Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness


Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (140)

- General
- Trait: Master of Deception 
- Artefact: Talisman of the Watcher 
- Mark of Chaos: Khorne
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)

- Runestaff

Exalted Hero of Chaos (80)

- Artefact: Betrayer's Crown 
- Mark of Chaos: Khorne



10 x Chaos Knights (320)

- Ensorcelled Weapons
- Mark of Chaos: Khorne

10 x Chaos Knights (320)

- Chaos Glaives
- Mark of Chaos: Khorne

30 x Chaos Warriors (480)

- Hand Weapon & Shield
- Mark of Chaos: Khorne

20 x Chaos Marauders (120)

- Axes & Shields
- Mark of Chaos: Khorne


1 x Chaos Warshrine (160)


Godsworn Champions of Ruin (170)


Endless Spells

Prismatic Palisade (30)


Total: 1980 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 169


So, I’m trying to improve on damage output from slaves, they’re alright at staying alive, but an army of tanks doesn’t burn down the oppisition

Allegience Ability

Crap, not noteworthy

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The lord on mount can spend a DP to allow a unit of knights to re-roll charges and get +1 to hit – massively effective on knights with lances, combined with his 8″ bubble to re-roll 1’s to hit does some big damage.

The lord has talisman of the watcher, toying with taking the -2 bravery de-buff instead (as this would stack with chaos knights for a -3 bravery). 

The exalted hero takes the betrayer’s crown as I plan to pile him into the biggest enemy unit and it does a tonne of mortal wounds.


The lord is to accompany the knights, the knights with weapons are a mobile wall to screen the knights with glaives.

The exalted is to sit amongst the big unit of warriors and buff them hard.

The sorceror is there to get palisade off early and potentially close down a bit of the board as I’ll deploy favouring a flank and put the palisade around the back left/right to try to give the marauders some survivability, or block off gaps in between terrain etc.

Other Units

10 knights with glaives with the buff and khorne effects are 3+,3+,-1,2Dam on the charge, re-rolling 1’s – which should do 21 damage to a 4+ save unit.

The knights with weapons are a mobile wall.

The warriors are a tar pit- pure and simple. They head over the central objective and take and hold it. 60 wounds, 4+ save, 5+ mortal save and 6+ DRS from the warshrine means you need to to a lot of damage to get rid of them.

The marauders are there to screen the warriors, or if Gavtwat is around then to sit to the back of the army and apply a 58 x 19″ you can’t drop here line.

The warshrine is kept undivided as reroll 1s to hit and wound is, I think, better than re-roll all hits.


Godsworn champions of ruin makes the warriors, knights, leaders, able to have a bonus round of fighting in my hero phase as long as they are 3″ away from an enemy hero or monster. Sounds tricky, but I’ve been able to get at least 4 bonus combat rounds per game due to this.



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

sorceror has a spell (daemonic power), which lets a unit re-roll 1s to hit, wound, and save. 

Palisade blocks LOS, movement etc. It’s just a way for me to exert a little Crowd Control

In-Game Guide

Generally StD are crap. They are very survivable, but can’t deal out enough damage to stop the opponent killing me. That said, the few games I’ve tested this list I’ve rolled dogshit and still won 50% so I’m hoping…! See you at the GT heat1 in Lenton!

Honest Goblin