Arch-Warlock General: 140 points, Overseer of Destruction

Warlock Engineer : 100 points, Vigordust Injector

Warlock Engineer : 100 points,  Wand of Restoration

Battle Line

Stormfiends : 290 points, unit count 3

Stormfiends : 290 points, unit count 3

Skryre Acolytes : 60 points, unit count 5

Clanrats : 200 points, unit count 40


Warp Lightning Cannon : 180 points, unit count 1

Warplock Jezzails : 280 points, unit count 6


Ratling Gun Weapon Team : 80 points, unit count 1

Warscroll Battalion

Clan Skryre : 220 points, Arkspark Voltik x1, Rattlegauge Warplock x1

Endless Spell

Balewind Vortex : 40 points

Soulsnare Shackles : 20 points


Six long guns, flamethrowers, miniguns, and warplighting… Whats not to love?

Long range firepower with bodies to soak up damage and mortal wounds on tap this list is designed around the six jezzails with vigordust injector giving them 6 shots at 30″ range 3’s and 3’s at -2 for 2 damage a pop… but every 5 or 6 to hit is mortal wounds instead. Mix this with the healing stick (I like to imagine the engineer using it as a beating stick) keeping them alive as long as possible and you can get 3 turns with six shots if the Great Horned Rat is with you.

Allegience Ability

Warpstone Tokens!! Yes-yes!! Re-roll spells or add 1 damage to things will help you smash-bash your enemies like beatle-bug!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The warlord trait can be either Overseer of Destruction to buff your lone weapon team (jezzails don’t have that keyword?? so dumb), Verminous Valour to pass wounds on to your Skryre minions, or Masterful Scavenger for more warpstone!!

Vigordust Injector can be used on either the jezzails or the stormfiends to great effect giving them +1 to hit and +1 to charge rolls until next hero phase.

Healing Stick (wand of restoration) is a magical stick you can hit people with and it heals them!! 1 wound each hero phase can really help extend the life of the jezzails since they will be taking mortal wounds from 2 sources each turn.


Arch-Warlock is great on the balewind giving him a 2+ save, add in mystic shield and you have a 2+ re-roll 1’s.

Engineer with the Arkhspark stays in the 13″ of the warplighting cannon to allow it to shoot twice per turn. Great secondary units for the balewind giving him a 24″ d6 mortal wound warplighting on a 5+, and a larger base to cover more area for the vigordust injector.

The last Engineer stays close to the jezzails healing them and allowing them to shoot twice each turn.

Last is the enless spells. dropping them gives you 60 points for a packmaster. This is a great unit to buff the Stormfiends even more!

Other Units

The Jezzail’s can shoot twice a turn. Turn 1 you first use Vigordust Injector, then take d3 mortal wounds after shooting in the hero phase, you want to use your Clan Skryre reroll to get a 1 for that then you can heal it with the Wand of Restoration. Then on turn 2 you take D3 mortals for the Vigordust Injector, heal that with the wand of restoration, then inject again and shoot again. If you keep getting 1’s for the mortal wounds you can get 6 shots 6 times before you lose your first jezzail. That is more shots than you could get over a 5 turn game so at this point you have gotten more than your fair amount of work out of them.

The Warplighting cannon shooting twice each round can also net you a good amount of mortal wounds if you roll bad enough… Lets see thoes 1’s!!

Stormfiends can be kitted out with melee or miniguns. The injector can make them shoot 3d6 shots each at 3’s and 4’s then go in and bash with 4 attacks each at 3’s and 3’s. No rend but 2 damage a piece. With doomflayer gauntles thats 2d3 attacks each at 2’s and 3’s -2 rend d3 dam. But then again you can also go my favorite rout and give them Warpfire projectors… Purging the enemies of the Great Horned Rat 2d3 mortal wounds at a time.

last but yes they are the least is the Clan rats. Use command points to keep them around and make sure the enemy has to chew threw all 40 wounds of screen before they can think of getting to your soft chewy center.


The Clan Skryre battalion gives you 1 Re-roll dice in the hero phase, use it wisely. That and throw in shooting twice per turn and all I can say is Shoot-Shoot!! Kill-kill the fat dwarfthing!! So something might go wrong and things might blow up, you can always blame it on your useless underlings who are sabotaging your success!!

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Use the Shackles to deny your enemy a entry rout. Block objectives or cover a flank and prevent him from sneaking in a open side. Not the most reliable way of doing this but definitely a skaven way of doing it.

In-Game Guide

Play this army as a Limited War Castle army. use your range to make them come to you and play for the objectives. Eliminate key targets in your opponents army and focus fire to ensure things die that you want dead. Screen and keep units in the same area to cover each other if your enemy finds a way past your clan rats. Watch out for AoE abilities like the Commet from stormcast. Ensure to spread out to minimize its damage.

Honest Goblin


My Bio:

Main army is my skaven, but also have Ironjaws and old Stormcast. Also play 40k. Genestealer Cult, IG, and Ik.

Gaming style:

My main style has got to be The Gamblers. I have the most fun when neither of us know exactly whats going to happen. I am also a Math-hammer-istas and a Wombo Combo Bambino.

Event Results:

Only Sigmar tournament so far was with my list Headtakers Revenge where I got 4th overal with 2 major wins and 1 major loss.