Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals

- Stormhost: Hammers of Sigmar

Mortal Realm: Ghur


Lord-Castellant (100)

Knight-Vexillor (120)

- Pennant of the Stormbringer

Gavriel Sureheart (100)

Knight-Azyros (100)

- General

- Trait: We Cannot Fail

- Artefact: God-forged Blade

Lord-Relictor (100)

- Prayer: Translocation

Branchwych (80)

- Allies


10 x Liberators (200)

- Warblade & Shield

- 2x Grandblades

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warblade & Shield

- 1x Grandblades

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warblade & Shield

- 1x Grandblades


20 x Evocators (800)

- 20x Grandstaves

War Machines

Celestar Ballista (100)

Celestar Ballista (100)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 80 / 400

Wounds: 145

Table of Contents


The Son’s of Breton can be traced (for those that know how to do such things), back to a time after the elder ages of Dwarf and Elf. A race of man forged by Sigmar’s own hand in his mortal form. Yet their story does not truly start there. For if that was so, you would only be eating the lie that ruled the Son’s of Breton through the Ages.

Their truth starts with Lileath, the Maiden. Lileath was the High Elf goddess of dreams, magic energy, innocence, and fortune. She was the daughter of Isha and Kurnous, and thus was the older sister to the entire Elf race.

In the death throes of the Old World Lileath, was also known as another by the Son’s of Breton. She was known as The Lady.

Lileath strove to create a new world, a rebirthed Old World. Born amongst the Age of Myth. She spent her efforts and power strengthening her daughter by Araloth, to open a portal to a world innocent of Chaos’ touch. With the last of her strength, she imbued Araloth with deific energies and sent him through the portal, there to join their child and guardian spirits, fashioned from the souls of Bretonnia‘s greatest knights.

However, the vampire lord Mannfred was freed from his prison by Be’lakor in exchange for exposing Lileath’s true form. For an Elven, Goddess is far too tempting for a prince such as Be’lakor to turn from. Be’lakor tracked her down, and discovering her plan, destroys the re-birthed Old World, somewhat ensuring the Age of Sigmar.

Lileath’s true form, in turn, is discovered by Jerrod, Last Duke of Quenelles. Whilst still defending her from Be’lakor he decides to abandon Lileath and her lies, and die attempting to return home to Gilles le Breton & Abhorash with the Red Duke in tow; rather than participate in the final battle at Middenhiem.

Lileath is shortly sacrificed by Teclis at her request, and so ends her hold on Bretonnia.

It is most likely she has been captured by Slaneesh, however with Slaneesh in his Hyishian and Ulguigian prison, who can say for certain. This would more than explain his absence, whilst he toys with a Goddess of such power in “prison”.

Unbeknownst to Lileath, Sigmar did not sit idle in this time of strife and transition. His sons and the warriors he fought shoulder to shoulder with to defend the Old World would have their ancestry left to despair or consumed by Chaos. Arisen to the Godly Pantheon, Sigmar plucked the guardian spirits from the ether and smote them into the first true Stormhost. The Son’s of Breton…

The Son’s unlike most of Sigmar’s Stormhost’s were given a mighty gift. The power of memory. This is both their curse and blessing. For each time a Son is reforged from battle another precious memory is lost to them. In turn, they fight all the harder for a God that they truly believe in, whilst to protect their memories of ages forgotten.

For without them, Breton, as it was known, will fade, and the ideals of the Stormhost will be that of painful reforging.

The greatest soul to lead the Stormhost is said to be that of Gilles himself. The tradition sees Lord Celestant’s wear the green of Gilles to battle. His presence infusing the courage and weapons of the Sons around him.

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Tunsgate Tyrants

Tunsgate Tyrants

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