Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (300)

Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig (110)

- Moon-cutta
Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig (110)

- General
- Moon-cutta
- Trait: Fight Another Day 
- Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak 

20 x Squig Hoppers (360)

10 x Squig Hoppers (180)

10 x Squig Hoppers (180)

5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140)

5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140)

Mangler Squigs (240)

Squig Rider Stampede (140)

Squigalanche (90)

Total: 1990 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 2
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 126


I like Squigs and I really don’t want to play another horde army! So here’s my take on a Squig army. not sure it would win… ever… but it’d be so much fun 🙂 

I still have room for 1 more artefact or relic too… ooooh decisions decisions… do you have a suggestion?

Allegience Ability

Da bad moon – when under the bad moon this army gets: 

  1. +1 command point for your loonboss general 
  2. run and charge for squigs:) 

an extra command point every turn will mostly likely be used for battleshock tests

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Loonboss on mangler:

  • Fight another day (trait):
    • after all of this models attacks it makes a 2 D6 move
  • Doppelganger cloak (Artefact) : we all know this one! (possibly
    • Once per battle bearer cannot be fought until it has fought.
  • “Bite Da Moon!” (Cmd ability):
    • Squigs within 12 inches +1 to wound

LoonBoss on G.C.S.

  • “let’s Get Bouncing!” (Cmd ability): +3 move for squigs “wholly within” 12″
  • The clammy cowl

LoonBoss on G.C.S.

  • “let’s Get Bouncing!” (Cmd ability):+3 move for squigs “wholly within” 12″

1 more artefact/relic needs to be chosen. Again ideas?


Loonboss on Mangler Squig:

  • big and pokey this guys job is to bound around smashing important things and then retreat (into combat with something else if it wants) out of danger before bounding into something else. I anticipate most of the armies dmg ouput to come from the mangler squigs
      • “Fly”: you know what this is… you do know what this is right? 
      • “Ker-Splat!”: +1 to hit rolls for “Balls and chains” if this model charged this turn. combined with “Bite Da Moon” this gives us 7 attacks at 2+ 2+ -2 d3 dmg!!! (at max profile)
      • “Redcap Mushroom”: once per battle re-roll hit and wound for the loonbosses weapon (only the Moon-cutta) … meh its better than a kick in the pants I guess.
      • “Watch out!”: when slain before removed , roll a d6 for “Each unit” within 6″ and on a 4+  d3 mortal wounds

LoonBoss on G.C.S.

  • these blokes are just here to be heroes who can take objectives/use cmd points. Of course they also give out that sweet sweet +3 movement 🙂 With 2 of them you’re covering a 50 inch space.
      • “Redcap Mushroom”: once per battle re-roll hit and wound for the loonbosses weapon (only the Moon-cutta) … meh its better than a kick in the pants I guess.
      • “Fly”

Other Units

Squig Hoppers:

3 d6 flying move is pretty cool. Whats important on these guyse is “boing, boing, boing!” After this unit makes a “normal move” pick 1 enemy unit for each squig that moved over that unit roll a d6 and do a mortal wound on a 4+. I doubt were ever really getting an entire squad over a unit but itll be fun and confusing for our enemies!

while within 12″ of “Bite Da Moon!” their “Fang-filled Gob” ‘s are 2 atks a peice 4+ 2+ -1 1dmg. its not great but it could be worse. 


Squig Rider Stampede:

  • 3 squig hopper units and 1 mangler squig
  • reroll moves.


  • The rest of the army…
  • In the light of the moon (so turn 2 is only one you can sort of count on) units eligible to fight when within 6″ of an enemy and can move +3 inches when piling in.

TL;DR: the whole army can (under right circumstance) pile in 6 inches and most of the army is +3 to move. OH and its a 1 drop… that wants to go second(?)



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


In-Game Guide

Hide for the first turn. Second turn run as fast as you can. Ideally you make it over you enemies lines causing mortal wounds. Then in combat you throw some more wounds around from your Hoppers. The Manglers chomp down on whatever you want dead. The LBOMS around 10 wounds onto something and then runs away taking 0 damage. Then you roll off for priority and pray to da bad moon that you win. If you don’t its most likely time to hit the bar. If you win though, oh dear sweet jesus are you going to have some fun!!

Honest Goblin



My Bio:

Have been Hobbying for ages, started finally playing a little more than a year ago. I play Death (LoN and LoS) and Kharadron Overlords. 

You can find me as a regular guest on Mini War Gaming's AOS series, usually playing Death but, have been branching out and practicing with some mixed order lists lately. 

Gaming style:

Generally I would say that I am a "Controller" type of gamer, but recently I have started to veer towards "Quickie". 




  • “So because of all those debuffs, you can’t hit me” Cool, calm collected and they wake up in the morning hoping to make it rain on your sunny day. The aim of these players is to make you not play your army the way you want to or had planned to. While this is a very viable tactic, it's frustrating to play against and we imagine a sick delight to play as. Just be aware it won't get you many favourite game votes and knowing what units to control will require a lot of planning ahead of time and some good system mastery.


  •  “I alpha strike, then I either win or I hit the bar” Some players just don't want 2.5 hours of intense tactical decision making, to see every dice roll as a key part of a rosetta stone of decision rubrik and that's totally ok. You want a fun game and a low impact weekend. All the gamble of this playstyle happens in army selection. You go for the win in the early turns. 

Event Results:

I have been to several tournaments and have lost all but my very first game... So y'know... I'm obviously a fantastic source of strategic advice. 

Most of my playing experience actually comes from Making Battle reports with Mini War Gaming, for their AOS series.