Ready for GHB 2020 but it's a quick, no thought update.

Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals

Mortal Realm: Shyish


Celestant-Prime (300)

Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500)

- General
- Celestine Hammer
- Trait: Staunch Defender

Drakesworn Templar (420)

- Tempest Axe
- Artefact: Gravesand Brooch
- Mount Trait: Storm-winged

Lord-Castellant (120)

Knight Incantor (120)

- Spell: You Choose

Knight Incantor (120)

- Spell: Azyrite Halo


5 x Liberators (90)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (90)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (90)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Everblaze Comet (100)

Total: 1950 / 2000

Wounds: 92


Experimental SC list. You’ve read about “shootcast” & “meleecast” doesn’t exist in this fine meta so let me present to you:


Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Updated for GHB 2020 points reduction and realm artefact changes.

Main change – minus skinks, double Incantor (v nice!), Shyish – Gravesand Brooch (rr1s on Templar).

CA wise – not a lot of options. You might want to boost the drake claws with rr to wounds in a clutch situation where you need the dragons to melee down targets.

I usually use the reroll to hit CA with the Celestant Prime in his assassin roll. & reroll to charge as needed. The list needs to pin units in place or you’ll not take board control.

Special mention for mount trait Storm Winged. An oft overlooked trait until a similarly worded ability was FAQd to impact moves, charges and pile ins.

So you make sure you have an extra millimeter or two to move over units when moving, charging and piling in and you add 3d3 damage to 1 target (2+ roll each time). It makes the drake quite a bit more damaging.

Remember it’s one target each time you use the ability (so you can’t swoop in circles AoEing units that are close together).


The Prime!

Mobile, flying, long, long threat ranges in charge and shooting phase.

So far I prefer the Prime on the board r1 in this list and artillery-terrorising support characters. This Prime is therefore conservative. If you get 3 or 4 wounds plinked off, seek cover/LoS and come back in a round or two to clear an objective.

When an opponent’s list isn’t support char dependent, feel free to consider the assassin route.

Don’t forget that the assassin route nearly always involves the Prime dying after the assassination is completed.

Don’t forget you can roll for everything first and THEN choose to use Orrery to change the roll (my favourite part of the warscroll).

Don’t forget you can do that your turn and your opponent’s turn (albeit on their turn it is save, hit or wound roll only).

Don’t forget -2 enemy bravery when you deploy via lightning.

Don’t forget +1 SC bravery.

Don’t forget you can run and shoot.

The LCoSD!

Pay attention to the wholly within buff ranges of Azyrite Halo and Warding Lantern. It’s easy to lose those if you aren’t careful.

Staunch Defender, Warding Lantern and Azyrite Halo means you want your LCoSD into combat with large units (more than one at one time) with as many attacks with no rend as possible:

With rend 0, saves work out as follows:

1 – reroll

2 – Save

3 – Save

4 – Save

5 – Save and heal 1 wound taken

6 – Save and 1 mw to the attacking unit & heal 1 wound taken


1 – Fail

2 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″

3 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″

4 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″

5 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″ & heal 1 wound taken

6 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″ + 1 mw to attacking unit & heal 1 wound taken

The above is for combat AND shooting phases. It’s a hedgehog with spike range.

Rain of stars is your jam in this list.

Drakesworn Templar

Rain of stars x2! I know, it’s unreliable but it can reach out and touch whatever on the board (up to 6 times). No support char is safe from the 50% chance of an average of 1.5 mws.

You’ve got the Tempest axe for 2″ pile in reduction shenanigans (may save you against, say, 30 HG berzerkers (with a clever initial combat position).

With 2 drakes and a Prime your less experienced opponents (even experienced opponents without a thorough SC knowledge) can be confused with target selection.

Lord Castellant

Boy I wish I could make a list without this hero and spend 120 pts elsewhere…

Lord Exorcist

The coolest most badass priest model. Fuck the haters. At the same time they are right, the scroll is not very good. Some novel mw plinking.

You take this guy as you can’t afford the far superior Knight Incantor (140 pts v 120 pts) and you need a SC Wizard to cast that comet.

/Edit: After December 19 points changes, this list got 100 more points to play with (woop!) upgrade Exorcist to Incantor right away.

/Edit: After July 2020 points changes, this list got even more points to play with (woop!) upgrade Incantor to DOUBLE Incantor right away.

Other Units


15 of them


Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Everblaze Comet

Expensive but cool. Another piece of the sky to drop on your opponent’s support hero huddle. More complex to use than you might think at first.

In-Game Guide


Prime in the sky unless you believe you can get a long move and charge off r1 better than the 9″ charge from deploying from teh sky (unlikely).

Deploying the rest in the celestial realm in 1 of two ways:

  1. Most common – LCoSD, Castellant (gryphhound) & Exorcist on board for hero phase action. Rest in the sky.
  2. Less common (versus opponents who can take 1st turn and alpha you and kill your 1st hero phase action crew).

2A – v opponents who will do mws – 5 to 10 lib screen (these guys hold objectives so creative thinking is needed here. 10 wounds on a drake r1 can be better than 10 dead libs).

2B – v opponents who do not do mws and cannot (on average) outright kill a stardrake without a double turn – drakes as a screen (big base bois).

Early Game

Kill support heroes. ???. Profit.

1st hero phase and shooting phase can make or break your game. It’s that kind of list (sorry!). Fun! For some.

With 7 drops you’re kind of average for deciding 1st turn. If you can choose one thing to ponder is the double tick from a comet dropped if you play 2nd BR1.

One thing to watch out for is dispell range for the Everblaze comet. You want to move within dispell range so you can cast it again if you wish. Otherwise you’ll be laying on Azyrite halo  (it’s a trade off often with these two).

Play conservatively. Cap some home objectives (even with the gryph-hound). Consider pinning big units with drakes long before your objectives. Think ahead with the Prime – he’ll clear an enemy objective later rounds.

You may not get Azyrite halo on the LCoSD until r3. If Everblaze, dispell, Everblaze again is better.


You’ll either feel comfortable or feel super stressed. By now you’ll have a feeling for if you’re going to win or not based on how much the enemy has capped/ how many units the enemy has left to hold objectives with.

This is the point where you can take risks and throw away the Prime or a drake – if it’ll get you what you need (objective points win prizes).

Late game

You’ll either be:

Inconsolable, perhaps tabled, and ashamed of trying such a ridiculous list (21 models?! Wtf is the guy who made this playing at?!).

Gloating as your opponent has spread wounds across your 3 big chars and they’re all still in action (with libs  sitting pretty on objectives)

Sweating because you’ve got this, you’ve GOT it… So long as you win initiative, can eat those last 6 Mortek Guard & the Prime rolls well for mws in the shooting phase so you can use orrery of fates for a 12″ charge to kill the last model on the enemy home objective. heh.

I had the pleasure of playing this on stream at Krigsluntan 2019. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes due to the HIGH PRESSURE of playing on the streaming table 🙂

The first battleround gives an idea of setup against a deepstrike threat, and how to start a match with this army though. Just ignore from battleround 2 onwards 😀

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United Kingdom

My Bio:

N.Irish guy living in Stockholm. Returned to hobby with release of AoS.

Gaming style:

Bit of a "Quickie" bit of a "Mover", touch of the "Gambler".

I like being a combo breaker. I favour smaller model count ("elite" by which I mean I paint and play slow) armies with ways to get to and take out unreachable buff sources.

Event Results:

Not so bad, not so bad. High-mid table. Rarely podium unless tournament is small.

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