Slann Starmaster (260)

 - General
 - Command Trait: Great Rememberer
 - Artifact: Incandecent Retrices

Engine of the Gods (240)

 - Artifact: Betrayer's Crown

Engine of the Gods (240)

Engine of the Gods (240)

Engine of the Gods (240)

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One (100)

- Artifact: Sword of Judgment


5x Saurus Knights (80)

5x Saurus Knights (80)

5x Saurus Knights (80)

10x Skinks (70)

10x Skinks (70)

10x Skinks (70)


Firelance Starhost (150)

Dracothion's Tail (80)

Total: 2000/2000
Extra Command Points: 2


This list is designed to use and abuse the most annoying unit in the game; The Seraphon Skink!

While only bringing 30 Skinks in the list, the goal is to summon so many skinks throughout the game that you cover the board… literally.

If everything goes your way (it always does, right), you will be able to summon in a max of 80 Skinks from the Slann and a max of 480 skinks from the 4 Engines of the Gods!!

Of course being a good Seraphon owner, you have 500+ skinks painted, right? 😉

Allegience Ability

Lords of Space and Time – Standard Seraphon teleporting tricks. Getting 2 teleports per turn is nice!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Slann – Give him Great Rememberer so he can teleport two units

Slann – Give him Incandecent Retrices to help keep him alive. He is critical for the EoTG rolls.

EoTG – I am giving one EoTG the Betrayer’s Crown incase I face a horde army. teleport this guy into the horde to insta kill 1/3 of the horde and then stomp 3D6 on the rest.

Scar-Vet on Cold One – I give him the Sword of Japan to be my assassin. He only has 3 attacks, but on a 4+ he gets another 3, and on a 6+ another 3. When it rolls well, he can obliterate.


Slann – Always take a Slann. He will sit in the middle of the 4 EoTG and collect summon points, allow EoTG to reroll shooting saves, and help pick better EoTG rolls.

EoTG – These are surprisingly good Hero units. With support from the Slann, they have a pretty reliable chance to either summon 20 skinks in or do D6 mortals at 25″… each.

Scar Vet on Cold One – Part of the Battalion tax to get this list to 1 drop.


Firelance and Draco Tail – Not all that useful other than allowing the entire list to be a one drop.



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


In-Game Guide

Turn 1 – Get your Knights and Skinks as far forward as possible to allow room for the 10 skinks summoned from your Slann and the possible 80 skinks summoned from your 4 EoTGs.

Turn 2 and on – Move each wave forward towards objectives as you replenish your numbers and add move via the Slann and EoTG.

Remember, the objective here is to flood the board with bodies!! Get to summoning!!

A perfect game could summon in the following:

Turn 1 – Slann (10 Skinks) and EoTGs (80 Skinks)

Turn 2 – Slann (20 Skinks) and EoTGs (80 Skinks)

Turn 3 – Slann (20 Skinks) and EoTGs (80 Skinks)

Turn 4 – Slann (10 Skinks) and EoTGs (80 Skinks)

Turn 5 – Slann (20 Skinks) and EoTGs (80 Skinks)

Total = List (30), Slann (80), EoTGs (400)


Honest Goblin


Defenders of the Citadel

The Ridge Gang

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