Allegiance: Greywater Fastness
Mortal Realm: Shyish


Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (380)

Freeguild General on Griffon (260)

- General

- Shield & Greathammer

- Trait: Master of Defense

- Artefact: Ethereal Amulet 

Lord-Ordinator (140)


10 x Freeguild Archers (100)

10 x Freeguild Archers (100)

30 x Freeguild Handgunners (300)

War Machines

Helstorm Rocket Battery (180)

Helstorm Rocket Battery (180)

Helstorm Rocket Battery (180)

Helstorm Rocket Battery (180)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 95


G’day c#nts, Joel here from Measured Gaming.

There has been alot of talk about ‘shooting is making a comeback’. Well, it hasn’t. But I’m hoping that reading this list rundown will inspire you to think outside the box and create a gunline that deals with the current meta, such as this one.

Can you believe in the game we all love, has 6 phases. Hero, move, charge, combat, battleshock and.. whats that last one? Oh yeah, the SHOOTING phase.

The SHOOTING phase is usually reserved for tryhard stormcast players (their shooting is crap by the way, prove me wrong). pretty much the entire skaven model range and things like FeC screaming and heartrenders. Amazingly, there are a whole heap of units with shooting attacks that I haven’t mentioned here, but you barely see them in lists or on top tables, and most of the time the odd throwing axe or whip aren’t even worthwhile rolling dice for.

Come with me on this journey and let me introduce you to the wonderful world of artillery. Specifically in a greywater fastness mixed order allegiance.

Allegience Ability

Greywater fastness gets a pretty awesome ability. In the hero phase, you roll a dice for each artillery unit in your army and on a 6 they get to SHOOT in the hero phase in addition to the SHOOTING phase. Its a nice little bonus. Not reliable whatsoever but take my word the games over when you roll a few 6s!

You also get to reroll battleshock tests because you’re mixed order. Not bad on the handgunners if they take some heat!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The general on griffon is the general and he’s a boss. Load him up with master of defence (6+ DPR on wounds and mortals) and give him that ethereal amulet that you stole from a vampire lords corpse who was riding a zombie dragon. F#ck those guys.. anyway, your generals rocking a 3+ unrendable save and a 6+ ontop of that.

He’s also the only one with a command ability. Which is amazing. Choose a fredguild unit (handgunners) or himself, +1 to hit, charge and +2 to bravery. Not too shabby!


Your general, as mentioned above is awesome. 15″ move with fly and hes only 260pts. This guy can go hold up a unit (like grimghast) quite easily while slapping on the damage!

Now we get into the nitty gritty of the fairly simple synergy in the list.

The hurricanum is another top pick for any mixed order gunlines. Is a wizard, which can do d6 mortals with his spell, adds one to cast on himself and other collegiate wizards within 10″(irrelevant to the list but worth mentioning anyway), and also adds one to hit on any friendly order units within 10″. Simply amazeballs. Not to mention he gets to SHOOT in the SHOOTING phase dealing a potential 18 mortals and a minimum of 3 to a unit within 18″.

The ordinator. He is the artilleries babysitter. He adds +1 to hit to order warmachines wholly within 9″. Do you start to see a pattern here?

Other Units

Two units of 10 archers. These guys are your screens. They get a free 5″ pregame move to help push back any pesky alpha strikes. These guys after turn 1 are fairly expendable. But try not to simply throw them away, as the boots on the ground come in handy for objective grabbing.

30 handgunners. Apart from their 6+ save and 5″ movement, there’s not much to dislike. You’ve got 29 shots that will be hitting on 3s (2s if you put the generals command ability on them or don’t move that turn) even if they move, wound on 3s, -1 rend 1 damage. The boss gets 1 shot doing 2 damage at 30″. Fantastic. What makes them even better however is the piper. This guy you want to keep alive because when the unit gets charged you can SHOOT the charging unit at point blank! That’s right. Another volley of black powder into your enemy leaves them second guessing if they want to charge the handgunners in the first place!

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for. The helstorm rocket batteries! The main source of damage output from the list. They have an effective 40″ range (36 on the rockets and 4 movement) which is one of, if not the longest ranged weapons in the game. It doesn’t stop there though, they have 3 shots each. They add 1 to hit if they SHOOT all 3 shots at the same unit, so don’t split fire if you dont need to. They also add +2 from the hurricanum and ordinator combo. So, 3 shots each hitting on 2s, wounding on 3s -2 rend d6 damage per shot. Oh, did I mention they ignore line of sight too? Insane!


There are no batallions for this list. You are 11 drops but can deploy deep. But we don’t care if we go first or second. So your opponent has to make a really tough choice, whether they want all their synergies blown off the table turn 1, or if they give you a chance at a devaststing potential double turn.


We’re mixed order fool, but you can ally in any order unit thats not apart of greywater fastness. Heartrenders wouldn’t be a bad pick but theres really no fat in the army to take from. The choice is yours 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

As mentioned above, there is one wizard. The hurricanum. Can do mortals within 18″ but is usually going to be a mystic shield bot in the hero phase for your general until he flies off.

I can see value in the palisade with this kind of list. But with a lack of wizards endless spells are hard to fit in. Not to mention for the same reasons as allies, there’s really nowhere to cut from.

In-Game Guide

The strategy is simple. Deploy out of threat range, SHOOT all your opponents toys off the board and win late game, thats if your opponent doesn’t concede!

Lets start from the top.

Deployment: deploy out of threat range (especially the artillery and crew) from anything that can reach them. If you’re playing against skaven you outrange the mousetrap by an inch (39 max threat range as opposed to your effective 40), unless they do some janky skitterleap shenanigans then you’re f#cked, but atleast you get an unbind from the hurricanum this way! Try and hide the crew from anything that could drop and SHOOT them(ballistas, longstrikes etc). Once they’re dead the artillery is useless. Deploy archers up front to push out alphas, or on the flanks to defend idoneth/beasts etc. Everything else just finds a spot wherever you see fit. Artillery at the back!!!

In your hero phase you roll 4 dice, one at a time for each helstorm. On a 6, they get to SHOOT IN THE HERO PHASE. These free shots are an amazing bonus. Even if you only get one a game it really helps the intensity of what’s going down. You’ll be mystic shielding the general too. You don’t want him to die anytime soon.

In the movement phase you want to be moving everything up. Seems the army is slow you dont want to hang back unless you have to. Try and stay out of potential charge ranges for a turn, and if you get doubled so what, your chaff will take the hit. Also make sure you dont position a unit too close to the handgunners, the worst thing to happen would be a unit charging another unit and piling into them! Bang your griffon into the enemy, into a fight he won’t die from in a turn to tie up units.

THE SHOOTING PHASE – thats right. this is where it all goes down. Helstorms one at a time SHOOT the key heroes off the table. Terrorgheists and the like. Light those f#uckers up like christmas trees. If your opponent has summoning make sure you SHOOT the heroes that summon off (archregent, branchwraith etc). Once any key heroes or threats are dead, SHOOT at the infantry. You need bodies to win games and helstorms are great at killing chaff. If this is turn 2, help your general out to free him up. And if your opponent has ranged threats, neutralize them in steel rain. SHOOT the handgunners and archers at whatever is closest to them. You want to create as much distance as possible. Force battleshock tests. Once the dust settles and the smoke clears, and if the helstorms have done their job then there shouldn’t be any heroes to use CP to auto pass battleshock. 

Charge and combat phase – the generals your only chance at winning a combat. Make sure you keep him busy. dont be scared to charge with him, but only into fights he can win or not die in. tie up big scary units of bodies, preferably onto an objective .As I said earlier, the helstorms will be giving him support in turn 2.

That’s pretty much it guys. This list is a heap of fun and it counters alot of the “issues” in the meta atm. From DoK to skaven to FeC and everything else. There are obviously some weaknesses to the list however. Light on bodies, over reliant on Artillery with old warscrolls and doesn’t fight itself in combat out of a wet paper bag. All in all. This is just one of the many answers to the internets questions in Age of Sigmar. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. 🙂

Honest Goblin


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