Allegiance: Skaventide

Verminlord Warpseer (320)

Grey Seer (140)

- Lore of Ruin: Plague
Arch-Warlock (160)

- General
- Trait: Deranged Inventor
- Artefact: Vigordust Injector
- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power!
Warlock Bombardier (120)

- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power!

40 x Clanrats (200)

- Rusty Spear
20 x Clanrats (120)

- Rusty Spear
20 x Clanrats (120)

- Rusty Spear

6 x Stormfiends (520)

- 2x Windlaunchers
- 2x Ratling Cannons
- 2x Shock Gauntlets

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
Extra Command Point (50)

Warp Lightning Vortex (100)

Umbral Spellportal (70)

Prismatic Palisade (30)

Emerald Lifeswarm (50)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 144


I’m running skaventide for the first time in AoS this weekend in a 3 round tournament.  This is not the typical style army I play, so I am welcoming the challenge.  I love the Verminlord Warpseer model and the Stormfiends.  So, I bought both and worked my list around them.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

I wanted the Arch-Warlock to amp up as many shooting units as possible.  I wanted the re-roll hits for the the bombadier so I didn’t have to worry about rolling a 1 or having to burn a CP to give him re-rolls of 1’s.  I also wanted maximum performance from the Stormfiends.

The alternate pick would be to make the Warpseer my general and give him master of magic.


Warpseer for battle-shock immunity, grey seer for plague, arch-warlock for more casting and the skyre artefacts, bombardier because he’s a bad mamajama.

Other Units

This list was built around the unit of 6 Stormfiends.  I wanted them to be a support unit that pumps out a lot of damage in the shooting phase but has potential to knock units out in the combat phase.

I went with shock guantlents for the exploding 6’s to hit and because I don’t like the look of the grinderfists.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Warp Lightning Vortex- At 100 points I believe this is still a great spell for potential damage and for discouraging enemy units to move within range of multiple vortex models.

Umbral Spell Portal- Lots of hordes in the meta in my area and I want to push plague through this starting on turn 1.

Prismatic Pallisade- to help control the movement of my enemy and force them to move in directions i want them to move.  Also to be used as a LoS blocker for shooting and magic threats.

Emerald Lifeswarm is to put back wounds onto my Stormfiends after the arch-warlock buff does mortal wounds and to potentially heal my herores.

In-Game Guide

I’m not sure what the strengths and/or weaknesses of this list will be yet.  I am not playing a traditional style skaventide list and I haven’t seen a skaventide player in my area.

Secondary Objectives

Learn more movement phase tricks, learn to play a non-combat oriented/heavy armry, provide new challenges to the AoS players in my area.

Honest Goblin


My Bio:

I'm Arturo and I can be found primarily playing games in the great Pacific North West.  I've been playing AoS since the founding.  My first AoS army was BCR (triple stonehorns).

Order: Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast Eternals

Destruction: Ogor Mawtribes (Beastclaw Raiders), Ironjawz

Chaos: Skaventide


Gaming style:

Depends on how much dice I want to roll in each phase.  I have armies that are combat oriented, shooting oriented, magic oriented, and a combination of both.  I prefer my BCR over all of my armies as this was my first true AoS army.