Allegiance: Slaanesh
- Host: Godseekers Host
- Grand Strategy: Predator's Domain
Sigvald, Prince of Slaanesh (265)

Synessa, The Voice of Slaanesh (260)

The Contorted Epitome (255)

- General
- Command Trait: Thrill-seeker
- Artefact: Cameo of the Dark Prince
- Lore of Slaanesh: Born of Damnation
22 x Blissbarb Archers (360)

- Reinforced x 1
1 x Seeker Chariots (130)

1 x Seeker Chariots (130)

5 x Slickblade Seekers (230)

5 x Slickblade Seekers (230)

5 x Seekers (140)

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment
Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 1 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 106
Drops: 2

Table of Contents


I’m happy with the result of this list over the weekend. However, I see a lot of people praising it I do say take the result with a grain of salt. With the volatility of the meta this list has plenty of red matchups and struggles in general vs the more ranged threat meta (lrl, skaven, tzentch) and games 4 and mainly 5 basically came down to turn two priority 60/40 favor. Each piece in this army is a large part of the whole especially at the beginning of the game and it is important to avoid losing units early to alpha lists turn 1. Always go for max value. 

 For character layouts I believe Sigvald is the best character we have to offer as his dmg output is relatively high and the ignore ward along with the threat range of +4 to charge is crucial at swinging into key pieces. Synessa is a great secondary piece with a fantastic shooting attack into this meta. The ability to also abuse high movement characters is strong with her limitless range on pavane as well as her ability to use CP making her heroic CP a global CP instead of a specific range. Lastly the Epitome as the general is a key piece as rerolling to cast as well as supplying a carrier for your artifact and command trait. You want to scrap every bit of value you can out of your list and the sweeping slash and cameo do that well. An extra d3 impact hits comes in handy vs most things and the mirror herself is relatively durable due to her 4+ can’t be hit until she gets hit. This ability as well as the anti-pile in makes her reasonable vs most non god characters or at least some extra dmg to factor in paired with your extra depravity from getting her in (usually d3+1) t movement 12 his is a must. 


Core unfortunately is not where Slaanesh wants to be spending their points and without Blissbarb archers I think the list would fall apart. The chariots at 12inch movement with impact hits is good enough to play into your list. They grab objectives early and can threaten bigger units by slamming them into a corner. Your goal for both the chariots is where can these grab 2 points of depravity by hitting my opponent on my turn living then dying next turn to hold them. The archers purely facilitate the depravity engine of this list. You are a two drop so going second should be an easy path of archers run up archers use all out-attack archers then try to maximize depravity generation. In most games they can usually produce 4 depravity, and this should be a benchmark for where your ticker should be falling after turn 1 you want to be summoning something valuable every turn. Exalted chariot at 7/9 or 30 daemonettes/Keeper at 12 these are your most impactful summons and are even more impactful in godseekers. Summons with a reroll are a ~66% vs a ~42% in godseekers making your threat much more palpable to your game plan and something you should look to capitalize on. 


As for the rest of the units the two slickblade seekers are simple. The mortal output and the dmg in general paired with a 14 inch move and a natural reroll charge allows you to get them where they need to be and still be safe enough distance from most other units. They are the play the same as the chariots in battling but are just significantly better at this roll. Lastly the seekers are an amazing unit and something I loved over the weekend. 14 inch move with run2d6 and can still charge at +1 and a free reroll is fast enough to get to whatever you need to if your opponent leaves something squishy to pick on. This paired with their ability to run deep next to an objective they make your opponent use something to kill them which can stretch them thin enough for you to pick on. 

In-Game Guide

Game 1 Archaon Nurgle Mulnificent wanderers First blood

One of the best matchups for this list is when your opponent doesn’t have threat range and is slower than you. However, Archaon is a struggle as everyone knows. The key to the list vs Nurgle is getting Sigvald in early and often.  You want the most dmg you can get ignoring wards and use your archers to ping units that are vulnerable to getting chewed down. Nurgle is very slow and with slow whittling I got him down to where Archaon just can’t carry the game alone. Mainly deploy Sigvald on the opposite side and make him spend two turns coming over if he wants to answer.


Game 2 Rotigus GUO corrupter Mulnificent Wanderers Tooth and Nail 

This matchup was very similar to the first. Any time your opponent must bubble you can gain a huge advantage in space that you can grab with your faster units. Nurgle doesn’t have anything fast enough to threaten you if you creep up to approx. 20 inches while this gives much of your unit’s threat range on them letting you control tempo. An early turn 2 double also allowed for a kill on the corrupter and my opponents 30 plague bearers. Meanwhile generating depravity with Nurgles wheel as well as small dmg from their units hitting back allows great farming for maximum summons as the game progresses. This was another game where Sigvald hard carried. In general, he is really hard to kill for some armies if you mystic shield all out defense etc etc and requires much more than his points to usually. Make your opponent chase him and run if they use more points.


Game 3 Tzentch Archaon Burn and Pillage

This was my one loss of the tournament and funnily enough the only other loss I’ve had in a while to the same person. Patrick and I had played at a tournament a month earlier where h beat me as well. Unfortunately, even deploying every unit on the backline in a parallel deployment I can’t get archaon out of threat turn 1 forcing me to risk the double. This game is really rough due to you don’t really have a great way to deal with Archaon and him coming across and scoring extra on the pillage is enough to put him ahead it was really close in the end where I needed a kill on Archaon turn 5 for the win but ended up 2 wounds short. This is rough as you want to catch this type of army in a mission where objectives aren’t removed to make it where archaon can only be so many places at once. 


Game 4 DOK Feral Foray

Vs Morathi Gotrek its always scary but for slaanesh luckily you are fast enough to avoid gotrek while still maintaining threat on your end. I didn’t go for depravity this game as much as I planned to just try to kill my opponent’s units besides gotrek and morathi. Its still important to do the 3 wounds to morathi every turn and with synessas spell and shooting guaranteeing those three wounds worked well. Sending the archers into the bow snakes turn 1 is important to make the threat range of your opponent’s units diminished paired with the regular seekers you can limit your opponent drastically on their options. Lastly if gotrek never gets into combat you should win this game if he sits on an objective you should be okay winning the opposite flank. 


Game 5 Idoneth Eeels Survival of the fittest

Game 5 was really simple Sergio played eel spam IDK made me go first shooting and magic nuked some models then he went in hard with the rest. He killed my archers that were screening for my army and damaged synessa and sigvald. His line for game 5 is fine you get the double you win if not he puts it on me to retaliate. Luckily, I avoided the double and got a massive swing with the seekers and sigvald as well as a summoned exalted chariot. Basically game was one of those 60/40s I dread but hey take that positive EV when you got it. 

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