimated.

Note: This Amendment is not unique to Barak Mhornar and is one of the 6 ‘general’ Amendments, therefore you can put this Amendment into any custom Skyport.

Footnote – Who Strikes First, Strikes Hardest – Once per battle, in your hero phase one of your units can attempt to charge as if it were the charge phase, or pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase.

You can choose an additional footnote … which may be ‘These Are Just Guidelines’.

It’s unlikely you will ever want to use the first part of this ability (charging in your hero phase), however being able to pile in and attack in your hero phase is awesome when you have a unit of 9 Endrinriggers with 6 Aethermatic saws.

The beauty of this ability is that it does not happen at the start of the hero phase, therefore you can buff the unit you are going to select with one of the Khemists for ‘double goodness’. This ability is one of the things that helps this list perform well as a Beta strike list (details on this in the in game guide below).

Footnote – Additional – There’s No Reward Without Risk – Once per battle, you can reroll the charge distance for one of your units.

I know what most people are thinking, “but you have command points for that”, and the simple answer (in this list anyway) is no, they are for making 3 of your run rolls a guaranteed 6” on the first turn, which is what this list is designed around, therefore why use a command point when you can have the ability for free in an additional Footnote.

Note: This additional Footnote is changeable if you wanted to; other possible options are There’s Just No Trading With Some People or These Are Just Guidelines. The second one can be useful as being able to change the Artycle to either Master The Skies or Settle The Grudges are generally better than Seek New Prospects, however you do not get to choose the new Artycle if using this Footnote, you have to roll it and are therefore at the mercy of the dice gods, therefore I think you are better off not choosing this Footnote.

Abilities – Fearsome Raiders – Enemy units that take a battleshock test within 3” of any Barak Mhornar units must add 1 to the roll.

Making your opponent’s battleshock tests worse is always great, it stops any chaos daemon units in their tracks as they can’t auto-pass battleshock or get models back as a result. Really nice extra ability that gets even better when combined with the artefact choice later on.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Command Trait – Opportunistic Privateers – In your shooting phase you can pick an enemy unit. Until the end of the phase, you can re-roll failed hit rolls against that unit for any of your units that are within 3” of your general.

This. This right here is why I choose Barak Mhornar. For an army of shooting which generally hits on 4s, being able to re-roll ALL failed hit rolls for ALL units within range of your general is AMAZING.

Yes it is only against one enemy unit, however you can choose a different unit each turn and no line of sight or range to the unit chosen is needed. It lets you choose which unit needs to die each turn and basically makes it happen. (Note, this ability is NOT wholly within either, more on that gem later…)

Command Ability – First Rule of Grungsson – Brokk Grungsson – Until your next hero phase, friendly KHARADRON OVERLORDS units within 18” can charge even if they ran in the same turn.

So now on turn one your entire army can run and shoot AND charge….I’ll let that sink in for a second… and you thought Duardin were slow! Cheers Brokk!


Artefact – Aethershock Earburster – (Errata’d) Pick one of the bearer’s missile weapons to be fitted with an Aethershock Earburster. If any models are slain with this weapon, their unit must immediately take a battleshock test after all of the bearer’s attacks in that phase have been completed. This is in addition to the test they must take in the battleshock phase.

This goes on a khemist as they make 3D6 shots at rend -2 so are likely to kill some models. KO don’t actually have many standout artefacts and even this one is interchangeable (for Aetherquartz Brooch (Hysh) or Betrayer’s Crown (Ulgu) – see below), however it is a really nice artefact with some potentially devastating utility.

Due to the introduction of inspiring presence as a reactive command ability for 1 Command Point (CP), lots of armies (with the notable exceptions of Khorne due to the bloodsecrator and Legions of Nagash due to Nagash’ Command Ability) have forgone abilities which make them immune to battleshock, instead just relying on a spare CP to grant immunity reactively (i.e. if and when one of their units sustains heavy casualties).

The reason the Aethershock Earburster is so good is because the new Inspiring Presence command ability can only be used in the Battleshock phase, and therefore it cannot be used reactively against the battleshock test which is forced by the Aethershock Earburster as it happens in the shooting phase.

Furthermore, if your opponent does not have any CPs and therefore cannot make a unit immune to battleshock, any additional casualties caused by the battleshock test in the shooting phase effectively become two casualties, as they count as additional models slain for the battleshock test in the battleshock phase. I’ve given an example of how this works out below:

Example against a starting unit of 30 models with Bravery 10 (looking at you Grimghast Reapers):

Shooting Phase – Kills 15 models

Earburster Battleshock test – (Bravery 11 – 15 models left) loses D6+4 models (say only a 1 on the D6 for 5) – 20 models gone.

Battleshock phase battleshock test – (Bravery 11 – 10 models left) loses D6+9 models (minimum 10 models – wiped out all 30)

So now by killing only 15/30 models in the shooting phase, you know that you are guaranteed to wipe out a unit of 30 models with bravery 10 even if they only roll 1s on their Battleshock test, whereas normally they would have been left with 5 models even if they rolled a 6 on their battleshock test; meaning against Grimghast reapers for example that unit cannot regrow from 5 back up to 30 in a turn as they are completely wiped out thanks to the additional battleshock test forced by the Earburster.

This is especially deadly against elite infantry with lower bravery, think Deepkin Eels or Stormcast Evocators on Foot. Oh and remember the Fearsome Raiders ability I mentioned earlier which adds 1 to enemy battleshock tests for units within 3” of any of your units, that adds to the Earburster battleshock test as well, so that’s now an effective extra 3 models that run away over the course of the two tests.

Artefact – Alternate picks – Betrayer’s Crown – Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, pick an enemy unit within 3” of the bearer that has two or more models. Roll a dice for each model in that enemy unit. For each 5+ that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

This artefact is a bit of a hidden gem against hordes, and really boosts the strength of this list as a Beta strike list. Imagine getting charged by a unit of 30 bloodletters (who get +1 to hit if their unit has 20 or more models). Before they attack you roll 30 dice and any 5+s do a mortal wound, on average you should kill a third of any unit of 1-wound models before anything even fights, that’s great. And in the example above, if you roll just 1 above average and kill 11 models, you’ve just removed their +1 to hit and are now taking 1/6th less mortal wounds and 1/6th less hits in general. And now they are likely to fail a battleshock test, probably won’t have a character in range for a reactive Inspiring Presence as they’ve charged across the board away from their buffing characters, and can’t roll a 1 due to your Fearsome Raiders command ability-  what’s not to like?!

Seriously, this is a great realm artefact available to every army, and honestly we should be seeing it more.

Artefact – Alternate picks – Aetherquartz Brooch – Roll a dice each time you spend a command point, on a 5+ you receive 1 command point.

This list likes using command points (for auto-sixing runs, reactive battleshocks and re-rolling charges), and starts with 3 in your first hero phase. Therefore being able to potentially get a CP back on a 5+ each time you use one is great.


Brokk Grungsson – The big balloon boy and leader of the Kharadron Overlords. Rarely seen due to his unique nature meaning he can’t take command traits or artefacts and the fact he is quite squishy for his points with only 8 wounds and a 3+ save with no Damage Prevention Roll (DPR) save.

Despite this, he’s still not a bad pick, he can be pretty fighty with 4 attacks 3s/2s rend -2 damage either D3 or flat 3 on a 3+ with rerolls of 1 to hit and wound against Heroes and Monsters, and he also has a fairly high amount of shooting for a single model and is fairly high quality – he may surprise you.

But really he’s in the list for his run and charge command ability which basically affects your entire army with it’s massive 18” AoE (36” bubble) which really gives the Endrinriggers the ability to Alpha strike without needing to take any Grapnel Launchers which reduce your offensive damage output and are also not reliable.

Plus he has moustache guns, need I say more? He’s a dude.

Aether-Khemist – The most commonly seen Kharadron Overlords Hero by a mile, and there’s a clear reason. This guy effectively doubles the damage output of a unit, well 1 weapon-type in a unit via his Aetheric Augmentation ability:

In your hero phase you can pick a friendly SKYFARERS unit (everything in this list is SKYFARERS) within 10”. Until your next hero phase, add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of one kind of weapon carried by the unit. A weapon cannot be augmented more than once per hero phase.

So those 12 lightskyhooks in you unit of 40 arkanauts, well now they are making 24 shots a turn instead of 12. And those 6 aethermatic saws in your unit of Endrinriggers, they’re now making 12 attacks instead of 6.

There’s two of these guys in the list so that you can do just that, pick the skyhooks and the saws in your two main units and go to town.

These guys also have an additional nifty rule called Atmospheric Isolation:

“Subtract 1 from the Attacks characteristic of enemy melee weapons, to a minimum of 1, while the model is within 3” of any Aether-Khemists”. With two of these guys in the list if you space them 6” apart behind the middle of your 40 Arkanauts within 3” of the front of your lines, you can reduce the attacks of enemy models across 12” spacing of your front lines; this can make your arkanauts a lot more durable than your opponent may have thought; so don’t forget this extra rule, it’s a big part of damage reduction in the list against combat armies.

Finally these guys have a shooting attack which does 3D6 shots 4s/4s at rend -2!! Yes they are only 1 damage, but it is high quality and can do a lot of work if you roll high on the number of shots. One of these is upgraded with the Earburster as described previously.

Other Units

Arkanaut Company – Your one battleline unit for KO, so every list will have at least 30 of these guys in. They are usually very slow with only a 4” move, but as discussed above this list gets around that by running and gunning.

They are 1 wound each with a 5+ save and bravery 6 so aren’t the most durable Duardin around so you do need to be prepared to lose a lot of them if you get hit hard.

Most of their attacks hit on 4s, but they have a cool rule called Glory Seekers which gives any of their attacks directed at a Hero or Monster +1 to hit – that’s great.

Most of the unit (7/10) are equipped with a Privateer pistol and an arkanaut cutter. The pistol is 12” range, 2 attacks, 4s/4s, no rend, damage 1 and the cutter is range 1”, 1 attack, and also 4s/4s, no rend, damage 1, so nothing special, but with all the synergies this list has their pistols can do a surprising amount of damage and should not be underestimated.

E.g. The unit of 40 has 28 Arkanauts with pistols, that’s 56 attacks, which can be 84 if you choose to Augment them with a khemist. They can be hitting on 3s against Heroes or Monsters and also rerolling all failed hit rolls against a target. With a 6” run roll in the first turn (which you can guarantee with one of your command points), the pistols have a 22” threat range on turn 1. Therefore in any of the scenarios where you can start 18” apart, you can hit anything your opponent deploys within 4” of the front of their deployment zone. If that’s a big hero or monster you should do on average 36-37 wounds before saves, so against a 4+ save you should do 18 wounds, that’s a dead Glottkin…. that’s just with your normal arkanauts, from one unit… I’m not finished.

The even better thing is, all of these 7/10 guys are just your normal weapons, as most of your damage output comes from the special weapons that 3/10 of these guys can take.

These come in the form of Light Skyhooks:

24” range, 1 attack, 4s/3s, rend -2, Damage D3 – Wow. That’s a great shooting profile, one of the best in the game in fact and you can have 3 of them, in a battleline unit, oh and with a Khemist buff, they are essentially 6 shots per 10 Arkanauts, so 24 shots from the unit of 40, and you have to lose 29 models to start reducing that number.

Aethermatic Volley Guns:

18” range, 6 attacks, 5s/4s, rend -1, Damage 1 – The stats don’t look that great at initial glance due to hitting on 5’s, but that’s 18 shots from 3 guys and when you add in the +1 to hit from Glory-Seekers against Heroes or Monsters, and then the re-rolls to hit from the Opportunistic Privateers Command Trait, you realise these are actually pretty decent.


2” range, 2 attacks 4s/4s, rend -1, Damage D3 – It’s OK, but Aethermatic saws are just much better in almost every way and these guys are too squishy to be relying on being alive in combat to do their damage – pass on these.

EndrinriggersThese are the balloon boys with saws and they are pretty sweet.

They move 12”, so are your fastest units by a long way, they also have 2 wounds each and a 4+ save, so a unit of 3 of them is about as durable as a unit of 10 Arkanauts and they cost the same despite being more elite.

All of these guys come equipped with Rapid-fire rivet guns:

12” range, 3 attacks, 3s/4s, rend -1, Damage 1 – that’s a pretty decent shooting attack

And Aethermatic saws:

1” range, 1 attack, 3s/2s, rend -2, Damage D3 – that’s an amazing combat attack, just a shame it’s only 1 attack, if only there was some way to increase that… thanks Khemist.

The leader of the unit gets an extra attack with his melee weapon, so you never want to give him a special weapon as the saws are the best thing in this unit, so getting an extra attack with one is great.

Similar to the Arkanaut company some of the models in this unit can replace their normal weapons with a special weapon; up to 2/3 in fact. 1/3 can take a Aethermatic volley gun which is exactly the same as the Arkanaut one apart from it always hits on 4s (to make up for these guys not having Glory Seeker), and 1/3 can take either a Skyhook, Drill Cannon or Grapnel Launcher.

The skyhook is identical to the one carried by the Arkanauts, but as these guys can’t get +1 to hit from Glory Seeker its less useful here, so don’t take it.

The grapnel launcher has a cool mechanic, as it can massively increase the mobility of the unit, you used to see these a lot as they let the unit travel upto 24” in a straight line towards a terrain feature or model with a wounds characteristic of 10 or more, on a roll of a 4+ at the end of your shooting phase. You used to be able to move over enemy models with this weapon, but this has been FAQ’d now that you cannot move within 3” of any enemy model at any point of this move and therefore cannot fly over screens anymore, it also does no damage, replaces one of your saws and 3 rivot-gun shots and only works on a 4+ so cannot be relied upon, as such I personally do not rate them anymore – pass on these.

You don’t need the grapnel launchers in this list anyway with the auto 6 to run and Brokk’s command ability to run and charge, you are fast enough.

Drill Cannons:

Range 24”, attacks 1, 4s/3s, Rend -3, Damage D3 – rend -3 at 24” range, with easy access to 6 shots a turn thanks to our trust Khemist friends and rerolls to hit on those 4+s? Yes please. These are sweet. Additionally they have an extra rule called Exploding Drill whereby if you roll a 6 to wound for a drill cannon you can pick another enemy unit within 3” of the target unit and that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds in addition to any damage dealt to the target unit – an awesome little bonus that can help chip away at those pesky Hag Queens hanging out within 3” of Witch Aelves with their sippy cups of Witch Brew….


Allies – Knight Incantor (Stormcast Eternals)

This is the stormcast wizard your friends told you about. He’s here to cast the Everblaze comet (below) and also provide an automatic unbind for the list. He also gives you an extra character to score in Arcane Places of Power and The Relocation Orb due to being a WIZARD. With 3+ save, despite only having 5 wounds, he can be surprisingly durable if in cover, especially mystical terrain. He’s also not bad in a fight with 3 attacks with a 2” range, 3s/3s, rend -1, Damage D3.

He has 3 spirit flasks which he can smash at the start of the combat phase to deal 1 mortal wound, or D3 to units with more than 10 models, to every unit within 3” for each flask smashed, so if you know he’s going to die to something that’s charged him, you may be able to take them out with you, which is nice.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Knight Incantor – Spirit Storm

This is the Warscroll spell for the Knight Incantor once you’ve cast your comet and don’t feel like casting mystic shield onto your Arkanauts or Endrinriggers. It’s actually not a bad spell, doing 1 mortal wound to every enemy unit within 18” and causing enemy units to subtract 1 from both run and charge rolls whilst they are within 18” of him. While not at all a consideration in choosing the wizard to put into this army for casting the comet, it’s not a bad spell and may be useful for chipping that last wound off if your comet didn’t quite do it.


Everblaze Comet

I won’t go into full details of the Everblaze Comet in this list run-down, however the key things to note are the 36” set-up range meaning you can cast it from outside of unbind range and the 10” AoE (20” bubble) of between 1-3 mortal wounds. Chucking this in the middle of your opponent’s army can be devastating, especially on the bottom (second player turn) of a battleround as it will then do damage again at the start of the next battleround before your opponent has a chance to try and dispel it.

The other effect that shouldn’t be overlooked is that is also provides a -1 to cast debuff for any WIZARD while they are within 5” of it. So is great to throw next to a coven of casters huddled next to an Umbral Spellportal for example.

In-Game Guide

First things first, Triumph! (Are you triggered yet Rob?!) This list is 100 points under, mainly for the 2 command points, but this will likely also mean your list is less than your opponent’s and therefore you can roll for a triumph at the start of the game. Re-rolling hits, wounds or saves for a unit at the right time for several units in this list is really strong.

If you roll re-roll wounds, then you can have those 24 Lightskyhook shots on 3s/3s rerolling to hit AND to wound against a key target! 

If you roll re-roll saves, it can make the Endrinriggers surprisingly resilient (4+ re-rollable, potentially 3+ if in cover), it can keep Brokk alive in a pinch (3/2+ rerollable), and even your Arkanauts can shrug off a surprising amount of damage with a 5+ rerollable save – anyone who’s played Hagg Nar will know full well how hard it is to chew through a 5+ rerollable save!

So yes, do NOT forget your tirumph!

Opportunistic Privateers (Command Trait) – As mentioned earlier, this ability does NOT require you to be wholly within range of your general or require line of sight, so you can tail those Arkanauts back to where your general is hiding in safety (ideally in Mystical terrain which blocks line of sight) and still have all 12 of those Light Skyhooks up the table rerolling all their hit rolls.)

The Alpha strike – If your opponent has deployed a key target within threat range of your skyhooks (and possibly all of your pistols too in a deeper deployment scenario), you can take 1st turn, buff your Lightskyhooks with one khemist and either the drill cannons, saws or even arkanaut’s pistols with the other khemist, use Brokk’s command ability, try and cast comet into the middle of your opponent’s army. Then run 6” up the board with your arkanauts (moving 10”) and Endrinriggers (moving 18”) using the remaining 2 command points to change low rolls to 6’s if you need to, and run Brokk  using a normal run roll (he just needs to be within 18” of one of the riggers, so it really doesn’t matter if he only rolls a 1 to run) and also your general with Opportunistic Privateers command trait up behind your Arkanauts, making sure to have left a tail back to at least within 3” of him if he only rolls a 1 on his run roll, so that you get all your re-rolls. You can also do this with the drill cannon wielding Endrinriggers as they have a 24” range anyway so you can tail the unit out a little to get the rerolls on the pistol and Drill Cannon shots too.

You then shoot all of your pistols from your Arkanauts and Endrinriggers in to any chaff screens and more than likely wipe them out, whilst your drill cannons and mainly your 24 lightskyhook shots shoot their key threat (after electing it as your target unit that turn for your Opportunistic Privateers command trait) which is a Hero or Monster you will be hitting on 3s rerolling, then 3s to wound at rend -2, Damage D3 per shot, and then just incase it isn’t dead yet, you can charge it with your Endrinriggers which should only be about 6” away from it (if they deployed on the line) and if need be use your once per game Footnote to reroll the charge, should they fail. After piling in and attacking with what should be 13 aethermatic saws, their key threat should be well and truly dead, on turn 1, and your Arkanauts should be almost to the middle of the board, holding most of the objectives already – a very strong start.

The beta strike – You can either deploy on the line with your two 10s of arkanauts as a sacrificial screen against any very aggressive combat alpha strike, or use the block of 40 as a deterrent to charge against other armies which may be able to reach you but with only a small part of their army which they likely won’t want to send in on its own.

If you think your opponent is going to go first and charge you, but only has reach 2” or less, you can deploy the khemists behind your arkanauts, spaced 6” apart within 3” of your front lines to reduce the number of attacks against you by 1, against bloodletters for example, this will instantly halve any damage. If you have chosen to take the Betrayer’s Crown artefact, you can activate this at the start of the combat phase to also remove approximately 1 third of 1 attacking unit of single wound models, then finally, you can have the endrinriggers also within 3” of the front of your Arkanauts, ready to pile in and attack in retaliation, this is where the special Barak Mhornar footnote comes in:

Footnote – as you can keep the Endrinriggers behind your Arkanauts but within 3” of the front lines if you are facing a combat Alpha strike army as they will hit your arkanaut screen, be unable to attack your Endrinriggers (unless they have weapons with a 3” reach), but then your Endrinriggers can pile in and attack in your opponents combat phase, then in your first Hero phase you can use the Footnote and pile in and attack with them (after having buffed their saws with one of your khemists to grant them an extra 6 attacks), and then if they still aren’t dead, pile in and attack in your combat phase (again with double attacks) and honestly, I don’t think there’s much in the game that should survive against 33 attacks from Aethermatic saws.

You will also then have every single missile weapon in your army in range of whatever your opponent charged you with, ready for you to shoot off.

Remember that because you entire army can run and shoot (and charge) in your first turn, you have a surprisingly large threat range with your guns this is anything up to 42” from the Drill Cannons (12” + 6” + 24”) to 22” just from you Arkanauts with pistols. You are also able to cover a surprising amount of distance across the board with your army, as your Arkanauts have a minimum charging range of 12” (4” move + 6” run  +1+1 2D6 charge) and a potential charging range of 22”! Don’t forget that their average charging threat is 17” so you can deploy quite far back in your deployment zone if facing an aggressive combat army, to make their planned turn 1 charge impossible (remember you still have to be within 12” to declare a charge), and then still run up the board and shoot and then potentially even charge them to move onto an objective after mostly wiping them out from shooting!



Armies the list is good against

This army loves slow combat armies, especially those with low to medium bravery, even those with fairly good armour saves – looking at you Stormcast Eternals (not the shooty kind) and Ironjawz due to its high amount of high rend.

It loves elite armies which revolve around one main ‘deathstar’ unit, due to its ability to reroll all hit rolls in the shooting phase against 1 enemy unit each turn, as it puts out a huge amount of firepower with very high rend, capable of killing most things.

KO in general love Nagash; Barak Mhornar really love Nagash, they also love Alarielle, and Archaon and any other really big expensive Monster that form the core of any army they are in as it forces your opponent to either not utilize them fully in order to try and keep them safe and out of your range, or throw them forward at your guns, which will kill them thanks to all your re-rolls to hit.

It does well against most armies that cannot fly also, as it can screen the key pieces and then hit back extremely hard with both melee from the Endrinriggers and shooting from the whole army.

Armies the list isn’t good against

Less than you’d think due to its flexible play-style and ability to play as either an Alpha or Beta strike army, but like any army it has it’s bad match-ups.

Sylvaneth. Clearly, this is primarily a shooting list and the new Wyldwood rules blocking line of sight can be a huge issue. At 8 drops, the list will basically never get to go first against Sylvaneth (unless you are playing a very unusual Sylvaneth list) which means from turn 1 you are likely already seeing 2 Wyldwoods on the table.

However clever placement of your Knight Incantor (within 30” (if possible) of whichever Hero they take the Verdant Blessing spell on) will guarantee to deny them a wood on the 1st turn due to his inbuilt auto unbind once per game so never forget this, as it can make a huge difference stopping them from blocking off all of the objectives and allowing you that vital turn to move models into the space they were going to place the Wyldwood in and therefore preventing it being summoned there for the whole game. This may ultimately be game-winning, so never, ever, forget this.

The other thing the Incantor brings to the table to deal with Sylvaneth is the Everblaze comet. This 10” AoE of mortal wounds that doesn’t need line of sight can really wreck Sylvaneth, especially list running the smaller support heroes like Branchwraiths and Branchwych’s and gets rid of pesky small units of 5 Tree/ Spite Revenants too.

Additionally you have the Endrinriggers, of which 3 are armed with drillcannons, these can be augmented by the khemist to make 6 shots a turn, and the other 6 all make 3 shots each with their pistols, and gloriously, the Endrinriggers fly and therefore can see through those Wyldwoods! Sylvaneth do not like rend -3, and they really dislike mortal wounds, so those extra D3 Mortal Wounds from any wound rolls of 6 can be great for pinging off their smaller wizards like Branchwraiths and Branchwyches.


Other less-favourable armies

Anti-shooting armies such as Nurgle with 30 plaguebearers with a Lord of Blights command ability on them. However the list usually has the range to take out the Lord of Blights with shooting rather than focussing on the plaguebearers initially with your guns, and the Endrinriggers can usually still do a good job against Plaguebearers in combat.

Shooting-heavy Stormcast Eternals lists with multiple ballistae and a lord ordinator deployed in the celestial realm can cause issues for this list, however they can be overcome by playing the objectives, ignoring the ballistae and killing the enemy models on the table, and winning through outnumbering on the objectives due to the fairly large number of bodies in this list (60 Arkanauts is a lot).

It does not like heavy shooting armies, i.e. other KO armies that can avoid it’s damage and then deliver theirs, such as the Barak Zilfin ‘clown car’ armies of old – however these have largely disappeared from the current ‘meta’, which is why this list is quite strong at the moment.

Eel-heavy Deepkin armies may be a problem dependent on the list and scenario – however I think this is true for most armies currently.



Good Scenarios

Knife to the Heart/ Take and Hold – These are actually great scenarios for this army, which can be key as these are often scenarios a lot of other armies can struggle with. Due to the range of the arkanauts with lightskyhooks you are able to keep most of your army on your objective while shooting off anything your opponent sends at you (often winning the minor on kill points if your opponent decides to castle up), whilst flying Brokk and the 9 Endrinriggers at your opponent’s objective once you hit turn 3, and making use of your once per game ability to pile in and attack in the Hero phase to really clear through your opponent’s army if you can get the double turn from 2 into 3, this is usually a comfortable win.

Total Commitment – Another scenario lots of other armies don’t like, especially ones which are built around deepstriking from ‘off the table’ (looking at you Stormcast, Deepkin, Skryre, Nighthaunt etc.). You have nothing in reserves in this army anyway so you suffer no disadvantages, whilst most opponents typically have at least 1 key threat unit that would normally be deployed safely off the table but which now can’t be which either has to be deployed on their back board edge to try and stay out of range of your huge threat range with your running and gunning 1st turn (in which case you can potentially give them 1st turn to have them effectively waste a turn or 2 with that key unit), or they deploy it on the line to get at you, which puts it in prime shooting range for you to easily pick off.

Bad Scenarios

Duality of Death, Three Places of Power, Three Places of Arcane Power

You have no behemoths in this list, and no hero with more than 8 wounds and no built-in Damage Prevention Roll (DPR) saves; therefore these scenarios will be more challenging than others, but this does not mean that they are not winnable.

For a start, you have a lot of bodies with which you can screen you characters from combat threats. You have a stash of CPs to guarantee run rolls of 6’s with your 40 Arkanauts, the Incantor and a Khemist which if deployed on the deployment line, means they can all get in range of the objectives turn 1 if you can go first or are made to go first, and Brokk is fast enough to fly there on his own with his Endrinrigger escort.

If your opponent goes first and tries to claim the objectives by running heroes up the board, this just means they’ve run into range of all your guns and you can likely shoot them off or charge them with the Endrinriggers and Brokk in your turn to quickly remove them from the objectives.

Honest Goblin


Mortally Wounded

Gaming style:

I don't like playing netlists/the norm; I like taking the niche/ less mainstream choices from a book and making them work.

Always prefer the scalpel over the hammer...

Event Results:

1st at Border Wars 2018 (FEC - Feast Day Deadwatch)

3rd at Australian Masters 2018 (Sylvaneth - Sylvaneth Winterleaf)

2nd Rune Axe Team Champs 2018 (Sylvaneth - Harvestboon)

1st at Gods of War 2018 (Sylvaneth - Dreadwood)

2nd at Australian Masters 2017 (Stormcast - Vanguard Wing)

3rd at EGGS 2017 (Stormcast - Tempest Lords)

1st at RCGT I (Stormcast - Harbinger Chamber)






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