Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos
- Greatfray: Allherd
Mortal Realm: Hysh


Doombull (100)

- Artefact: Blade of the Desecrator

Doombull (100)

- Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch

Grashrak Fellhoof (140)

- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious Stranglethorns

Great-Bray Shaman (100)

- General
- Command Trait: Dominator
- Artefact: The Knowing Eye
- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious Stranglethorns


10 x Bestigors (120)

10 x Bestigors (120)

10 x Ungors (60)

- Mauls & Half-Shields


6 x Bullgors (280)

- Great Axes

3 x Bullgors (140)

- Great Axes

10 x Ungor Raiders (80)

10 x Ungor Raiders (80)

5 x Grashrak's Despoilers (0)


Ghorgon (160)


Brass Despoilers (180)

Depraved Drove (150)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Wildfire Taurus (80)

Extra Command Point (50)

Balewind Vortex (40)

Total: 1980 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 3

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 131


Ever fancied dropping a big scary monster in your opponents back lines early in the game? Try Turn 2 Chimera.

Enemy hero or artillery unit being screened off and kept out of reach? Turn 2 Chimera.

Need to bolster a flank, protect an exposed unit, or threaten an objective? Turn 2 Chimera.

Just wanna mess with your opponent’s head? Turn 2 Chimera.

This is my 3rd iteration of my silly list that isn’t really competitive, but its a lot of fun, and could probably be made to sing in more capable hands than mine.

The premise is that by combining the Allherd ability with the Aetherquartz Brooch, and the BoC Knowing Eye artefact all but guarantees us gaining at least 10 summoning points by the second battle round (and possibly even the first!), giving us the option to plonk a Chimera on the table whenever we feel like it.

Note: Since, in essence this is a bit of a gimmick list you can vary the list quite a lot and still get the end result – Turn 2 Chimera. However there are a few key components that must be in the list to make it work.

Note 2. Previously we could buy more than 1 command point. Now that we are capped at one this list requires a second battalion to make it work. This makes the core of your list weaker, but the benefit it that the addition of the Knowing Eye allows to maintain summoning throughout the game in a way that the previous list didn’t.

1: The Aetherquartz Brooch & Knowing Eye artefacts.

2: Any 2 battalions (so you can get the Brooch, the Eye, and get a command point)

3: At least 3 non-unique heroes, with at least 1 Brayherd hero, so you can give out the Brooch, the eye, and the compulsory Alherd artefact.

4: Buy another command point.

The rest of the list you can adjust as you please, but I think the list above has a good balance of units. It’s got bodies for screening, it’s got speed, and it’s got some punch.

Edit (11th Jan 2020): The 2020 GHB reduced the cost of Brass Despoilers by a whopping 10 points! No other reductions sadly. Probably better to shoot for a triumph than rework the list. 

Allegience Ability

We will be making use of the Beast of Chaos Primordial Call summoning system, and the Allheard abilities, so the dictates our Allegiance, Greatfray, and the use of the Herdstone. It also necessitates that we have some (un)willing Ungors to kick in the fire.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Being Allherd our command trait and first artefact are fixed, hence the need for a battalion. As noted above second artefact will be the Aetherquartz Brooch from Hyish, and I recommend sticking it on your shaman general who will need to be kept out of reach, as we loose all our abilities once he kicks the bucket. We also will use the Knowing Eye artefact to give us a CP on a 4+ in our hero phases. Nice for keeping up the summoning tempo.

The Key is the booming roar command trait which allows you to spend 1 CP to create 1 Primordial Call (summoning) point. Therefore we want to use the artefacts to pump as many CPs as possible into summoning.


Like I said above you will need at least 3 heroes, so you can get the Brooch and the Eye.

Since Booming Roar depends on your general being alive, then your general will have to be a hero that is either very survivable, or one you don’t want near the fighting. I recommend a Bray Shaman so they can do many jobs at once (Booming Roar, holding the Brooch, casting spells and roasting Ungors), and you can stick him out of sight behind the herdstone.

The other heroes will depend on what else you want your list to do. Since your general will stay near the headstone, and BoC spells are fairly short range you may want another Shaman for casting spells. Sine we are using a Ghorgon and will summon a Chimera, Titanic Fury works well.

Doombulls are a great option for a more offensive hero, and it a Beastlord can work well with the Allherdartefact.

Update: Grashrak is incredible, and pretty much inserts himself into any BoC list, but he cannot take an artefact, so you still need 3 other heroes.

Other Units

The key is you need some Ungors for burning. You could burn something else, but Ungors are just made for it.

For the rest of your battleline use Bestigors. They are fantastic little  10 man heatseeking missiles you can send into the enemy. They will explode if they get attacked back, so take care.

The same thing goes for the Bullgors, but even more so. If you feel uncomfortable using them, then more Bestigors could be the way. But sometimes you need to crack something tough, and Bullgors get it done. Also the points drop makes them pretty great.

Next, another nut cracker, the Ghorgon. He has improved a lot from his price drop. This guy’s job is to be a big nasty distraction. If ignored he can wreak havoc. If targeted he is taking fire away from more important units. Set expectations appropriately and you will have a great time with him.


I chose the Depraved Drove since its cheap, has some decent rules, and it helps reduce drops.

The other choice is Brass Despoilers because it really does improve the reliability of our damage dealing units (Doombulls, Bestigors, Bullgors, and Ghorgon).

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Use what you like. I made my choices for dealing MWs at range and protecting from the double turn.

In-Game Guide

This list depends upon combining the Allherd command ability Booming Roar, which (if our general is still alive) converts a command point into a summoning point, with the Brooch, which allows us to gain a command point on a 5+ every time we spend a command point, and the Knowing Eye to get another CP on a 4+ each turn. 

Our aim is to get to at least 7 Primordial Call points on the first turn between the free point we get each turn, Booming Roar, and kicking Ungors in the fire.

7 is the magic number because on turn 2 we know we can get 1 summoning point automatically, 1 point from our new command point via Booming Roar, and at least 1 from a roasted Ungor, bringing us to 10 – aka Chimera town. So how do we get to 7 in turn 1?

Well, in our first hero phase we will begin with 4 or 5 command points (2 from the battalions, 1 we bought, 1 for the turn, and a 50% chance of another from the Knowing Eye). We then use Booming Roar one command point at a time, attempting to gain at least 1 command point from the Brooch. With 4 or 5 points to spend and the Brooch needing a 5+ we should get a couple extra points.

Assuming we get just 1 extra command point, that gives us 5 summing points to which we can add the 1 we gain each turn and the one from sacrificing Ungors, bringing us to 7.

You may have noticed that I have only been counting on 1 point form the Ungors. Well that is because Booming Roar must happen at the beginning of the hero phase, and therefore before the great Ungor bonfire happens. Consequently, if you are anything like me you can’t be sure you won’t just roll a 1 for how many Ungors you kick in the fire, and so will want to play it safe by getting your points in early. This list was designed to work in (almost) the worst case scenario. The worst possible outcome is that you will only get 9 points by turn 2, but that would mean you failed to roll a 5+ on 5 dice, and rolled just 1s or 2s on 2 other dice. Fairly unlikely.

In reality, since the command points generated by the brooch can generate more point themselves, you should be able to get to 7 or 8 points in turn one fairly easily, often with a command point to spare. And then you’re good to go. Free to roast your enemies with the sweet fiery breath of your 3 headed beauty!

Ps. As I have said, this list is a bit of fun, and I haven’t play tested it extensively. From what I have done, it is quite scary for your opponent, both because of the number aggressive units waiting to charge from the off, and because they suddenly realise that something very nasty could be arriving very soon! It gets into their head a bit and changes their game plan as they have to screen their back lines and their front lines, and anything overextending on the flanks is in danger too.

What I wanted to do with this list is set out the framework for a fun list that people can take up and work it. I think it could have the legs to do fairly well, but again, more testing is needed.

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom

London Wargaming Guild