Allegiance: Destruction

Mortal Realm: Ulgu


Gitmob Grot Shaman (80)

Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80)

- General

- Trait: Ravager

Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)

- Choppa and Rip-tooth fist

- Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak 


60 x Gitmob Grots (270)

- Bows & Slashas

20 x Gitmob Grots (100)

- Spears & Shields

10 x Orruks (80)

- Choppas & Shields


Magma Dragon (540)

Bonegrinder Gargant (400)

Total: 1990 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 148


Ohhhhh Lordy!

I have ran this list a couple of times now.  It usually starts with my opponent chuckling and thanking me for bringing something fun…and ends with them conceding in Round 2.

What looks at first glance like a whacky Monster Mash list, with a bit of this and a bit of that, actually has a bit of tech behind it.  

This army bridges the gap nicely between Beerhammer and competitive gaming: You be competitive in most scenarios, and have a lot of fun along the way.  I believe that with a bit of practice and a fair tailwind, it is eminently capable of going 4-1.

Allegience Ability

One thing this army is designed to do it to harness the Destruction Allegiance Ability.  

Famously, the Destruction move is now very prescriptive.  If you are within 12″ you must charge, if you are within 3″ you can only pile in.

No movement?  No problem.  Let’s get that Maw Krusha charging early, charging hard and charging often!  His Destructive Bulk (mortal wounds on the charge) is not phase-specific, so you can bang a few mortals in with the Hero Phase charge.  

And don’t worry, that doesn’t mean he is bogged down.  You can retreat and charge using the Fungoid Shammy’s Command Ability (he is your General for that reason), or shoot up whatever he is tied down by and charge again.

Using the shooting to soften up enemy heroes, you can realistically string multiple charges together.  My PB is a string of 4 charges (starting in the Hero Phase):


Through a weakened VLoZD, straight through 2 supporting Heroes, and finishing up by crashing into a hammer unit.

The other way this works is to move your Gitmob archers up 6″ and compensate for the short range on their shooting. They are a large enough unit that you can tail back to the other Heroes, and maybe get lucky enough to pop a second 6″ move on them too.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Artefacts is where we start having some fun.  The Magma Dragon goes up with his extravagantly generous flying move, and attacks first.

Next the Bonegrinder Gargant moonwalks in from 6″ away and attacks second.

Meanwhile, the Maw Krusha is sitting pretty with the Doppelganger Cloak, and swings third. 

At this point you have shot with your Gitmob, shot with your Magma Dragon, shot with your Bonegrinder, shot with your Maw Krusha, and attacked with all three combat Monsters.  You have leveraged virtually your entire army, swinging first all the way.

Note: There is an argument for taking Ethereal Amulet over Doppelganger Cloak since the Cloak became a once per game artefact.  However, since this army is built around a devastating early burst of power, the Cloak still has its place in this particular build.


Fungoid Cave Shaman

As mentioned above, this cheeky little fella is your General to unlock access to his Command Ability.  The principle use of this is to turn your Maw Krusha (Orruk keyword) into an unstoppable, un-bog-downable, multi-charging wrecking ball of doom.

But that’s not all.  You can also use it to retreat and charge your Gitmob (Grot keyword) to swarm objectives on those small bases.  Perfect way to steal victory from the jaws of defeat – and suitably sneaky!

Surprisingly durable for a 4-wound guy.

Gitmob Shaman

Tucked away on the backboard (out of unbind range), with a tail back from the Gitmob Bows unit. A 60:40 swing at getting Sneaky Stabbin (better if you can grab Arcane terrain).  As a wizard, a 3rd capturing Hero.  Can palm off wounds onto nearby suckers on a 5+.

Maw Krusha

The Cannon Ball.  The Big Lad.  The Bearer of the Cloak.  Eminently capable of whiffing, but you will find him exponentially more useful with the retreat and charge capability.  Once you’ve felt the power of having that extra utility, you will never want to go back.

Other Units

Bonegrinder Gargant

The best thing about this cheeky sausage is the 6″ pile in, from 6″ away.  That is dynamite because it is a core part of the Triple Bang tech, but it also gives a huge amount of flexibility.  He can run then pile in, or retreat then pile in (into a different unit, or tagging a unit on the end for example), at the cost of a single shooting attack. Also gives you a way to engage with people hiding in scenery (such as those filthy Wyldwoods), because you don’t have to complete a charge  – therefore you don’t have to be able to get within 0.5″.  Just zip in 6″ and swing that big club with its 3″ reach.

This guy is dicey AF but gives you great utility.

Hot tip: I’ll Bite You Head Off! and Jump Up and Down are both worded as “the combat phase” (not “your combat phase”).  Don’t forget to apply these rules in your opponent’s combat phase too!

Magma Dragon

Arguably the best Warscroll in GA: Destruction.  Moves a Bajillion inches.  Flies.  Shoots mortal wounds.  Splashes back mortal wounds.  Rips things to shreds with his Rend -3.  Has 20 wounds (and has to lose 17 of them before the Rend drops to -1).

Even at a whopping 540 points, this rude boy is quite the bargain.

Gitmob with Bows

60 of these fellas is perhaps the most underrated and underused unit in the game.  A Battleline unit, on small bases, with intrinsic bonuses to wound.  Succesfully cast Sneaky Stabbing and you will virtually have a unit of 60 Judicators.  That Spell was obviously in-no-way a mistake that should have applied to the Combat Phase only!

Even if your opponent has Gaunty on a Balewind and deletes them, he has barely earned his points back.  That’s how much of a bargain they are.

Gitmob with Spears

Screens if needed, late objective grabbers for preference.


As above, but slightly cheaper and significantly worse.  Straight up garbage 3rd Battleline filler – but at least they are cheap now.


Relatively few available for GA Destruction currently: All of the non-Battletome armies had theirs removed in GH17. 

A Teef Rukk would be quite a modular inclusion for some armies, and there is the greatly-beloved Kunnin Rukk which covers off Battleline requirements too. 

It would be nice to have access to one, but this particular army can live without a second artefact and can go first or second.


As a GA Army, there are no Allies.  Worth noting though that most of the army does qualify for Firestorm – only the Magma Dragon is outside of the scope (due to the Bonegrinder having the Aleguzzler keyword).

If you wanted to use Firestorm, an alternative build working on similar lines would be to switch the Magma Dragon for a Colossal Squig (Moonclan keyword) and a battery of 2x Spear Chukkas.

This still gives you the YOLO monster for the first stage of the Triple Bang, and adds in some extra shooting / character sniping.  Very useful for bullying your opponent’s deployment, taking off a key support Hero (or chipping them down for a Magma Dragon to finish off in the shooting phase), or further softening up units for the Maw Krusha Rampage.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

You could fit Shackles in if you drop the 20 Grots down to Orruks – however I believe you are better off sticking with the extra capping bodies and the potential cheeky Triumph.

The Gitmob Shammy will attempt his spell (from out of Unbind range early on, with the unit tailing back to him).  The Fungoid will be casting Mystic Shield and Realm Spells.

In-Game Guide

This army is 8 drops, which in the current meta (as of November 2018) has a reasonable chance of dictating terms.  If your opponent sets up aggresively, you will almost certainly wipe large chunks of it off the board in a single swoop.

There really is no substitute for experience in that game of Deployment Cat and Mouse we all love so much.  You need to read your opponent’s deployments to understand what they are doing and how much of their army you can reach Turn 1. 

A couple of key points:

  • Keep the Gitmob Shammy out of unbind range, but within Spell range of the Bows.  If you get Sneaky Stabbin’ off, it’s showtime.  He is the one to get near Arcane if possible.  Make this your first drop because it doesn’t reveal your hand – you could go either aggro or cagey from here.
  • The Fungoid should generally be deployed quite aggressively.  You want him to be up near the Maw Krusha for his CA in later turns.  You might also want to pop the Shroom if you go first: the great hidden filth on his Warscroll is the rerollable unbind, which is excellent Double Turn insurance if you do go first.
  • Have a Gitmob Archer within range of all 3 heroes, in case you get lucky on your Destruction moves
  • Keep the 20 Grots near your Gitmob Shammy, to palm off wounds onto them

Your movement is pretty good – 2 of the 3 Monsters can fly (and boy, does the Magma Dragon fly!).  The 3rd has movement shenanigans via being able to run and pile in 6″.

After you have done your Gitmob shooting damage, assess what to use the shooting from your Monsters on.  Any damage from the Bonegrinder and Maw Krusha should be seen as a bonus (and you might not even get an attack from the Bonegrinder if you run him up).  The Magma Dragon is great at shooting up 10x Elite infantry (don’t forget it’s 2D6 Mortals against units of 10+!), but also keep an eye on finishing off any support Heroes that are left on low wounds after your other shooting.

Always look for opportunities to soften things up to trigger multiple charges for your Maw Krusha – for that reason, start him fairly near your Archers.  In most scenarios I starts those two in the middle, with the Magma Dragon and Bonegrinder on either flank.

I often look for opportunities to wipe a unit with the Magma Dragon (not hard!).  Reason being this will force your opponent to activate a unit against your Doppelganger Maw Krusha, wasting their activation completely (remember, your Bonegrinder is still outside of 3″ at this point!).  

If you judge that you won’t be able to do much Turn 1 (or your opponent outdrops you and looks like they will take the initiative), you do have some screens available through the minimum Battleline units.  But if you can keep those 20 Grots vaguely intact, they will be great at swarming Objectives late on.

You do have vulnerable Heroes, let’s be clear.  Your Wizards are 4 wounds each.  However, you do at least have 2 Wizards and a Hero with Artefact, and a couple of Behemoths with plenty of wounds. 

What’s more your Fungoid Shammy has his 5+ ignore and a stacking -1 to hit, your Gitmob Shammy can palm off wounds, and you have chaff units to protect them.  This is in addition to Look Out Sir! and the broad lack of shooting in the meta at time of writing.  What looks on paper like a glaring weakness is not as bad in practice as it might first seem.  Although you will still be hoping for good matchups on those scenarios, those matchups are out there.

This army can do so much of what the game asks of you.  You have hitting power, some sneaky tech to leverage your might, mobility, chaff screens and bodies to score.  It is quite anti-meta because it has a surprising amount of shooting and the ability to reach Heroes, without sacrificing combat punch. 

What looks at first glance like a real rabble has a lot more to it – if your opponent thanks you for bringing a fun list before you start rolling bones, they won’t be thanking you afterwards!

Honest Goblin