4 shaygoth - 720pts

1 chaos lord on manticore - 250pts


4x5 hellstriders 400pts

3x10 ungor raiders 240pts

Depraved Drove battalion -150pts

Endless Spells:

Dirgehorn -60

Ravenflock -40

Geminids -40

Palisade -30

Jaws -40

Gravetide -30


This list is using depraved drove battalion to fit some thaunderscorn heroes into Slaanesh to take advantage of their higher wounds, healing and ability to use magic.

It has sub-themes of – to hit and – to bravery.

Allegience Ability

For every wound dealt to or by your heroes that doesn’t kill a model, you get a summoning point.  (Not mortals, unfortunately).  High wound count heroes with decent melee look to take advantage of this.  Heroes can actually be summoned, as well – cycling more summoning points.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

I took pretenders to get two command traits.

One shaygoth with having devotee of torment to allow 6″ pile in (so it attacks first to get the most of allegiance abilities) and also invigorated by pain.  (Upon wounding an enemy roll a d6, 6 heals you.)

Another shaygoth will take doppelganger cloak to again get the most out of their combat.

The second artefacts will be breathtaker.  In combat, pick a unit and on 3+ they attack only after all eligible units.  Continue the theme.


4 shaygoth: three have the ability to strike first so you’ll want the fourth one to be chosen to attack asap.  They also allow endless Spells in a Slaanesh army, including the beasts of chaos specific ones.  Occasionally, they all get healed up between rounds on a tie-roll for turn order.

Ch.LoManticore – the allegiance ability for summoning feasts best on multi-wound armies. (1 wound models always die from any damage) 1 wound models also usually have high attacks, low damage, so this guy is meant to run into those units and reflect back mortal wounds. (We weren’t getting summoning points on 1 wound models anyway!) His suicide mission will also net you some summoning via the damage he takes.

Other Units

Hellstriders – minus one to hit auras are always…umm. fun? Ridiculously fast for picking off poorly guarded objectives.

Ungor raiders– deployment zone objective holders and/or pregame movement screens for alpha strike opponents.


Depraved drove.

Reroll charges near enemies with an artefacts.

Reroll to hit vs target with an artefacts.

Our shaygoths want to be in combat with heroes already, so this is nice for them.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Dirgehorn- minus to hit

Geminids – minus to hit

Palisade – minus to hit, sometimes. Also protect our weak bodied pansy units holding objectives.

Jaws – mortal wounds and bravery debuff

Gravetide – you guessed it. Mortal wounds and bravery debuff

Direflock – bravery debuff.

In-Game Guide

You want hero on hero combats happening to make use of summoning points.  This needs to happen quick enough to put some bodies on the table to make up for the armies general objective capping weakness.

The manticore is headed toward their highest volume of attacks unit to reflect wounds back, possibly w mystic shield to survive an extra round of combat.

Hellstriders might want to make a peninsula around heroes to stop volume of attacks vs them, but watch out for endless Spells getting double damage on your army by hitting multiple units.

Ungor raiders – block incoming alpha strikes, get opponent to waste resources on them.  They are really just a way to unlock the battalion.

Bravery debuff spells can be used on elite units.  If you get them to a point where they are failing battleshock, every 1 bravery lost is another model fleeing. (Potentially 2-4 extra wounds that cant be stopped by what seemingly every army now has, save after the save.)

Minus to hits are to keep your people alive long enough to let the summoning mechanic build up power.

Good matchup: battleline units with 2+ wounds.

Hero focused armies.

Opponents that always tie you on initiative roll.

Bad matchup:

Objective burning scenarios

Horde armies.  No attack/model units in this army and not enough bodies to compete without a misplay by opponent to give you massive summoning points.

Secondary Objectives

I imagine there are some fun conversions for this army.  I mean look at shaygoths…now think…they are in an army devoted to the sex God.  You can say excess all you like. Slaanesh is the sex God, and this the army of sex-crazed dragon-ogres ready to get down and dirty on camera.  Thaunderpaurn is born!

OMG. Can’t submit because thaunderpaurn shaygoeth has a bunch of bad words inside of it.

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