Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz
Mortal Realm: Ghyran


Dankhold Troggboss (300)

- General
- Trait: Mighty Blow 
- Artefact: Ghyrstrike

Madcap Shaman (80)

- Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy Nuisance

Fungoid Cave Shaman (90)

- Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of Gork

Webspinner Shaman (80)

- Lore of the Spiderfangs: Sneaky Distraction


3 x Fellwater Troggoths (160)

3 x Fellwater Troggoths (160)

3 x Rockgut Troggoths (160)

6 x Rockgut Troggoths (320)


Rogue Idol (400)

- Allies

Endless Spells

Aethervoid Pendulum (40)

Emerald Lifeswarm (60)

Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40)

Malevolent Moon (50)

Scuttletide (30)

Prismatic Palisade (30)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 400 / 400
Wounds: 100


Trogg been asleep in cave. Trogg had good dreams of eating mushrooms and eating bugs until Trogg was woken up by stupid Fungoid Cave shaman trying to pick mushrooms from Troggs back. 

Trogg told Fungoid Cave shaman that Trogg was not rock but Trogg. Fungoid Cave shaman spoke to Trogg about Da Moon, and it calling to Fungoid Cave shaman about big battles at place called BOBO and Fungoid Cave shaman want Trogg to come help bash stupid rats and umies in shiny gold armour.

Trogg think BOBO sound silly but Trogg like shiny gold. Fungoid Cave Shaman also promise to give Trogg big mushrooms to eat. Trogg agree to help Fungoid Cave Shaman. 

Trogg bring Trogg brothers and stinky cousins from swamp. Trogg also bring cave with him. cave in big rock monster. Trogg clever as Trogg may get sleepy and need nap in rock. clever Trogg!

Allegience Ability

Trogg sees big moon in sky. Big Moon affect all Gloomspite Gitz. Some Gloomspite Gitz get better deal than Trogg, Trogg think this unfair.

Gloomspite Wizards get +1 to cast under the moon, this because wizard gets hit with more loonstone which make wizard better at magic, however falling loonstone make other non-gloomspite wizards more stupid so they get -1 to cast. haha silly wizards.

Moon also give gloomspite gitz general extra command point at start of our hero phase under the moon. this because moon love Trogg!

Moon also help little squigs and spiders but they stay in caves and webs so they do not matter to Trogg. 

Moon finally helps Trogg, Trogg brothers and stinky cousins. When under Moonlight, Troggs can re-roll dice to determine if any wounds that Trogg taken are healed, or can double wounds healed, if first roll successful. haha silly ability, Trogg will not take any wounds in first place, trogg be doin bashing not getting bashed, silly moon!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

One day when looking for big cave to sleep in, Trogg found big shiny green club. Trogg took club and call club GHYRSTRIKE. This mean Trogg bash more skulls on 2+ to hit and wound because sometime club get heavy and Trogg miss and this make Trogg sad.

Trogg brothers and stinky cousins very stupid and get distracted by bugs and mushrooms instead of bashing skulls. Trogg has to shout at brothers and stinky cousins to keep bashing skulls or Fungid Cave shaman not give Trogg any shiny gold or big mushrooms.  In combat phase Trogg shout at fellow Troggs allowing them to reroll hits of 1 as they sometimes miss with clubs. silly Troggs!


Trogg is bestest of all Troggs.

Fungoid Cave Shaman, Madcap shaman brother and webspinner cousin bestest of all wizards. 

Other Units

Trogg brothers – Rockgut Troggs, these are not rocks, stupid Fungoid Cave shaman!

Trogg Stinky cousins – Fellwater Troggs. These live in swamp and stink!

Big Rock monster – rogue idol. Trogg clever and bring cave home with him for when Trogg gets sleepy. clever Trogg.


Trogg not sure what battalion is! Trogg heard of thing called Troggherd but think this silly and overcosted. silly Troggherd. 


Trogg bring big rock monster to battle. Big rock monster help to bash and stomp on enemies. Trogg has brains though as when Trogg get sleepy, Trogg can take nap in rock monster. Clever Trogg.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Trogg know no magic, Trogg does not care for anything other than shiny gold, big mushrooms and bashing skulls! 

Fungoid Cave shaman who wake Trogg from sleep know magic. He has magic brother and cousin too.

Fungoid Cave shaman know spell – Hand of Gork. This spell means gloomspite unit within 24″ of Fungoid Cave Shaman can be moved anywhere on battlefield more than 9″ from enemy. This good for collecting Mushrooms when they far away!

Madcap shaman brother know spell – itchy nuisance. this spell means enemy within 18″ of shaman fights at end of combat phase. this good for bashing skulls in quicker!

Webspinner Shaman cousin know spell – sneaky distraction. this spell means enemy units wholly within 12″ of caster get -1 to hit. haha silly enemies.

Fungoid Cave shaman who woke Trogg up has big hat. Fungoid Cave shaman show Trogg inside of hat which had endless spells in.

In hat Fungoid Cave Shaman has

  • Aethervoid Pendulum – This is biggest blade Trogg has ever seen! Trogg want blade so try to chase it but it move 8″ and can fly and that too fast for Trogg. Blade only move 1 way though even though it is pendulum! When move pendulum deals d6 mortal wound to units it has passed over and that within 1″
  • Emerald Lifeswarm – Trogg like this spell as it is made of shiny bugs!! Trogg again try to chase this spell but it move 10″ and can fly, which again is too fast for Trogg despite Trogg big feet! This spell heal d3 wounds to unit within 1″ Spell will not bring any Trogg brothers or stinky cousins back to life as we have more wounds. 
  • Malevolent Moon – Trogg like moon. Moon move 12″and can fly. when moon move, any unit that moon move over suffers d3 mortal wound on 2+. This moon very angry! Malevolent moon do not like enemy wizards. wizards within 9″ of moon suffer -1 to cast. if enemy wizards within 3″ of moon they suffer -2 to cast. Moon only like gloomspite wizards as moon does not affect them.
  • Scuttletide – lots of tiny spiders! Scuttletide move 6″. Trogg think this slow seeing as they have 8 legs! Scuttletide can be set up wholly within 6″ of terrain feature. Scuttletide affect 1 enemy unit within 1″ after move and roll 6 dice. Any 5+ mean enemy unit suffer 1 mortal wound. Trogg roll 6 dice also for each unit which finishes normal move or charge move within 6″ of spell. Again any 5+ is 1 mortal wound.
  • Geminids of Uhl-Gysh – two Big floaty balls of magic that move 8″ and fly. again these too fast for Trogg. Geminids must stay within 6″ of each other. Shadow geminid causes d3 mortal wounds to any unit it passes over and makes unit -1 attacks from melee weapons. Light geminid causes d3 mortal wounds to any units it passes over and makes unit -1 to hit. units cannot be affected by both shadow and light geminids.
  • Prismatic Palisade – Trogg like to bash skulls up close and personal and not like shooting. Trogg think shooting silly. Trogg protect Trogg and Trogg brothers with Palisade. Palisade set up within 18″ of caster and for each unit within 6″ of palisade on 5+ unit is -1 to hit. Also if line drawn from enemy unit to trogg and trogg brothers pass through palisade , then unit cannot see Trogg and mean unit cannot shoot. haha silly celesta ballistas 

In-Game Guide

Trogg, trogg brothers, stinky cousins and rock monster run forward to bash skulls. 

Fungoid Cave shaman and madcap shaman brother and spider cousin cast spell to protect Troggs or help troggs bash skulls easier.

**Trogg write a few words on trogg matches at bobo19 and feelings after event..**

Troggsmash, Da adventures of Trogg, bestest of all Troggs and dwellers of the Dankhold. – BOBO19 edition

Trogg write a few words on trogg matches at bobo and feelings after event..

Game 1 – Lee Bromley (FEC)

Flesh Eater Courts– Grand Court: Gristlegore Mortal Realm: Shyish


Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400)

 General Trait: Savage Strike  Artefact: Ethereal Amulet  Lore of Madness: Bonestorm Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite

Abhorrant Archregent(200)

 Lore of Madness: Spectral Host

Abhorrant Archregent (200)

 Lore of Madness: Spectral Host

Abhorrant Archregent (200)

 Lore of Madness: Miasmal Shroud

Abhorrant Ghoul King (140)

 Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour

Abhorrant Ghoul King (140)

 Artefact: Ghurish Mawshard  Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour


10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)

10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)

10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)


Royal Family (120)

Endless Spells

Aethervoid Pendulum (40)

Cadaverous Barricade (30)

Corpsemare Stampede (60)

Prismatic Palisade (30)

Quicksilver Swords (20)

Purple Sun of Shyish (100)

Soulsnare Shackles (20)

Total 2k

Led by stories of giant mushrooms and bugs from fungoid cave shaman, Trogg turn up at BOBO early. Trogg play great warrior called Lee Bromley in game 1.

Trogg know Lee from first BOBO, when Trogg play Lee in game 3. Trogg like Lee as Lee like lots of liquid Jelly shots, however because of this, Lee cannot remember Game 3 of first BOBO, stupid Lee.

Lee looking for grudge with undead dragons. Trogg has big muscles and so decide to grudge Lee at BOBO 2019. This also allow Lee to remember when I smash him in game 1. Clever Trogg!

Game 1 called Starstrike, Trogg feel confident as Fungoid Cave Shaman told Trogg that moon has spoke to him. Fungoid Cave shaman Tell Trogg that Trogg will be rewarded with Large mushrooms and tasty bugs IF Trogg Win battle. Trogg laugh at Fungoid cave shaman, of course Trogg will win Battle as Trogg is bestest of all Troggs.

Trogg win roll off to deploy first but Lee finish deployment first, due to something called ‘battalion’.  

Trogg deploy cave monster in centre of deployment zone with fungoid cave shaman, madcap shaman and webspinner shaman cousin huddled behind cave monster. 3 stinky fellwater cousins and 3 rockgut brothers deploy on right flank whilst 3 stinky fellwater cousins, 6 rockgut brothers and Trogg deploy on left flank.

Lee realises that Trogg is da bestest of all Troggs and honors Trogg by giving Trogg first turn and lots of liquid shots as game begin.

Trogg is clever. Trogg realise Rock Monster give all shamans +1 to cast within 6” of Rock monster, so shamans deploy round rock monster for magic help. Webspinner shaman cousin wave arms and legs in air and cast scuttletide and deploy this in front of 10 ghouls and around Lee’s archreagents. Lots of mini spiders scurry toward ghouls, but despite Trogg having big fists, Trogg only roll two 5+ and kill 2 ghouls. Silly Trogg.

Fungoid Cave Shaman whisper to da moon and cast Malevonent Moon.  Mini moon moves toward Archreagents on back of board who are all cowered around charnel throne.

Trogg think this nice of Lee to bring actual Throne to game so as to crown Trogg, bestest of all troggs so Trogg shout at 3 stinky fellwater cousins and 3 rockgut brothers and they run forwards toward throne to claim it for Trogg.

Rock Monster move to centre of board ready for star to land whilst 6 rockgut brothers, Trogg and 3 stinky fellwater cousins walk forward.

Lee begin turn by buffing up dead dragon. dead dragon gets 3 extra attacks and 5+ death save. Trogg shrug shoulders as Trogg soon smash dead dragon. Lee summons 3 large flappy crypt flayers behind right flank where 3 stinky fellwaters cousins and 3 rockgut brothers have moved from

Trogg look at Fungoid cave shaman and wonder why fungoid cave shaman cannot summon things not even bugs or mushrooms for when Trogg get hungry, Fungoid cave shaman just shrug shoulders. Stupid Fungoid Cave Shaman.

Dead dragon move up fast with stupid wings with holes in. Trogg wonder how dragon use these, when wings clearly broken but Lee says that dead dragon is not dead but is actually alive regal dragon with shiny armoured knight ontop.

Trogg look at dragon and Dragon is definitely dead with silly ghoul ontop. Now Trogg know Lee stupid.

Turn 2

Trogg roll a 2 but Lee roll a 3. Lee take turn. Sadface.

Trogg rolls for star and it drops into centre of board near rock monster. Clever Trogg.

Trogg move scuttletide which kill 3 more ghouls, while lee move malevonent moon away from casters.

Lee start by casting spells including some dead horses and a large chalice filled with red liquid. Lee also casts a gigantic purple sun with a stupid grin on face. However despite having sharp spikes on sun, sun does not kill anything in lees turn.

 Archreagents heal ghouls that died earlier and also add attacks to dead dragon. Dead dragon moves closer to Trogg, while 3 flappy flayers move in from board edge toward fungoid cave shaman, madcap shaman and webspinner cousin.

Dead dragon begin screaming into 6 rockguts brothers. Lee roll a 6 and do 11 mortal wounds to rockgut brothers. Rockgut brothers only have standard bravery 5 but get +1 extra bravery as they stand next to Trogg and Trogg has big muscles. -flex- .

Scream kills 2 rockgut brothers and puts 1 rockgut brother on 1 wound. Dead dragon then charges into Rockgut brothers but fails charge. Trogg laughs at dead dragon, but dead dragon uses CP and rerolls charge smashing into rockgut brothers bodies. Sadface.

Lee tells Trogg that Dead dragon activates first due to command trait. Dead dragon Piles into remaining 4 rockgut brothers and kills 3 of them! This makes Trogg sad.

Dead dragon then attack again and piles into Trogg. Dead dragon attack with claws and fangs then rolls 3 6’s for fanged maw dealing 18 mortal wounds to Trogg! Trogg is dead. Super sad face.

Seeing Trogg fall make Last remaining rockgut brother angry. Rockgut brother attack dead dragon and deal 2 wounds, even though dragon has an ethereal amulet. 3 stinky fellwaters cousins activate after and deal 5 wounds to the dragon with sharp claws and rock clubs.

Upon seeing Trogg fall, last remaining rockgut brother run away even though fungoid cave shaman promise him super large mushrooms to stay, stupid rockgut brother.

The dwellers of the dankhold, begin turn 2 with more spells, Fungoid Cave shaman looks into sky and casts hand of gork onto 3 rockgut brothers on right of board and transport these toward dead dragon.

Webspinner shaman cousin cast emerald lifeswarm. Shiny bugs fly toward rock monster. Madcap shaman casts geminids of uhl-ghysh and casts onto dead dragon doing 1 mortal wound and making dragon -1 to hit.

In movement phase, rock monster use big feet to move toward dead dragon but within 6” of the central star whilst 3 stinky fellwaters on right flank turn around and move toward 3 flappy flayers.

3 rockgut brothers land within 9” of dead dragon from hand of gork and attempt to throw rock into dead dragon but miss, even though dragon is huge!, whilst so repulsed at seeing Trogg fall, the 3 stinky fellwaters vomit onto dead dragon dealing 2 more wounds. 

3 rockgut brothers charge into dead dragon. Despite dragons command ability, lee elects not to use it, so as to make it a game. Nice Lee.

Fungoid Cave shaman talk to rockgut brothers and tell them that they will be rewarded with biggest of all mushrooms if kill dead dragon. Rockgut brothers like big mushrooms and smash fists and rock weapons into dragon however only 3 wounds go through. Stupid ethereal amulet.

undead dragon attack back and kill all 3 rockgut brothers. sadface

Stinky fellwater cousins overhear Fungoid Cave Shaman promise to rockgut brothers, Stinky fellwater cousins attack dead dragon with furious swipes of sharp weapons and claws and manage to kill dead dragon, however stinky fellwater cousins take 2 wounds as it dead dragon dies.

Stinky fellwater cousins grunt and cheer as realise will be given biggest of big mushrooms as Fungoid Cave shaman promised, but Fungoid Cave shaman shakes head at stinky fellwater cousins telling them that only promise rockgut brothers biggest of big mushrooms and not stinky fellwaters, so no big mushrooms for them. Stupid fungoid cave shaman.

Turn 3

Both stars fall into the centre of each of our territories. Trogg roll Dice roll for turn 3 priority but again Lee win.

Fungoid Cave shaman hear whispers from da moon to turn purple sun around. Fungoid cave shaman move purple sun and big spikes spear into two archreagents which had run up board.

Muttering to da bad moon, Fungoid Cave shaman rolls 2 6’s and kill both archregants. Clever Purple sun!

Lee summon more flappy flayers onto Gloomspite back board and within 6” of the star in gloomspite territory whilst remaining archregants and ghouls run towards star in Lees territory. 3 flappy flayers move towards rock monster but within scream range of 3 stinky fellwater cousins on right flank.

High pitch shrieks fill air as flappy flayers scream at 3 stinky fellwaters. 3 stinky fellwater cousins fall to floor and die to screams. Flayers then charge into fungoid cave shaman. Fungoid Cave Shaman and webspinner cousin. Shamans stand ground but die due to swipes from talon attacks.

turn 3 and only rock monster, 3 stinky fellwater cousins on left flank and madcap shaman left. Rock monster and stinky fellwaters cousins look to madcap shaman for guidance. madcap shaman feel responsible and is suddenly enveloped in shiny moonlight as da bad moon speaks to him. “eat da mushroomz” bellows the voice.  Powered by moonlight, madcap shaman casts athervoid pendulum at 3 flappy flayers but lee dispels it. Stupid lee

Madcap shaman take bad moon advice and eat da mushroom to cast another spell. Madcap shaman however rolls double 5 and and take 3 wounds. Stupid bad moon!

Rock monster stomp backwards to deal with 3 flappy flayers on gloomspite star whilst 3 stinky fellwater cousins, run towards to middle of board.

Rock monster charge 3 flappy flayers smashing into flayers with rocks and rubble. Rock Monster raise massive rock fists into air for 2 attacks, hitting on 3’s wounding on 2’s.

rock monster rolls 2 and 1. Stupid rock fists. However stomp attacks deal 10 wounds to the flayers. Good stompy feet.

With time running out, madcap shaman roll for priority turn 4, however madcap shaman lose roll again. Realising the fate, madcap shaman calls it, giving a major victory to Lee.

Game 2 – Craig Graham

Allegiance: Legion of Sacrament

Mortal Realm: Shyish


Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440)

 General Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice Trait: Mastery of Death  Artefact: Ethereal Amulet  Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine Pinions

Prince Vhordrai (480)

 Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference

Necromancer (110)

 Lore of the Deathmages: Overwhelming Dread

Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass (140)


40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)

 Ancient Spears

10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)

5 x Dire Wolves (60)


30 x Grimghast Reapers (360)

Total: 1950 / 2000

Game 2 called Places of Arcane Power.

Trogg know will win Places of Arcane Power as Trogg has three, 4 wound wizards in army and battleplan has three objectives that wizards and heroes with artefact can claim. Haha clever Trogg.

Trogg look across battlefield, and meet umie called Craig Graham. Craig speak funny so Trogg ask where he come from. Craig come from place called Scotland. Trogg wonder what type of dankhold that is.

Craig show Trogg army and Craig have four wizards, 2 which have 14 wounds. sadface.

Fungoid Cave Shaman shout at Trogg to stop chatting and get deploying but yet again Trogg finish last at deployment so Craig give Trogg first turn. Super sadface.

Webspinner shaman cousin again waves arms and legs around and casts scuttletide. Trogg like scuttletide as deploys near terrain where all Craig heroes deployed as well as 30 spooky ghosts. Little spiders scuttle around and kill 3 ghosts. Good spiders.

Fungoid Cave Shaman not like 14 wound wizards so cast Malevonent Moon. Moon move toward zombie dragon and Prince Vhordrai.

6 rockgut brothers start picking mushrooms in deployment area, Trogg shout at brothers and point toward big dragons. Trogg and brothers move toward centre of board and toward middle objective. Rock Monster move toward centre of board too, as Trogg feeling sleepy and may need nap.

3 rockgut brothers and 3 stinky fellwater cousins move toward right objective whilst other 3 stinky fellwater cousins move toward left objective.

Craig begin to cast spells and put special flappy wings on vampire lord on dead dragon making him move extra 10”. Dead magic umie cast something called Dance on 30 spooky ghosts. Trogg like dancing and is champion swamp shuffler. Fungoid does not like dancing though and dispel dance. Grumpy Fungoid.

Special guardian of souls allow spooky ghosts to move 6” so ghosts move toward middle of table. Vampire lord on dead dragon scared by Trogg big muscles and move in opposite direction and land on right objective, however prince vhrodrai and spooky ghosts like trogg muscles and move toward Trogg and land on centre objective.

Vampire lord on dead dragon, Prince Vhrodrai and ghosts obviously tired from moving though as all 3 fail charges. Silly dead things.

Trogg Roll for 2nd Turn and win. Clever Trogg.

Madcap Shaman Cast big pendulum toward lots of skeletons and fungoid cave shaman cast Geminids of Uhl gysh at spooky ghosts killing 4 and giving them -1 to hit.

Trogg hear arguing between 6 rockgut brothers about who has bigger feet, Trogg bash brothers on head and point at prince vhrodrai. Trogg, rockgut brothers and rock monster move toward spooky ghosts and prince. Trogg see 3 stinky fellwater cousins and 3 rockgut brothers move toward vampire lord on dead dragon.

Dead dragon obviously smells. Even smell worse than stinky fellwater cousins! Stinky cousins vomit from smell onto vampire lord and do 5 wounds. 3 rockgut brothers affected by smell though and miss with boulder throw.

6 rockgut brothers throw rock into spooky ghosts and kill 2. Trogg show brothers that Trogg has biggest feet and charge into spooky ghosts. Rockgut brothers follow Trogg as he is bestest trogg.

Rock monster shake rock head and show he has biggest feet and charge into prince vhordrai with 11” feet. Trogg impressed.

Trogg shout at brothers and show off big muscles. Trogg swing giant club dealing 14 wounds from ghyrstrike into spooky ghosts. Prince Vhordrai attack rock monster but sharp teeth and claws only do 4 wound to rock monster. Clever rock monster.

Rockgut brothers grunt and shout and deal 12 wounds to spooky ghosts. Vampire lord on dead dragon attack 3 stinky fellwater cousins and kill 1 and deal 2 wounds on another. Fellwater cousins and 3 rockgut brothers get angry at vampire lord killing cousin and deal 6 wounds to vampire lord.

Remaining ghosts attack Trogg, dealing 2 wound to Trogg, but rock monster stamp on ghosts and kill them. Trogg cheer at rock monster as rock monster also punch prince vhordrai in face and do 7 wounds. Trogg not score any points though. Sadface.

Vampire lord on dragon drink silly liquid and heal 6 wounds. Vampire lord then fly away from combat toward gravesite at back on board. Trogg and brothers cheer as see vampire lord fly away but vampire lord then summon 30 spooky ghosts back from gravesite. Trogg stop cheering. Silly gravesite.

Prince vhrodrai also drink silly liquid but only heal 2 wounds. Dead magic umie really like dancing as cast dance on skeletons. Fungoid fail dispell. 30 ghosts move back toward centre of board and dead magic umie move to left objective.

Prince vhrodrai attack rock monster and deal 5 wounds. Rock monster attack rock monster back and hit vhordrai with big rock fists and kick dragon with big feet, dealing 6 wounds to prince.

Skeletons begin to dance as bones sway side to side as attack 3 stinky fellwater cousins on left flank. Fellwater cousins are entranced by swaying bones and pointy spears. Suddenly spears fly forward sticking into fellwater cousins killing 2. Remaining fellwater cousin bash 3 skeletons on head.

Trogg roll for turn 3 but trogg loose roll. Silly trogg.

Vampire lord fly back onto right objective and skeletons come back to life from gravesites and surround stinky fellwater cousin on left flank. Vampire lord on dragon breathe on 3 rockgut brothers on right flank and kill 1 brother before dragon charge into remaining rockgut brothers.

Spooky ghosts swing large scythes and manage to kill 2 rockgut brothers near Trogg. Trogg not like seeing brothers die and swing big club killing 10 spooky ghosts. Piss of ghosts!

Prince vhrodrai left on 3 wounds and attack rock monster but rock monster is rock and rock is tough. Rock monster only take 2 wounds. Rock monster not like taking wounds so again punch prince vhordrai in face and kill dragon that is already dead. Trogg scratch head.

Skeletons prod spears into remaining stinky cousin who explode into bile and sludge. Trogg shed tear. Rockgut brothers bash vampire lord on head but only deal 4 wounds to vampire lord . stupid ethereal amulet.

Vampire lord use sharp claws to kill another rockgut brother whilst dragon mouth chomp and swallow 2 stinky cousins whole. Again Craig score more points.

Trogg look at Fungoid cave shaman cowering behind rock monster and shake head. Fungoid Cave shaman start to cast spell hand of gork on madcap shaman but fail spell. stupid fungoid cave shaman.

Madcap shaman cast shiny bug spell which heal rock monster for 2 wounds. Trogg decide he like madcap shaman more than fungoid cave shaman.

Madcap shaman start to run toward left objective but only run 2” as has short legs. Trogg decide no longer like madcap shaman.

Trogg try to move toward middle objective but spooky ghosts block way so rockgut brothers throw rock into spooky ghosts and kill 2. Good rockgut brothers.

Again trogg shout at rockgut brothers. Rockgut brothers try and impress Trogg and kill 7 ghosts with big fists and stone clubs. Ghosts attack back and deal 4 wounds to Trogg and kill 1 rockgut brother. Sadface.

Trogg impressed with rockgut brothers killing 7 ghosts however Trogg is da bestest trogg and swing big club killing 9 ghosts. Clever Trogg.

Trogg look up and still not close enough to objective despite big feet. Trogg sad.

Trogg roll for turn 4 and yet again Trogg lose.

Trogg is clever trogg and count up Craig points. Trogg has no points and realise cant win game. Trogg sad but had good game. Trogg retreat to cave to heal wounds.

Game 3

Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos – Duncan Woods

– Greatfray: Gavespawn


Beastlord (90)

 General Trait: Unravelling Aura  Artefact: Mutating Gnarlblade 

Great Bray Shaman (100)

 Artefact: The Knowing Eye  Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious Stranglethorns

Great Bray Shaman (100)

 Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Viletide


20 x Bestigors (240)

20 x Bestigors (240)

10 x Gors (80)

 Gor-Blades & Beastshields

10 x Gors (80)

 Gor-Blades & Beastshields

10 x Ungors (60)

 Mauls & Half-Shields


6 x Bullgors (320)

 Great Axes

30 x Ungor Raiders (240)


Ghorgon (200)


Desolating Beastherd (150)

Endless Spells

Wildfire Taurus (100)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Game 3 called Total Commitment. Trogg again meet new umie called Duncan Woods. Duncan using Beasts of Chaos. Trogg not like beasts as they keep getting into cave and stealing mushrooms.

Battleplan mean that all units must start on board. Again Trogg deploy units but Duncan have battalion thing that mean umie finish first. Trogg think battalion thing sound good after all!

Duncan make Trogg go first again. Trogg look at webspinner cousin who again cast scuttletide. Trogg smile as spiders deploy around bestigor unit at back of board killing 3. Madcap Shaman mutter under breath to da moon and cast smaller malevonent moon spell toward bray shamans at back of board.

Fungoid Cave Shaman then show off to Madcap Shaman and webspinner cousin and cast hand of gork on stinky fellwater cousins. Trogg and rockgut brothers cheer as stench of stinky fellwater cousins fill air and fellwater cousins fly forward on right flank.

Rock Monster move forward from Trogg deployment zone and into middle of board. Fungoid Cave Shaman not like being in open and begin to chase rock monster hiding behind rock leg.

3 rockgut brothers run forward on left flank toward big unit of bestigors. 6 rockgut brothers also want to run forward and look at Trogg, but trogg tell them to be slow and wait for enemy so rockgut brothers move forward 6”. Trogg follow rockgut brothers.

Trogg score 2 points.

Duncan begin by casting viletide at rock monster but fungoid cave shaman dispel spell. Clever fungoid cave shaman.

Other bray shaman cast stranglethorns on 3 rockgut brothers and do 3 wounds to rockgut brother, silly stranglethorn.

Big unit of bestigor on left flank move toward 3 rockgut brothers, whilst 10 ungor move on right flank toward stinky fellwater cousins.  Ungor raiders follow ungors on right flank and line up behind.

Trogg think ungor raiders scared of fellwater cousins sharp claws or maybe they smell stinky cousins and decide to stay far away.

Unit of Big bull creatures run forward with beastlord toward trogg and 6 rockgut brothers. Trogg smile as soon bash skulls.

Tall gorgon move toward centre of board and toward rock monster.  Fungoid Cave Shaman think that this may not be good place to hide after all.

Trogg look up in sky and wonder why it turn black. Trogg think he walk in cave. Trogg then watch as arrows from Ungor raiders begin to lodge in stinky fellwater cousins bodies. 1 Fellwater cousin collapse and die from arrows whilst another stinky fellwater cousin suffers 2 wounds.

Unit of bestigors on left flank attempt charge on left flank but get feet stuck in twigs and fail. Haha clever twigs.

Tall Ghorgon roar into air as charge into rock monster. Blades on arms and gaping mouth attack rock monster and do 9 wounds however rock monster is rock and halve damage taken. Rock Monster smash back. Big punches and kicks deal 11 wounds to ghorgon. Rock Monster not like Ghorgon.

Trogg and Duncan roll for turn 2 and Trogg win cus Trogg is da bestest.

Duncan move scuttletide and small spiders scurry away from units at back board. Trogg move Malevonent moon closer toward bray shamans. Moon deal 2 wounds to 1 shaman and 1 wound to other shaman but now make shamans -2 cast.

Trogg shout at Fungoid cave shaman to stop hiding, he is grot not rat. Fungoid cave shaman pop head out from behind rock monster and cast prismatic palisade. This stop shooting so fungoid cave shaman stick this in front of ungor raiders. Haha silly shooting.

Madcap shaman mutter something to da moon and cast emerald lifeswarm. Again shiny bugs fill air and swarm around rock monster healing 3 wounds. Webspinner shaman cousin also mutter something to da moon and cast aethervoid pendulum and position this toward ungor raiders.

Trogg point at beastlord and bullgors and trogg and rockgut brothers and all move toward giant bullmen. Whilst remaining 2 stinky fellwater cousins move alongside palisade on right flank.

6 rockgut brothers throw rock at bullgors, dealing 2 wounds.

2 stinky fellwater cousins look to vomit on ungor raiders, but positioning of palisade mean they cannot hit. Stupid palisade.

3 rockgut brothers on left flank attempt to throw rock at bestigor unit but rock become heavy and they miss.

Trogg begin charge and roll two 6’s for charge into bullgors. Troggsmash!

Rockgut brothers also charge into bullgors due to big feet and surround giant beasts.

3 rockgut brothers on left flank attempt charge into bestigor unit but rockgut brothers must be in same twigs as bestigors, as they too fail charge. Stupid twigs.

Trogg begin combat and swing giant club above head. trogg smash club down into bullgors killing 3. Bullgors strike back into rockgut brothers but bullgors don’t have as big club as Trogg, but manage to kill 2 rockgut brothers.

Rock Monster become enraged at seeing rockgut brothers die and again swings huge rock fists at ghorgon, Rock monster suddenly become blinded by shiny bugs from emerald lifeswarm and both fists miss Ghorgon. Trogg put head in hands, Stupid rock monster.

Rock monster feel bad so instead stomp on ghorgon and take last 3 wounds from ghorgon. ghorgon fall to the floor dead. Clever rock monster.

Duncan have no other units to attack, so remaining 4 rockgut brothers begin to smash and bash remaining bullgors killing 2 and putting 1 wound on another.

Again Trogg score more 2 more points.

Duncan roll for battleshock on bullgors and roll a 1. Silly Duncan.

Duncan laugh and attempt to cast viletide but malevonent moon make shaman -2 cast and spell does not go off.

Trogg laugh as maleovent moon stop all spells haha. Trogg think Duncan crazy as Duncan also laugh. Trogg suddenly stop laughing as huge balefire Taurus appear on left flank, charging into 3 rockgut brothers. Stupid malevonent moon.

Ungor raiders move alongside palisade toward stinky fellwater cousins, however positioning of palisade mean ungor raiders must funnel into rows of 3.

Bestigor unit move closer toward 3 rockgut brothers on left flank. Trogg shout at brothers and cousins and prepare them for charges however unit of Gors appear at back edge of Trogg deployment zone. Trogg scratch head and wonder where they come from. Trogg shrug shoulders.

Bestigor unit charge into 3 rockgut brothers on left flank whilst ungor raiders charge into 2 stinky fellwater cousins.

Remaining Bullgor start combat first and put all attacks onto Trogg but Trogg has strong muscles and only take 2 wounds.

Stinky fellwater cousins attack ungor raiders with clubs and claws, killing 5 of them. Ungors attack back but combination of stench and positioning of palisade mean fellwater cousins do not suffer any wounds.

Due to Balefire Taurus hitting rockgut brothers on left flank, trogg activates next. Trogg mutters to rockgut brothers and show them he is bestest trogg by killing final bullgor.

Large unit of bestigors surround 3 rockgut brothers and large axes swiftly kill brothers. Trogg shed tear.

Duncan now gain 5 points for this round.

Roll of for turn 3 and this time Duncan win. Silly Duncan.

Trogg may be bestest but sometimes Trogg dumb. Trogg eager in moving spells and move malevonent moon again doing 2 wounds each to shamans. Trogg forget about balefire Taurus. Sadface.

Duncan not forget about Taurus and move Taurus into rock monster. Super sadface. Rock monster now fight last.

Duncan still attempt to cast spells but this time, Duncan fail all spells. Clever malevonent moon.

Duncan move large unit of bestigors toward rock monster and summon another unit of gors on trogg back board edge. Trogg not like summoning.

Unit of bestigors start screaming and yelling as charge into rock monster whilst beastlord charge into Trogg.

Beastlord attack Trogg with axes and deal 3 wounds to Trogg. Trogg not like this, so club beastlord over head. Troggsmash!

Ungor raiders continue to pile into fellwater cousins but this time deal 3 wounds to stinky cousins.

Stinky cousins attack back killing 8 raiders this time.

Trogg look on as rock monster become covered in crazy goatmen. Bestigors swing large axes and deal 11 wounds onto monster. Rock monster cannot halve this damage as is single damage attacks. Stupid 1 damage weapons.

Rock monster swing violently, shaking goatmen from back and arms. Rock monster swing clubbing fists and stamp feet, killing 13 bestigor.

Duncan finish all combat and score 8 points for this round. Trogg sad as losing on points. Trogg become more sad when Duncan roll 1 for bestigor battleshock!

Trogg take matters into own fists. Trogg look at fungoid cave shaman who cast hand of gork on Trogg. Trogg feel light as float into sky and toward gors on trogg objective. Madcap shaman cast geminids into bestigors killing 2 more and making them -1 to hit.

6 rockgut brothers move toward rock monster to help clear bestigor unit. Rockgut brothers attempt to throw rock at bestigors but rock misses.

Trogg attempt to charge gors but despite big feet, fail charge. Trogg use command point to reroll charge and this time roll a 10. Rockgut brothers laugh at Trogg, as they charge first time into bestigors. Rockgut brothers continue to laugh as they smash clubs and rocks onto bestigors heads killing remaining 5. Rock monster thank rockgut brothers for help

Gor unit use blades to stab Trogg in big belly but Trogg have thick skin. Trogg then lift club and smash Gor skulls killing all 10. Troggsmash!

Ungor raiders continue to attack stinky fellwater cousins taking last wound from 1 and doing 2 more wounds to final fellwater cousin, who swipes with club and kills 4 ungors.

Trogg reclaim objective and score only 1 point this round. Trogg roll for battleshock on fellwater cousins and roll a 6. Stinky fellwater cousin run away. sadface

Trogg roll for turn 4 priority and again Trogg loose. Trogg realise that cannot catch Duncan on points and Trogg and umie shake hands for end of game.

Trogg end day 1 of 3 major losses. Sadface.

Trogg go out into Lincoln and have nice food and lots of liquid with Trogg friends. Trogg think trogg drunk but then see Alex Bruce and Andy Hughes. Trogg definitely not drunk!

Trogg is old and head back to cave for sleep. Trogg tell Trogg brother that Trogg will win 2 games next day as Fungoid Cave shaman has spoken to moon and forseen it in dreams.

Trogg turn up to game 4 and play another new umie called Alan Witherden.

Alan Playing small dwarfs with big guns in flying ships.

Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords – Alan Witherden

Skyport: Barak-mhornar

Additional Footnote: There’s no trading with some people 

Leaders (2)

Aesthetic Navigator (80)


– command trait: Opportunistic Privateers

-Artefact: Ethereal Amulet 

Aether-Khemist (160)

-Artefact: Aethershock Earbuster

Battleline (3)

Arkanaut Company x40 (480)

12x Light Skyhooks

Arkanaut Company x10 (120)

3x Aethermatic volley Guns

Arkanaut Company x10 (120)

3x Aethermatic Volley Guns

Other Units (2)

Grundstok Thunderers x10 (200)

10x Aethershot Rifles

Grindstone Thunderers x10 (200)

10x Aethershot Rifles

Warmachines (2)

Arkanaut Frigate (240)

– main gun: heavy sky cannon

– great endrinwork: the last word

Arkanaut Frigate (240)

– main gun: heavy sky cannon 

– great endrinwork: incredible self-healing till

Battalion (1)

Iron sky squadron (130)

Total: 1970/2000

Game 4 called shifting objectives. Trogg not like guns so set up 6 rockgut brothers and 3 stinky fellwater cousins behind large house on left flank. Whilst other 3 stinky fellwater cousins and 3 rockgut brothers behind ruin on right flank. Rock monster stand in middle of deployment zone but out of range of big guns. Again 3 shamans stand behind rock monster out of sight. Trogg join 6 rockgut brothers and 3 fellwater cousins on left flank behind house.

Alan set up 40 arkanaunts in middle of deployment zone with khemist and navigator behind. 10 arkanaughts set up on right flank with 1 frigate behind, whilst 10 more arkanauts set up in front of the 40man unit. The other frigate set up on the left flank with 10 thunderers in each ship.

Alan also have battalion thing which mean he finish deploying before Trogg. Alan make Trogg go first. Sadface.

Trogg let Alan roll for Objective which start on right flank

Trogg signal to webspinner shaman who yet again cast scuttletide. Small spiders swarm from ground and into the 40 arkanaut unit killing three. Trogg not like shooting so fungoid cave shaman help trogg and cast prismatic palisade in middle of board to block dwarf sight from rock monster. Haha stupid shooting

Trogg and rockgut brothers are tough, strong troggs. Trogg reminds rockgut brothers this as they remain hiding behind house. 3 stinky fellwater cousins also decide to stay behind house as they find large patch of mushrooms on floor.

On right flank, 3 rockgut brothers poke heads out from behind ruin. Rockgut brothers decide this bad idea as see big guns pointing at them, Rockgut brothers try hiding back behind ruin but stinky fellwater cousins have also moved forward and block way. Rockgut brothers now stuck in open.

With dwarfs sight blocked from palisade, rock monster moves forward toward middle of board.

Alan tell trogg that skyport allow units to move, run and shoot in first round. Trogg begin to worry.

Alan deploy 10 thunderers from frigate on right flank. Arkanaut squad in front of thunderers then move and run forward 6” onto objective with frigate moving close behind.

40 arkanaut squad move and run forward in middle of board so guns can reach all objectives. Thunderers remain in frigate on left flank, which moves and runs forward to land on left objective.

3 rockgut brothers on right flank suddenly see lots of red dots on bodies, as arkanaut squad raise guns. Trogg hear gunfire in air and when smoke clear from gunfire 2 rockgut brothers lie dead on floor. Frigate aim at remaining rockgut brother and fire all guns. Rockgut brother also falls to floor in pile of ooze and guts.

Alan score 4 points.

Trogg roll off for priority turn and win. However Trogg is clever trogg and give turn to Alan. Trogg roll for objective this time and Objective stay on right flank. Maybe Trogg not clever.

Trogg move scuttletide closer to 40 arkanaut squad killing 2 more this turn.

Alan go straight to movement as dwarfs not believe in magic. Arkanauts, frigate and thunderers move forward on right flank and surround objective.

40 arkanauts, khemist and navigator move forward in middle of table onto middle objective however dwarfs have short legs and stay within range of scuttletide. More spiders swarm onto arkanauts and kill 3 more. Good spiders.

Frigate on right flank deploy thunderers from boat and frigate move forward where can see big claw hand from fellwater cousin behind house.

Frigate shoot at hand and kill fellwater cousin, however all other troggs out of sight. Trogg told fellwater cousins to trim claws before battle. Stupid claw.

Middle squad of dwarfs have long range guns and can see 3 stinky fellwater cousins behind ruin. 12 guns with hooks shoot at stinky cousins killing 2 and putting 3 wounds on remaining stinky fellwater cousin.

Trogg angered at seeing cousins die and look at fungoid cave shaman. Trogg was told by fungoid cave shaman that da moon would smile upon troggs and be reward of big mushrooms and squishy bugs. Only thing being squished is rockgut brothers and stinky fellwater cousins bodies. Sadface.

Alan score 5 points this turn

Fungoid cave shaman dispel palisade from battlefield as this block rock monster from large arkanaut unit. Fungoid cave shaman pull mushroom from belt and cast another spell. Fungoid cave shaman attempt to cast hand of gork onto remaining 2 fellwater cousin on left flank but spell fail. Trogg hold head in hands.

Madcap shaman cast geminids of Uhl-gysh and send giant balls toward large unit of dwarfs. Balls of light energy hit dwarfs making them -1 to hit and kill 2 dwarfs.

Rock monster move forward and toward large unit of dwarfs. Trogg and rockgut brothers move from behind house and toward frigate, whilst 3 stinky cousins follow.

Rockgut brothers attempt to throw rock at frigate but miss. Silly rockgut brothers.

Rock monster charge forward and into large unit of arkanauts. Trogg look on and smile. Large unit of dwarfs will soon be small unit of dwarfs. Rock monster raise fists and smash into dwarfs and roll 3 for damage. Trogg shake head.

Rock monster smashes feet down into dwarfs but dwarfs are small and fit between rock monster toes. Only 4 dwarfs die from stomps.

Trogg not claim any points this turn.

Trogg roll off for priority and again win but this time trogg take turn.

Alan roll for objective and objective again stay on right flank. Trogg confused as think this battle called shifting objectives not stuck objectives.

Trogg realise must get across to right flank but all troggs on left flank. Trogg know someone who can transport troggs across battlefield. Trogg call upon great friend Fungoid cave shaman. Trogg forgive fungoid cave shaman for picking mushrooms off trogg back if fungoid cave shaman transport rockgut brothers to right flank. Fungoid cave shaman cast spell and roll a 3. Trogg no longer friend with fungoid cave shaman.

Webspinner cousin is great friend of Trogg. webspinner shaman cast athervoid pendulum toward large unit of dwarfs. Webspinner shaman roll double 1. Trogg no longer friend with webspinner shaman.

Madcap shaman great friend of Trogg. Madcap shaman cast emerald lifeswarm behind rock monster. Trogg close eyes but when open, shiny bugs fly toward rock monster. Madcap Shaman is true friend of Trogg.

Trogg move toward frigate on left flank whilst rockgut brothers move toward centre of board to help rock monster who cannot club silly dwarfs.

2 remaining Stinky fellwater cousins move to support Trogg.

Trogg charge forward and straight into frigate. 6 rockgut brothers charge into large unit of arkanauts. Rockgut brothers attack first and show rock monster how to fight. Rockgut brothers smash into arkanuts and kill 12 dwarfs.

Frigate then drops some bombs onto Trogg but only deal 1 wound as Trogg has thick skin.

Trogg then swing giant club into frigate. Trogg flex muscles as trogg deal 16 wounds to frigate, smashing it from sky. Haha silly flying ship.

Alan then activate thunderers near frigate, who upon seeing trogg swipe frigate from sky, retreat from combat. Rock monster then attack small dwarfs but as raise fists above head, rock monster become distracted by shiny bugs behind him. As result rock monster miss with both fist attacks. Stupid shiny bugs!

Again rock monster stomp down on dwarfs with big feet and kill 8.

Alan use command point to make large unit immune to battleshock. Silly command point

Trogg think score 1 point but measure to thunderers who retreat but still in range of objective so Trogg still not score points. Stupid thunderers.

Alan move frigate, thunderers and arkanaut company on right flank so guns can aim at rock monster.

Alan aim thunderers on left flank first at Trogg and fire 10 rifles into Trogg. Trogg doesn’t feel too good. Trogg check save rolls and all fail. Trogg dead.

Remaining arkanauts in middle of board split fire, shooting hookguns into rockgut brothers but single damage pistols into rock monster. Hookguns deal 16 damage from guns and kill 4 rockgut brothers and put 1 wound onto another, whilst pistols deal 5 damage to rock monster. 10 thunderers and 10 arkanauts on right flank fire into rock monster and single damage weapons remove remaining 11 wounds. Rock monster crumble to ground.

Before die, rock monster roll to see if big boulders land on dwarfs. Dwarfs manage to jump out of way as boulders and rubble smash into ground. Alan roll to see if boulders land on rockgut brothers. Rockgut brothers are stupid and think big boulders are large bubbles and stand still and try catch them. Rockgut brother gets hit on head and takes 3 damage which kills him.

Remaining rockgut brother swipes at small dwarfs killing 3 but dwarfs bash rockgut brother back with gunbutts and deal 1 wound.

Alan again score 5 points. Rockgut brother is super brave with bravery 5. Rockgut brother roll for battleshock and roll a 5, but lost 5 brothers so run away.

Trogg shake hand of Alan and take major loss. Super sad face.

Game 5

Trogg find himself on second from bottom table for last game. Trogg play club friend Keith. Keith have wanderers.

Allegiance: Wanderers – Keith Baggott

Mortal Realm: Chamon


Nomad Prince (80)

– General- Command Trait : Myst Walker – Artefact : Viridescent Shawl

Spellweaver (100)

– Heartwood

Staff Wayfinder (100)

Waywatcher (120)

Waystrider (80)

– Artefact : Argent Armour

Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart Phoenix (280)

– Allies


10 x Eternal Guard (70)

20 x Glade Guard (240)

10 x Glade Guard (120)

5 x Sisters of the Thorn (220)

5 x Sisters of the Thorn (220)

10 x Wildwood Rangers (140)


Waystone Pathfinders (200)


Soulsnare Shackles (20)

TOTAL: 1990/2000

Trogg and keith play game 5 which is focal points and angled deployment zone. Trogg win roll off to deploy first. Trogg have less units than keith but keith have stupid battalion thing which mean he can drop most of units down in one. Trogg lose deployment. Stupid battalion thing.

Trogg happy as keith start thinking about going first. Keith then decide against it and make trogg go first. Sadface.

Trogg deploy 3 stinky fellwater cousins on right flank around objective. After 4 games they are extra smelly so further away from trogg the better! Clever trogg.

Rock monster start in middle of deployment zone with fungoid cave shaman, madcap shaman and webspinner cousin hidden behind rock monster.

3 lesser stinky fellwater cousins start on left flank with trogg behind and 6 rockgut brothers in surrounding trogg. 3 rockgut brothers deploy near back of board to stop any wanderers coming on from board edge. Trogg learn from game 3.  Super clever trogg

Keith deploy 10 wildwood rangers opposite 3 super stinky fellwater cousins, with 10 eternal guard around keiths objective on the left. Keith put nomad prince and spellweaver behind eternal guard with 5 sister of thorn to the left.

Keith then deploy shiny thing.

Shiny thing so shiny, trogg have to lift huge arm to try and block out light. Trogg cannot look upon shiny thing for too long but trogg think trogg can see big wings. Trogg think must be biggest shiny bug trogg has ever seen. Trogg like shiny bug.

Keith leave rest of army off table in ‘realm’.

Trogg stare at shiny thing as webspinner shaman cast scuttetide. Scuttletide deploy near 10 wildwood rangers and small spiders break forth from spell, biting and poisoning 3 rangers who collapse.

Trogg continue to stare at shiny thing as Fungoid cave shaman cast  malevonent moon which lands on table and moves toward spellweaver.

Madcap shaman cast night shroud on rock monster to make him -1 to hit from shooty weapons. Trogg not like shooting but like shiny bug.

Trogg need to see shiny bug more closely. Trogg ignore rockgut brothers shouts and push past 3 stinky fellwater cousins to move toward shiny bug with big wings. Rockgut brothers shake heads but where trogg go, rockgut brothers follow.

3 super stinky fellwater cousins on right flank move forward, toward remaining wildwood rangers, whilst 3 lesser stinky fellwater cousins on left flank move toward centre of board.

Rock monster use big feet to move into centre of board and jump on middle objective, whilst 3 rockgut brothers at back of board move up slightly to behind shamans who stand on hill looking over battlefield.

Trogg skip shooting phase as all wanderers out of range. Trogg does not mind as allows trogg to charge and see shiny bug even closer! Trogg roll for charge but roll a 3 as trip over small twig. Trogg eyes fill up as shiny bug still too far away. Stupid twig.

Trogg gain 4 points

Keith begin by casting shackles from spellweaver. Fungoid cave shaman attempt to dispel but fail. Keith set up shackles around trogg and rockgut brothers. Trogg eyes fill up more as realise he will be even slower to reach shiny bug, but then trogg realise that trogg is da bestest of all troggs and ignores magic on 4+. Trogg roll a 5. Clever trogg.

Rockgut brothers not have anti spell scales though and are affected by shackles. Stupid rockgut brothers.

Keith then begin to move units forward. Keith then bring on waywatcher, wayfinder, waystrider, unit of 20 glade guard and unit of 10 glade guard on right board edge. 5 deer riders also come on from right board edge.

Suddenly the sky turns dark and as remaining 7 wildwood rangers and 30 glade guard shoot into super stinky bodies of 3 fellwater cousins on right flank. Stinky cousins cannot withstand hail of arrows which rain down and all fall to floor dead. Trogg not like shooting!

Despite shooting 3 stinky cousins dead. Wanderers see that trogg and rockgut brothers have big muscles and so decide not to charge.

Keith score 2 points.

Did trogg tell you he see shiny bug? Trogg stare at shiny bug as roll of for turn 2. Trogg lose turn. sadface

Trogg decide to move malevonent moon closer to spellweaver. Fungoid cave shaman cackles as spellwaver now -2 to cast as moon lands next to spellweaver doing 2 wounds.

Spellweaver attempt to cast mystic shield on wildwood rangers but fail. Deer riders on left flank successfully cast shield of thorns. Trogg then see shiny bug glow brighter as it gets +1 to save. Trogg need to see shiny bug.

5 deer riders move forward onto right side objective whilst units of gladeguard also move forward from right board edge.

Trogg start to jump up and down as shiny bug starts to move forward toward trogg. As bug move forward light gets brighter and trogg turn head as light too bright for trogg eyes.

5 deer riders on left flank move behind shiny bug.

Again sky turns black as glade guard units fire arrows toward 3 rockgut brothers near back. Some arrows lodge into rockgut brothers, however rockgut brothers have special scaly skin allowing extra save. 1 rockgut brother takes most of arrows and dies in arms of brother who take 2 wounds.

Shiny bug attempt charge toward trogg, finally trogg get to see shiny bug. Trogg excited.

Trogg like shiny bug. Shiny bug roll 4 for charge and out of range. Trogg forgive shiny bug as trogg cannot be cross at something so shiny!

Keith score 4 points this turn.

Trogg turn. Trogg want to charge into shiny bug straight away but fungoid cave shaman tell trogg to be patient, trogg think fungoid cave shaman stupid.

Fungoid cave shaman attempt cast hand of gork on 3 remaining stinky fellwater cousins but fail cast. Now trogg know fungoid cave shaman stupid.

Madcap shaman cast geminids of uhl ghysh and magical light and dark spheres crash into unit of 30 glade guard killing 5.

Webspinner shaman cousin start waving hands and legs about and casts aethervoid pendulum which swings toward unit of 30 glade guard but stops just short.

As magic fills air, rock monster sees big blocks of gladeguard and moves off from middle objective to walk towards them.

3 stinky fellwater cousins use big feet to run towards units of glade guard on right flank but despite big feet only roll 2 for run.

Trogg point at shiny bug. Rockgut brothers point at middle objective, but trogg know best and move closer to shiny bug. Rockgut brothers again follow trogg wondering what is wrong with him.

Rockgut brothers throw rock into 5 deer riders on left flank doing 2 wounds.

Trogg know this is moment he always dream off. Seeing big shiny bug. Only thing make this moment more special would be if shiny bug made up of mushrooms. Trogg charge into shiny bug.

Its so shiny!

Rockgut brothers also charge forward and slam into deer riders and shiny bug.

Trogg love shiny bug. Trogg see better and see has big flappy wings. Trogg realise not bug, but bird. Trogg love shiny bird.

Trogg attack bird first. Trogg want to capture bird and take back to cave. Trogg bored of living in dark dankhold. Shiny bug will light up dankhold and make dankhold nice to live in.

Trogg raise big club and smash down on shiny bird. Shiny bird have hard feathers so survive taking 5 wounds. Shiny bird start pecking and clawing at rockgut brothers killing 2.

Remaining Rockgut brothers split attacks and smash clubs and fists into deer riders and shiny bird. Rockgut brothers kill 2 deer riders and put 2 wounds on bird.

Trogg get 3 points this turn.

Trogg roll off for turn 3 and lose again. silly Trogg.

Trogg move pendulum into glade guard killing 4, while keith move moon away from spellweaver. Trogg move geminids again into gladeguard killing 3 and making them -1 to hit.

Keith begin by casting  mystic shield onto shiny bird. This also makes bird brighter as again save increase by 1.

Units of glade guard scared by trogg spells so move back onto board edge, however deer riders move toward rock monster.

As glade guard reach board edge keith activate special ability meaning arrows now have -3 rend. Does keith know trogg does not like shooting!

Hail of arrows fire from glade guard towards rock monster embedding themselves into rock arms and body as they find their target. Rock monster stagger as arrows stick into rock causing 13 wounds! Stupid arrows.

Deer riders see rock monster stagger and throw javelins into rock monster. Trogg does not like shooting! Javelins not as good as arrows and only deal 1 wound.

Deer riders charge forward into rock monster. Deer riders attack first and slash at rock with staff and deers antlers. Amount of attacks crash through rock monster as it crumbles to the floor dealing 3 wounds to deer riders.

Trogg see cave home fall to pieces. Trogg not able to take shiny bird back to cave. Trogg need to find new cave to sleep in. Trogg angry.

Trogg smash shiny bird over head and trogg deal 8 wounds to shiny bird as feathers fly off wings and bird falls to floor. Trogg pick up shiny bird and try to walk off with it but rockgut brothers remind trogg that battle still to be fought.

Deer riders on left flank slash at rockgut brothers with staff and deer antlers. However special scales on rockgut brothers mean only 2 wounds go through.

Rockgut brothers smash back into the deer riders, big clubs and claws swiping at mount and rider killing remaining 3.

Keith get 6 more points.

Trogg order rockgut brothers forward toward spellweaver and nomad prince. Trogg think that if rockgut brothers move forward, trogg can quietly slink off with shiny bird and try find new cave to live in. trogg have big heavy feet though and make lots of noise as try to pick up shiny bird and rockgut brothers wave trogg forward to follow them. Stupid noisy feet. 

Remaining 2 rockgut brothers on back board move toward gladeguard units to avenge fallen rockgut brother.

Rockgut brothers launch rock into gladeguard unit killing 1 gladeguard.

Rockgut brothers attempt charge into gladeguard unit but rockgut brothers feet get stuck in mud and fail charge. Silly mud.

Trogg and other rockgut brothers to far away from nomad prince and spellweaver so trogg turn end.

Trogg only gain 2 point.

Trogg roll for turn 4 and lose again. trogg need new dice.

Trogg move pendulum into gladeguard which kill 4 archers. Keith move malevonent moon further away from spellweaver, before moving spellweaver and nomad prince back toward own board edge.

Rockgut brothers near gladeguard look on as gladeguard lift hoods over heads and disappear into mists along with waywatcher, wayfinder and waystrider. Rockgut brothers scratch heads.

Suddenly gladeguard materialise from mists onto trogg back edge near trogg objective. Sadface

Gladeguard raise bows upwards and unleash volley of arrows toward fungoid cave shaman, madcap shaman and webspinner cousin. Trogg does not like shooting!

Trogg look on as fungoid cave shaman and madcap shaman fall to floor, however webspinner shaman use multiple legs to dodge arrows. Clever webspinner shaman.

Keith end turn and score 6 more points.

Trogg total up points and cannot beat keith. Trogg shake hand and take major loss.


Trogg talk to fungoid cave shaman who predict trogg go 5-0 for bobo. Trogg tell fungoid cave shaman that fungoid cave shaman got prediction wrong and now owe trogg big mushrooms as apology. Fungoid cave shaman point out to Trogg that actually prediction correct, and fungoid cave shaman never said 5-0 would be 5 wins. Silly fungoid cave shaman

Trogg gather for results of BOBO and Jon and Jonny tell trogg that trogg come in second place! Trogg beaten only by gutbusters.  Stupid fat ogres.

Trogg go to collect prize but jon and jonny tell trogg that trogg come second from last, not second from top. Trogg secretly know that jon and jonny mess up results and get them back to front. But trogg not make scene as everyone aware jon and jonny mess up. Stupid jon and jonny.

Trogg pack up and say goodbye to trogg friends ready for long journey back to new dankhold.

Trogg review list on way back with trogg brother and begin to pick apart troggsmash list and create troggsmash version 2. Trogg realise that troggherd battalion, while still  too many points, stupid GW, would of helped in a lot of games by giving trogg option of going first or second.

In every game trogg made to go first.

Trogg think that by going first, trogg was picked on a lot due to trogg having small range rocks and big feet that only move 6”. Trogg need enemies to come closer so can bash skulls. When trogg not being eaten by dead dragon or being shot in face by small dwarfs with big guns or -3 rend arrows, trogg do ok in combat.

Trogg very disappointed with rock monster. Trogg put rock monster on naughty rock to allow rock monster to refect about things he done over weekend or lack of.

 Rock monster too swingy and not reliable especially for 400 points. Despite big fists, rock monster missed too many times. So trogg will leave rock monster at home next time.

Trogg think outnumbered in all but 1st game. This hard to claim objectives. Trogg need more troggs! For next battles trogg recruit more rockgut brothers. Trogg  think smaller units of rockgut brothers help to claim objectives and challenge enemy units. Points from rock monster allow trogg extra 6 rockgut brothers. Trogg like idea of more troggs!

Trogg think Fungoid cave shaman not bad despite forgetting hand of gork spell few times and promising trogg victory in many games then hiding behind rock monster when battle not going well.

Fungoid cave shaman good in getting trogg command points to use to shout at stinky fellwater cousins and rockgut brothers to stop picking mushrooms and start smashing skulls.

Trogg think that maybe fungoid cave shaman, madcap shaman and webspinner cousin take too many spells. Trogg heart scuttletide. But dissapointed with output from aethervoid pendulum. Trogg consider drop aethervoid pendulum as only swing 1 direction and fast enemies can move out of way.

Trogg also drop shiny bugs of emerald lifeswarm. Lifeswarm used to heal rock monster a lot so if no rock monster no shiny bugs, trogg count that this save 100 points.

With less spells trogg think can drop webspinner cousin. This allow saving of 80 points which in total with spells allow trogg another 3 rockgut brothers or stinky fellwater cousins.

Trogg enjoy BOBO and have great time meeting up with new and old umie friends. BOBO still trogg favourite event and get 5 out of 5 troggs in dankhold endorsement.

Trogg reccommend bobo to any ummie who never been before. 

Trogg now wait for new general handbook and see any points changes for Trogg and dwellers of the dankhold, then trogg begin troggsmash version 2 ready for chrimbobo as hear father troggimas will make journey from the dankhold to be there and trogg like father troggimas

Trogg waffle on for a while. Trogg now go to sleep in new cave. Trogg clever this time and trogg put up traps to stop any fungoid cave shaman from picking mushroom from trogg back as sleep, as trogg not rock, but trogg. Stupid fungoid cave shaman.

Secondary Objectives

Trogg told big cavern have large watering hole at BOBO that provide Trogg with liquid. Trogg like liquid

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom