1Skaven warlord:100p (General; cunning deceiver/ lord of war; Crown of conquest)

Grey seer:100p

1plague priest with censer:80p

1plague priest with censer:80p













Since aos 2 dropped, Army’s like mad Aelve-things (DOK), Fish-things (Idoneth….), etc. Started to dominate the  match play scene. now I believe we all have felt Some pity for our beloved meatshields/ weak-things that got torn apart turn 2.

Now what can we do against such a force, that kill-slays army’s with ease turn 2.

so what are the options to survive such a force?

Well 1 of those ideas is to build a screen to protect your heavy hitters, sadly those units you call your elite will be torn to a bloody pulb when your enemy’s somehow take the next turn from you,

and that’s where your whole army will Suffer-die.

Allegience Ability

Sadly we haven’t gotten any love from Gw yet and this is mostly the reason a mixed skaven Army will be forced to take the not so great Grand allegiance. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Not beeing able to take any battalions, will only grant you 1 Artefact. But that’s all you need. Thanks to the grand chaos allegiance we can take the crown of conquest, with which an army consisting out of over 300clanrats will benefit greatly.


The hero’s in this list have no purpose at all.

their only reason of existing is to support your meatshields from running away.

although giving a unit of clanrats buffs from the warlord (gnash gnaw on their bones) and weakening the enemy units with the prayers of our very cheap priest, your units of clanrats will be able to rip even the strongest monsters/hero’s apart.

Other Units

Clanrats, the most awesome unit in this list. With around 320clanrats swarming the battlefield and overrunning your foe, you won’t have to worry about losing any of them at all. Who cares if a unit of 40died last turn, there will always more taking their place.




None, or the plague priests and the Grey seer, if you want to play a verminus army. Although the allies system won’t be needed her, since there won’t be anything you could benefit from taking the verminus allegiance with this list.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


In-Game Guide

This is literally a horde army.

your tactics her will be to swarm the enemy as soon as you can shutting every shooting units down and letting your foe struggle.

no man-thing will ever stand still and watch as a endless horde of rats, swarms in your direction kill-slaying manthings.

Even the most cunning and or Brutal warlord in your area:tournament will struggle fighting such a mighty horde.

now my cunning warlords, the time has come, skitter-swarm the enemy, Kill-slay man-things, beard-things, Aelve-things,

they all shall Suffer-die.

Glory to Mors, 

Gloooooooory for the Great horned rat

Honest Goblin