Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar
- City: Tempest's Eye
Mortal Realm: Aqshy


Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (280)

- Artefact: Patrician's Helm
- Lore of Eagles: Aura of Glory

Battlemage (90)

- General
- Command Trait: Hawk-eyed
- Lore of Eagles: Strike of Eagles
- Mortal Realm: Hysh

Knight-Azyros (100)

- City Role: General's Adjutant


10 x Freeguild Guard (80)

- Swords and Shields
- City Role: Honoured Retinue (Must be 5-20 models)

10 x Freeguild Guard (80)

- Swords and Shields

30 x Freeguild Handgunners (300)

30 x Longbeards (270)

- Ancestral Weapons & Shields


3 x Gyrocopters (180)

1 x Gyrocopters (70)

12 x Endrinriggers (400)

- 1x Skyhooks
- 1x Grapnel Launchers

1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 151


This list focuses on mobility and the ability to bring damage to bear where it is most useful, along with a resilient ground force to project board presence and Hold The Line.

Allegience Ability

The Tempest’s Eye +1 save and +3″ move in the first turn is key to this list, letting your lads get up the board and hold their ground in the first turn. A 30 block of longbeards with a  2+ save is going nowhere fast. The ability to take the Endrinriggers in the CoS allegience is also key, as they take the CoS buffs so well.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Note: This list is designed for an environment in which Malign Sorcery artefacts are banned. If not I would consider a Thermalrider Cloak on the Hurricanum.

Hawk Eyed: +1 to wound in a big aura on all of your shooting. This is pretty self explanatory and is a big part of the damage output of this list.

Partrician’s Helm: With the big blocks of troops, battleshock immunity is very helpful with this list. An argument could be made for taking the Zephyrite Helm for an aura of reroll charges, however I think that the battleshock ignore will come up more often, given these are both effectively free command points.

Rapid Redeploy: This command ability really boosts the mobility of this list, able to apply run and shoot when and where it’s needed, especially on the 3 Gyrocopters or the Endrinriggers.


Celestial Hurricanum with Battlemage: This bad boy is the keystone of this list. Providing +1 to hit for all models within 12″ isjust such an incredible buff that all of my troops take amazingly well, especially the Endrinriggers, then Handgunners, and the Gyrocopters. The casting and mortal wound output is just icing on the cake.

Knight-Azyros: The reroll 1s bubble is pretty self explanatory, and he is a mobile hero for the battleplans that matters for. Always earns his points back.

Battlemage:  Kid tested, mother approved. The battlemage is a great little buffing piece, and a spellcaster for the battleplans that helps for.

Other Units

Endrinriggers: The unit that started it all. This list grew out of me wanting to run a 12 block of these bad boys and apply all the buffs I could to them. Absolute blenders, they throw down insane damage in shooting and melee, can’t be fallen back from, and are speedy as hell, especially in the first turn. Never leave home without them.

Handgunners: Consistent ranged damage and the stand and shoot ability, a solid unit all round to bubble-wrap the hurricanum and hold the centre of the board.

Longbeards: A wall that will take a hell of a lot of damage to get through, and surprisingly fast in the first turn with a 9+d6″ run. Add in their grumbles and these guys Get Shit Done.

Gyrocopters: Hoo boy, I love these guys. Most expensive bloody things to get, but so worth it. The 3 block will on average rinse a whole unit of 6+ save chaff if they can get in range without any buffs, with a sprinkling of mortal wounds to boot. The lone flyer is there for annoying objective capping and unit pinning.

Freeguild Guard: Darts to hold ground and screen, these guys are pretty self explanatory.

Grundstock Gunhauler: This lad has won me games by himself. The ability to bounce around the board is invaluable, and his guns are good enough to snipe off 5 wound heroes. 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Aura of Glory: This is the spell that turns the Endrinriggers into true blenders. With +1 attack and +1 to hit, these lads will do the business. 

Pha’s Protection: -1 to be hit on one of your key units is a great buff, and really helps the endrinriggers survive if they get caught out of position.

Strike of Eagles: When you just need a few mortal wounds at  staggeringly long range to finish off a pesky hero, Strike of Eagles should be your drink of choice. A great little sniping piece.

In-Game Guide

You’re gonna be outdropped, and you are probably going to be given first turn as you are realistically pretty short range. This is fine. Run those Longbeards up the board to create a wall of dwarfy muscle and then bring up your castle behind them. From there you hold the line and blast ’em, sending your darts away to catch vulnerable objectives or key pieces.

This army is great against forces with key buffing pieces that it can snipe out, and has a great amount of Rend -1. It is slightly lacking in higher rend options however.

Honest Goblin