Allegiance: Khorne

Mortal Realm: Ulgu


Bloodsecrator (120)

- Artefact: Thronebreaker's Torc

Bloodstoker (80)

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Artefact: The Brazen Rune
- Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh

Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)

- General
- Axe
- Command Trait: Hew the Foe
- Artefact: Dimensional Blade


5 x Blood Warriors (100)

- Goreaxes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes


3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (160)

- Ensorcelled Axes

5 x Skullreapers (180)

- Daemonblades
- x Spinecleavers
- 1x Soultearers

5 x Wrathmongers (140)


Dark Feast (110)

Gore Pilgrims (140)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Hexgorger Skulls (40)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 2
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 151


Do you like bloodreavers? Do you love fast armies but are too dedicated to the Blood God and his slow, squishy mortals? Are you a fan of battalions? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this list is for you. 

Allegience Ability

The Goretide

  • Ability – Tireless Conquerors: You may re-roll wound rolls of 1 for attacks made by melee weapons by friendly Goretide Moral units wholly within 12″ of an objective marker. Not too bad, allows you to have a little more smack near objectives, but re rolling ones to wound is pretty easy to come by in Khorne Bloodbound so… It could be worse I guess

Blood Tithe – Rewards

Every time a complete unit belonging to either army is destroyed (yes this includes battleshock) you earn one Blood Tithe.

  • Bloody Exemplar: 1 Point. Gain a command point. It’s ok, I guess, but with the 2 battalions in this list I find I don’t need to use it very often
  • Spelleater Curse: 2 Points. Choose this reward immediately after a WIZARD has cast a spell anywhere on the battlefield; it is automatically unbound. You may not choose this reward after having attempted to unbind the spell. Ok so this is pretty solid, even though this list isn’t designed to specifically screw with wizardry, the Hex-Gorger Skulls and extended range on the Bloodsecrator‘s Loathsome Sorcery ability make this list pretty anti magic, but if your opponent gets lucky screwing them over with this is pretty funny.
  • Murderlust: 3 Points. Select a Khorne unit from your army; that unit can move as if it were the movement phase. If it is within 12″ of an enemy model, it can either move as if it were the movement phase or charge as if it were the charge phase. Very good. Allows this already-mobile-ish-for-a-khorne-army to get a little extra movement, I find I use it most often to scoot around my enemies chaff lines to cap objectives or line up to smash that puny wizards face in next turn.
  • Apocalyptic Frenzy: 4 Points. Select a Khorne unit from your army that is within 3″ of an enemy model; that unit can immediately pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. Heck yeah, since you can use it in the hero phase, you can kill a unit with this and get 1 Blood Tithe back and line up to charge another unit later in your turn. I use this most often on my DP (demon prince) to smash that chaff line and then cleave whatever else I want in two.
  • Brass Skull Meteor: 5 Points. Pick a single unit anywhere on the battlefield; that unit immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds. In addition, roll a dice for each unit within 8″ of the unit you picked; on a roll of 3 or more, the unit being rolled for suffers a mortal wound. If the roll is a 6, the unit takes D3 mortal wounds instead. Not too bad for finishing off that support hero that got away, but it’s too expensive to justify using most of the time.
  • Relentless Fury: 6 Points. Until your next hero phase, each time a KHORNE model in your army is slain in the combat phase, you can make a pile in move and then attack with the model before you remove it (use the lowest line on the damage table if it has one on its warscroll when resolving this attack). Pretty good, especially considering bloodreavers die like flies, allows your DP to get one last swing in before going down, but I don’t really use it that often here.
  • Crimson Rain: 7 Points. You may use this once per battle. Immediately after you use it, and every one of your hero phases afterwards, you may heal all friendly Khorne units on the battlefield D3. Not that useful here. Bloodthirster spam list? Heck yeah. 1 wound bloodreaver spam? Not so much. If you have 7 blood tithe you may as well wait until you have 8 for the next ability.
  • Slaughter Triumphant: 8 Points. You may use this once per battle. Affects all friendly Khorne units. Unmodified melee hit rolls of 6 count as 2 hits instead of 1. Oooweee this is sweet (assuming you have any ‘reavers left to enjoy it) With all the attack buffs going around, an army with exploding dice can do some major damage. Keep in mind however that if the 8 blood tithe you have is mostly because of your units dying, you should probably be summoning.

Bood Tithe – Summoning

There are a lot of options for summoning, but the only useful ones are 5 flesh hounds for 3 Blood Tithe and 6 BT for 10 and the Bloodletters. For every 2 blood tithe you can summon 5 more bloodletters to a max of 20 for 6 BT. You can also summon a Bloodthirster I suppose for 8, but the bodies from bloodletters and movement from flesh hounds is undoubtedly more useful. When summoning the Bloodletters always make sure they have a blood soaked banner, rerolling those charge rolls helps you get the 9″ charge into combat more often

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


Thronebreaker’s Torc:

If you take Goretide, you have no choice but to take this on your first hero that gets an artefact. This artefact gives an unrendable save, but you ignore buffs to your save as well. I put him on the Bloodsecrator to make sure sniping him off is a little harder. I suppose you could put it on the DP to make him more survivable, but c’mon, the dimensional blade is SO much more fun.

Dimensional Blade:

Speaking of which, the dimensional blade allows you to make one weapon rend -3, which is AWESOME. This turns your DP from a decent beatstick to a killing machine if you put it on his Malefic Talons

Brazen Rune:

Gives the bearer a 2+ save against magic. I put this on the Dark Feast Slaughterpriest to make him a little more tanky considering I’ll have to run him up the table to keep him in buff range of my ‘reavers.

Command Traits

Hew The Foe:

Gives your general +1 damage on all his melee weapons. Sweet! Obviously going on the DP, with that dimensional blade and +1 damage he’s a killing machine.

Command Abilities

Ever Onwards:

Using this command ability gives one Blood Warriors or Bloodreavers unit wholly within 16″ of a friendly model with this command ability. That unit can run and charge this turn with the run roll being an auto 6″. Basically this is what makes this list tick. If you put this on a unit of bloodreavers and whip them with the Bloodstoker, suddenly a non bloodthirster khorne unit has a 20″ +2d6 threat range! (6″ base movement + 1″ run buff + 6″ run + 3″ run bloodstoker buff + 1″ charge buff + 3″ bloodstoker charge buff +2d6 charge) ZOOOOOOOOM. Of course, you can only whip one unit at a time, but you can at least get some more ‘reavers units a 14″ + 2d6 threat range to cap objectives and cause chaos. The last thing your opponent expects is to have a unit of Bloodreavers, no less, shoot past his chaff line and brutalize his shooty unit/wimpy wizard etc.

Bloodslick Ground

The command ability the DP gets if he’s khorne marked. It halves run and charge rolls to units WITHIN 18″ of him, so that means if you move him the aura comes with him, but it probably needs an FAQ to be sure. Anyway, regardless his command ability is pretty great, while you zoom your ‘reavers around you can give your opponent a brain aneurysm as he finds he can’t move anywhere. Of course, you should use this with caution. Khorne is an almost entirely melee focused army, so this could tragically backfire in your face as it delays how quick your enemies army can move forward, but it’s great for screwing them out of getting to objectives.


Daemon prince

We’ll start with the general. The DP has got some speed, with a 12″ base movement and fly, but that’s not really what is important here. What IS important is his stat line and command ability (see above). My DP rocks 2 damage 3 high rend weapons that both hit and wound on 3’s, the axe and the dimensional blade claws. While you can run him with a 4 attack 4/3/ -1 / d3 sword, the axe is better in most cases. Beyond having good base stats, what makes him really shine is his Immortal Champion and Bounding Charge abilities. Immortal Champion gives him fight first, which is great as it allows you to go up against killy units and smite them before they can get you. It allows the DP to swing way above his weightclass as he can neuter a monster before it can do anything. His other ability, Bounding Charge, gives him +1 to hit if this model charged in the same turn, which is epic. The only con is that he has only 8 wounds, but with a 3+ save he can be pretty tanky. Basically, he’s a fast beatstick with great abilities and a solid CA.


I mean duh, every Khorne list EVER should have a Bloodsecrator. He has two abilities from his banner, one of which, Rage of Khorne, adds 1 attack to friendly units wholly within 16″. It’s free, it’s great, every Khorne player loves it. His other ability, Loathsome Sorcery makes enemy wizards re roll successful casting rolls while wholly within 16″. Geez this is brutal. With the casting debuffs from the Skull Altar and Hex Gorger skulls, wizards will definitely struggle. The Gore Pilgrims battalion gives +8″ to each of these abilities, which is SWEET. Oh yeah, the Bloodsecrator also has a 3+ save (which we make unrendable with the thronebreakers torc). Don’t ever put him out in the open unless you have to, with the extended range you can do plenty hiding behind the skull altar.

Slaughter priests

Also pretty much an auto include for Khorne armies. These bad boys rock a choice of 3 prayers, while being able to cast 2 at a time. Each slaughterpriest has one that he knows from Khorne’s blood blessings and the two on his warscroll. Unfortunately, if you roll a one when attempting to cast a prayer you suffer d6 mortals. Ouch. Fortunately, while wholly within 8″ of a skull altar you re roll failed prayer rolls, which is epic. On top of that, they can attempt to summon Judgements of Khorne. Let’s look at each of the prayers I take in this list:

Killing Frenzy: I put this on my Dark Feast Slaughterpriest to make him a little more offensive focused. Killing Frenzy goes off on a 4+, and it adds +1 to hit rolls for one unit wholly within 16″. You literally cannot go wrong with this prayer, it’s great on everybody.

Bronzed Flesh: I put this one on the two Gore Pilgrims Slaughterpriests. This prayer also goes off on a 4+, and it gives +1 save to a khorne unit wholly within 16″. There are a lot of units in this list that could use it, but I find I cast it a lot on the ‘reavers to make them less squishy. The DP is a good choice as well if you want him to go get stuck in with a big boi. This also goes on the skullcrushers super well to make them really annoying to get rid of

Blood Boil: Pretty much the only ranged capability in this army. Pick a unit within 16″, on a 4+ that unit suffers d6 MW’s. Sweet! Allows you to do some decent damage, especially if all 3 slaughterpriests focus on one dude. Probably best used to pick off support heroes, but works against pretty much everything

Blood Bind: The second warscroll prayer, this goes off on a 4+. This one allows you to pick a unit within 16″ and move them in inches the number you rolled on the dice towards your nearest unit. To be honest, I probably don’t use this enough, but it’s super useful for pulling that support hero into combat, yanking units off objectives or making that charge *that* much easier.

Judgements are technically prayers but we’ll get to that later. On top of their prayers and whatnot, these guys have 6 wounds, a 6″ movement, but only a 5+ save which kind of sucks. Because Khorne hates magic, they also get 1 attempt to unbind a spell or dispel an endless spell per turn, which is pretty nice. They also have a crappy axe with a 3 attack 4/3/ – /2. You can also take a hackblade and wrath hammer, which have a slightly better chance of not whiffing, but let’s be honest, that axe is SO much cooler, so I always take it.


Not an auto take in most Khorne lists, but in Goretide you should probably have him, he pairs really well with the CA, which is why I have him here. He’s got 5 wounds, a 4+ save and a surprising 6″ movement, which helps you haul his fat butt up the board a little quicker. He also has two ok weapons, a torture blade and a whip with 3″ range, which is cool. However, none of that is really that important compared to his ability, Whipped to Fury. This allows you to whip a Bloodblound MORTAL unit (sadly no whipping the DP) that is wholly within 8″ of him. By whipping them, they get +3″ to run AND charge, as well as re rolling ALL wound rolls. You don’t have to roll a dice, it doesn’t cost a CP, it’s epic. Obviously he’s going to be whipping the ‘reavers, but in later rounds you can whip skullreapers to get them to move a little quicker or whip really anyone to get that wound re roll.

Other Units

Blood Reavers

Let’s start with the little guys that this whole list is built around. Ok sure, at first glance, you might not think these guys are all that impressive, and… well.. you would be right. But there are more to these guys than it looks. They have this interesting ability called Frenzied Devotion which gives them +1 attack while wholly 16″ of a Khorne Totem (read: Bloodsecrator) Suddenly, your Bloodreavers are swinging 31 attacks, but it gets better. 50 of my ‘reavers are in the Dark Feast Battalion, which allows Bloodreavers wholly within 16″ of the DF slaughterpriest to gain +1 attack. Now you’re at 41 attacks per unit of 10. ’nuff said. Even though they die like flies, being able to run MSU bloodreavers throwing out lots of attacks all over the board is a good way to do some damage from where your opponent least expects it, cap objectives and generally cause mayhem. Plus you get lots and lots of Blood Tithe. Anyway, Bloodreavers can swing Meatripper Axes, which have -1 rend, or they can swing Reaver Blades, which re roll hit rolls of one. Even though re rolling hits is pretty hard to come by for Khorne, the rend on the axe is slightly better statistically. They also have a musician which gives them +1 to run and charge and a banner bearer that gives them +1 to bravery.

Blood warriors

The only reason I take them in this list is so I can take Gore Pilgrims. I don’t hate Blood Warriors, I just don’t really like them either. Which is not to say they’re not good! They come with the option to take a pair of gore axes to re roll ones or take just one goreaxe and give opponents a MW on a save roll of 6. The gore fists (the MW save thingies) are probably the better option, if you want to troll run these guys right up to your opponents killiest unit and watch all those MW’s tragically rebound back to your opponent. The gore axes these guys swing has a meh statline of 2 attacks with 3/4/ – /1, but they get to attack with all their melee weapons when they die, so that’s cool I guess. They have the average Mortal movement of 5″, 2 wounds and a 4+ save, so they can be pretty tanky, and they have a bravery of 6, but you only have 5 so battleshock isn’t THAT much of an issue. Just use this little unit to zone out backline deepstriking/teleporting/graveyard summoning etc. or camp on your territories objective.

Mighty Skullcrushers

These guys are pretty sweet. They’re kind of fast, really tanky and can dish it out almost as well as they can take it. The mad lads have a fast-for-khorne 8″ movement with +1 to run and charge from their hornblower. They’ve got 5 wounds apiece (!) and a 3+ save (!!!!) so… yeah they’re pretty tanky. Anyway, they have this epic ability that when they charge they do a mortal wound on a 2+, d3 if they have 6+ models in the unit. Unfortunately, I’m only taking 3 so I don’t get that buff but still. These guys come with the choice of two weapons, both of which have 3 attacks, an ensorcelled axe with 3/3/ – /1 attack or a bloodglaive with a 4/3/ -1 /1. They’re juggernauts also have an attack, it’s the same profile as the ensorcelled axes with 3 attacks, and I think it’s ridiculous that it DOESN’T have rend. The choice on the weapons is really up to you. Rend is cool and all, but that 4+ to hit hurts. Personally, I take the axes for two reasons: 1. the satisfaction of rolling the ensorcelled axe attacks and the brazen hooves attacks at the same time and 2. The models I bought on ebay came with axes so… Overall, these guys are more useful in bigger units, and I might experiment with swapping them out for something different in the future, but use these guys as a mobile tar pit or to cap objectives and stay on them forever.


The maddest of the mad lads. These guys can blend just about anything you want, and with 3 wounds and a 4+ save they’re pretty tanky. Unfortunately they cost 180 points and only have a 5″ base movement but once these guys finally get in combat boy is it fun to watch. Looking at the warscroll, these guys have about 100 different choices for weapons, but it doesn’t matter they all have the same 4 attack 3/3/ – /1 with an additional MW on an unmodified hit roll of 6 weapon profile. I prefer daemonforged weapons cuz they look way cooler, but that’s just me. Anyway, the leader also gets this pretty cool 1 swing vicious mutation with a 3/4/ -1 /d3 profile. These guys get to re roll hit rolls against units with 5+ models so get fishin’ for those 6’s. You also don’t have to worry about these very expensive boys running in battleshock, instead when they a model is killed by a melee weapon you roll a dice, on a 5+ pick one enemy unit within 1″. It suffers d3 mortals. A little swing or miss, but it’s nice to have. These guys shred no matter which way you slice it, as they will slice almost anything (ha ha get it? *sigh* I’m a disgrace). These guys can pretty much run on their own without buffs but c’mon, where’s the fun in that? You should focus on buffing the ‘reavers first though before they die.


Your blood driven cheerleaders. They swing some pretty sweet wrathflails, which smack with 4 attacks and a 4/3/ -1 /1 profile with 2″ range. They also get +1 to hit if they charged, so they’re no slouches in combat. However, they’re most important ability is crimson haze, which gives khrone units wholly with 8″ +1 attack. Epic! Since their range is so short, they’re best up fighting on the front lines buffing the dudes around them. For extra fun I like stacking them right behind my skullreapers and marching them up the board, with their 2″ range they can stand behind the skullreapers and still smack, those two units together can pretty much deal with anything. Even though they only have a 5″ movement, with 5 of them you can cover a decent radius with the aura. They also do 1 MW on a 2+, and d3 on a 6 when they die if there’s an enemy unit within 1″, and you get to add 1 to the roll if there’s 2+ enemy models within 1″.


These battalions basically make this list tick. Without them it would just be a bunch of bloodreavers running around aimlessly getting their faces kicked in.

Gore Pilgrims

Probably the most commonly used Khorne Battalion, consists of:

1 Bloodsecrator (duh)

2-3 Slaughterpriests

1-2 Blood Warriors Units

1-2 Bloodreavers Units

This battalion gives +8″ to the Bloodsecrators abilities while he is within one or more of the Gore Pilgrims Slaughterpriests, and because the slaughterpriests and the bloodsecrator will likely be camping behind the skull altar, he pretty much always has that buff.

Dark Feast

A pretty cool battalion, especially fluff-wise. It consists of:

1 Slaughterpriest

1 Bloodstoker

3-6 Units of Bloodreavers (I’m taking 5 units in this battalion)

This battalion gives Dark Feast Bloodreavers +1 attack while wholly withing 16″ of the Dark Feast Slaughterpriest, while this usually means you have to run that slaughterpriest up the table, it’s well worth it to see the amount of damage a lowly Bloodreaver can do.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Judgements of Khorne:

All the Judgements are good, but I had space for only one in this list.

Hexgorger Skulls: 

These things pretty much eat wizards up and spit them out, plus they look really cool. They get summoned on a 3+, which is epic, especially with the re roll you should pretty much always have these around. You have to set them up wholly within 8″ of the priest that summoned them and within 6″ of each other, they can then move up to 8″ and they can fly. It’s sweet. (but don’t brag too much about how good these things are then whiff on the prayer roll). These guys give -2 (!) to casting while a wizard is WITHIN 12″ of any skull, which is great, but it gets better. If any enemy wizard rolls an unmodified 8, even when ATTEMPTING to cast a spell (that means it doesn’t have to go off) he fails the cast, can’t use that spell for the rest of the game and EVERY WIZARD WITHIN 12″ OF THAT JUDGEMENT SUFFERS D6 MORTALS!!!! I love it, you love it, Khorne loves it, every wizard ever hates it. Basically enemy wizards have one of 2 options: 

  1. Stick around even though you probably won’t be able to cast anything anyway and risk getting you and all your wizardry friends’ heads blown off OR
  2. Run for the hills and be out of range for all of your spells regardless

Even if your opponent doesn’t use magic (which is pretty rare in AoS these days) you can use them to zone out objectives or just sit in the middle of the table looking menacing and epic. All that for 40 points, those wimpy wizards WISH they had endless spells this good.


Ok so there’s not really a spot to put this so I’ll just talk about it here

Skull Altar: 

A. It looks cool B. You can hide your Bloodsecrator and Slaughterpriests behind it. C. Gives the priests re rolls to prayers while they’re wholly within 8″ D. Wizards get -1 to casting while within 16″ 

‘Nuff said, just put it as far up the table as you can.

In-Game Guide

Ok, I’m going to level with you here, as of this writing, I have not gotten to play any games with this exact list due to our… unique situation. However, I have played a decent amount of games with some early versions of this list, and a couple games with the battalions and strategy I have here in mind. I will obviously update this list if and hopefully when I have some more experience, I’m just putting this out there to get some opinions on it, share my ideas with the world and maybe plant the seeds of a bloodreavers MSU khorne list into your head.


  • Skull Altar as far up the table as possible, it has to be wholly within your territory however so keep that in mind
  • How you set this list up is mostly up to the battleplan and I also like to adapt to how my opponent is setting up so I can counter him
  • Anyway, the Bloodsecrators and Slaughterpriests (except maybe the Dark Feast Slaughterpriest) should go as close to the Skull Altar as possible
  • For my Bloodreaver unit that I’m planning to whip and use the Goretide CA on, I usually try to set it up so that it can get past my opponents front line and get to his shooty units/wizards/support heroes etc.
  • I recommend that you set up the units in the battalions all at once, even though it may not allow you to properly counter your opponent, you usually want to go second with this list, so having less drops is better.
  • Don’t screw yourself over, with so many bodies setting up with this list is a nightmare and please Please PLEASE for your sanity as well as others use unit trays if you take this list. Without movement trays turn 1 takes about a couple of years. Anyhoo don’t block off units you need to move up the table with all your bloodreavers and whatnot.
  • Your dinky unit of Blood Warriors should be left back to A. Block off teleporting B. Get that backline objective. If neither of those options are in play just place them wherever I guess, just place them last cuz they’re pretty unimportant so you don’t zone out anything actually useful.
  • Beware shooty armies. The last thing you want is for some dude with a unit of 12 vanguard raptors or 20 irondrakes or massed flamers of tzeentch, etc. to shoot the crap out of everything you hold dear, so for the love GET THOSE SUPPORT HEROES IN COVER PLEASE. Look at least Khorne can deal with magic ok?
  • Setting up this list properly is rather difficult, this is not a Tau castle or whatever, your setup has some parts that should stay the same but depending on how your opponent is setting up you should try and counter him to get the most out of those ‘reavers before they die. That’s what this list is about. Look, I’m still working on deploying my dudes properly and for gosh sakes I wrote this list.

In Game:

  1. Khorne is a thinking man’s army, so make sure you do everything right. Always Always ALWAYS make sure you keep your auras and whatnot in order, before you move/run/charge/pile in whatever make sure everything is right. Literally nothing is more annoying than setting up to ker-schmack that support hero that is crucial to your opponents list than realizing you have one model out of wholly within range.
  2. If you’ve used Bloodreavers, you know that no matter what they die like flies,. Bronzed flesh, brazen fury, whatever, they’re a cheap flimsy horde, so keep that in mind.
  3. This list is pretty powerful against magic, use that to your advantage
  4. This list sucks against pretty much anything that can shoot well, but it is better than most khorne armies, as at least it’s kind of fast.
  5. Use your Blood Tithe points well, knowing what reward to use, what unit to summon and where can make or break the game. I find I’m summoning flesh hounds and using Murderlust and Apocalyptic Frenzy the most.
  6. Skullcrushers make a sweet tarpit, but you only have 3 so use them wisely.
  7. If you leave your DP out to dry, bad things will happen. Once your opponents sees what it can do, he will make killing that thing a priority.


To wrap things up, this list relies on being unexpected. What makes this list tick is your opponent not expecting your Bloodreavers to suddenly go ham and run from across the table to smack him in the face. Use that to your advantage, hopefully by the time your opponent comes up with a strategy to counter your shenanigans, you will have tied up most of his units and have control of most of the objectives. I’m not exactly a wargamer veteran, this is obviously not the final word on how to play Blades of Khorne, I put this rundown out there just for the heck of it, to see what you guys think. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to reply to this rundown. Until then, happy wargaming!

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I am a couple month-in Warhammer AoS neckbeard. I love talking strategy and hearing other people's takes on units, lists, armies, etc. I currently play Khorne as well as a little SCE and Sylvaneth although I'm planning to get some OBR soon

Gaming style:

I like to either take an armies weakness and find a way to negate it, or take an armies strength and make a list completely based around making the most out of that strength as possible. I love diving deep into strategy and figuring out how to optimize my lists, units and in game decisions as much as possible, and I love sharing my (often unconventional and unexpected) opinions and outlooks. I often find that my responses and rundowns are probably WAY more detailed and long than they need to be.