Allegiance: Sylvaneth

Glade: Gnarlroot       

Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery


Alarielle the Everqueen (740)


Branchwraith (95)

- Deepwood Spell: Verdurous Harmony

Warsong Revenant (275)

- General
- Command Trait: Nurtured by Magic
- Artefact: Chalice of Nectar
- Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon


5 x Tree-Revenants (80)

5 x Tree-Revenants (80)

5 x Tree-Revenants (80)



6 x Kurnoth Hunters with Kurnoth Greatbows (450)

Endless Spells & Invocations
Chronomantic Cogs (45)

Umbral Spellportal (70)

Vengeful Skullroot (85)

Core Battalions
Battle Regiment

Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 1 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 73

Table of Contents


This list revolves around MW dmg from either metamorphosis from Alarielle or Unleash Swarm of Spites from the Warsong revenant and using the relatively large number of casts to take advantage of endless spells to offer versatility or extra dmg.

The Bow hunters are a good unit to sit on an obj and have just pick of any less tanky heroes or chaff units on low saves as opposed to high save targets, and when charged can use unleash hell decently to do a few extra wounds onto something charging, but their main strength is being 12 models on an obj and doing mortals at the end of the combat phase, so can do a decent job at not just getting tagged and being useless, especially with the placement of new woods being so versatile, its rather easy to have them move from tree to tree to hit anything on the board with 30” range.


Tree Revenants are self explanatory in the list with the teleport being the only speed and board mid-board objective presence outside of Alarielle herself.


Alarielle fits an interesting role of both an offensive threat and distraction piece depending on the matchup and battle plan. But either way you should be casting Thone of Vines Every Turn on Alarielle or the warsong depending on the situation, if you need damage onto elites then sometimes its nicer for Alarielle to have +2 for metamorphosis rather than the further +2 for the warsong.




Honest Goblin

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