3 Shaggoths

27 Dragon Ogors

T***derscorne Storm Herd



So you want to play an army of big stompy monsters and don’t want to paint vast amounts of flesh or boring old brown? Want a little variety in the texture of your models? Just want to sing the T***dercats theme tune or recreate the trailer for Thor Ragnarok?

Well I’ve got the army for you, T***derscorne is where its at.


Allegience Ability


A six inch -1 to your opponents armour save and autopass battleshock, yes please. Oh and it gets better as that range increases by six inchs every battle round.

Creatures of the Storm: 

As long as you’re not in 3 inchs of an enemy model then you can make a d6 move in your hero phase but cannot come within three inchs of an enemy unit. It’ll get you into combat faster but just not as good as standard Breyherd and Warherd.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


Ancestral Azyrite Blade:

Better Rend on your Axe.

Lightning-chained Bracers:

Super useful, this will give your big guys a reroll on all their weapons, and with your Big Choppy Axe only having 3 attacks, you’re probably going to want one of these in your army.

T***derstrike Lodestone:

This is a very cinematic item. Your nearly dead Shaggoth surveys the vast number of enemies surrounding him. With a smirk he raises his hand into the sky and calls forth the lightning, suddenly reinvigorated he looks down at the pile of charred corpses left in his wake. Simply one use per game, heals d3 wounds and on a 2+ causes a mortal wound to every enemy unit within 1 inch of him. Best of all there is no restriction on phase in which this item can be used.

Horn of the Tempest:

Simply allows an T***derscorn wholly within 18 to advance and charge.

Tanglethorn Familiars:

Another once per battle Item. Pick an enemy wizard within 12″, they can’t cast that hero phase. Useful if you know that they’re planning to cast a nasty endless spell this phase or just to shut down Nagash for a turn.

Ruinous Icon:

4+ ward save vs spells and endless spells. Initially this sounds useful but it also affects your spells and you’ll need those to heal.

Command Traits

Tempestuous Tyrant:

Reroll wounds v monsters. Does what it says on the tin and will depend on your local meta.

Magnetic Monstrosity

Enemy Units within 3″ can’t retreat. Useful if your fighting a hit and run army but not the best use of your general otherwise.

Father of the Storm:

You get to reroll the distance for the CotS ability. Take this with the HotT and watch as you move D6″ then 8+d6″ then charge 2d6″ for a staggering 12″-32″ potential threat range with an average of 22″.

Lightning-fast Monstrosity

Always strike first if it charged. Combine that with L-cB’s to hit first with rerolls to all your attacks.

Adamantine Scales:

3+ save instead of 4+

Ancient Beyond Knowing

Extra d3 command points. Not that great since this army only has the basic Command Abilities. However super good with an All-herd Army led by a Shaggoth as it gives you potentially a free unit of Dragon Ogors, Bestigor, or Tzanngor Enlightened on Discs in your FIRST TURN!!! Or if you fluff the roll a unit of Ungor. HOLD PRESS!!! Nope if you really do well you can get 9 Primordial Call points in your first turn and a Cygor or Gargant. One for Bray Stone, Three for Sacrifices and Five if you take a battalion and spend all your command points to create Primordial Points.



Your one and only Character choice, you get three of these guys two of whom can have artefacts. And they can really whoop arse.

They have 3 3+tohit 3+towound -1 rend attacks doing a massive 3 damage each. Followed by D3 tail attacks 4+ 3+ 1 dam. Followed finally with 2 Forelimb 3+ 3+ -1 1 dam attacks. Additionally if you and your opponent roll a tie when determining priority every T***derscorne unit regains d3 wounds on a 4+.

Other Units

Dragon Ogors:

You have 27 of these guys to play with allowing you to choose to take them in MSU‘s or a couple of really large beatsticks. You have three weapon options:

Two hand weapons that give you 6 attacks, hit on 3’s wound on 3’s and cause one damage.

Two Handed weapons which are the same as above but only half the attacks and doing 2 damage. Personally I wouldn’t take these as I find rolling more dice is better than doing more damage. They do look remarkably cooler though.

War glaives which are the same as above but have only four attacks, 1 dam and an extra inch of range with -1 rend. Take these only if you want really big units of DO’s.

Keep these guys close to a Shaggoth as well, if they are wholly within 12″ they get to reroll hit rolls of ones.

I’d recommend taking these guys in four units of six. Four with two handed weapons and two with Glaives.

Keep the final three close to the Braystone for counter charging and objective holding.


T***derscorne are loose

T***derscorne Storm Herd

All your units should be within this battalion. This give you a second artefact and an additional command point. Furthermore your army is now a one drop.

Additionally during your Hero phase you can roll for all T***derscorne units and on a 4+ regain a lost wound. DO NOT DO THIS FIRST!

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Feel the Magic

You really don’t have many spells to chose from with only three, and since you have three Shaggoths you might as well give them one each.

Summon Lightning:

This is the generic Shaggoth spell. Cast on a 7+ a unit wholly within 20″ regains d3 wounds.


7+ every unit with 3″ suffers d3 mortal wounds. T***dersocrn are unaffected but unfortunately don’t regain any wounds.


6+ to cast. Target one enemy unit within 21″ that unit halves it’s Move, run and charge distance. If your facing eels or something else just as face, you REALLY need this spell.

Sundering Blades

7+ to cast increase the rend by one of a friendly units melee weapons  within 18″. This affects ALL friendly units so it can be used on any summoned units you manage to get.

In-Game Guide

Fear the Roar


I recommend you divide the army into three each led by a Shaggoth. Place your herdstone so that its back edge is no more than 9″ onto the table.

Divide your army into 4 units of 6 led by a Shaggoth, they need to try and remain wholly within 12″ to synergise with the Shaggoth.

The last Shaggoth needs to remain with the Herdstone and will need a bodyguard of the final three DO’s a royal guard if you will.

First Herophase

Before you do anything else sacrifice the Royal Guard. You’ll cause d3 mortal wounds on them however you’ll gain the same in Primordial Call points. Hopefully you’ll now have three allowing you to summon a unit of sacrificial ungors. They can’t flee from being sacrificed so use them as a battery for the rest of the game or until you need to commit the Royal Guard and its Shaggoth. Now use any healing necessary on the royal guard to bring them back to full health. This might not work but hopefully it will by the time you need to commit them.

Now it’s time to use your DO’s hero moves, spells and anything else you like in the hero phase. Then stomp the realms of men, duradin, aelves and all those who oppose you to dust. The time has come to reclaim your rightful place in the realms and soon the very gates to Azyr will be torn down. The T***derscorn will rule once more!  

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom