Allegiance: Seraphon
- Constellation: Koatl's Claw

Slann Starmaster (260)

- Spell: Walk Between Realms
- Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch (If Using Realms)

Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (250)

- General with Command Trait: Dominant Predator (Monster Meta)

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (210)

- General with Command Trait: Dominant Predator (Non Monster Meta)

- Greatblade (Using Realms)

- Warspear With Artefact: Blade of Realities (Not Using Realms)

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (210)

- War Spear
- Artefact: Eviscerating Blade

Skink Starseer (140)

- Spell: Fiery Convocation

Skink Starseer (140)

- Spell: Hand of Glory/Tide Of Snakes

5 x Saurus Knights (100)

- Lances

5 x Saurus Knights (100)

- Lances

5 x Saurus Knights (100)

- Lances

4 x Razordon Hunting Pack (80)

4 x Razordon Hunting Pack (80)

4 x Razordon Hunting Pack (80)

Firelance Temple-host (160)

Chronomantic Cogs (80)

Total: 1990 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 101


Slight refinement of a list I made with three starseers, I realised that this could be refined to the point of being very useable so I decided to write this version up in full. 

With this lockdown possibly meaning tournaments won’t start up again before Lumineth and Sons of Behemat start appearing on the table top perhaps, I’ve added the option to adjust this list for whether there’s more monsters appearing, or more units/heros with 7 or less wounds to make best use of getting the carnosaur’s to all hitting on 2’s consistently. There is also a difference between if the realm artefacts are allowed or not, as this has been a change that started to come in before lockdown, I realised upon finishing this list you can get the Scar Vet on Carnosaur with Warspear having the Oldblood’s Sun Stone Spear against hero’s on the charge effectively, but with double the amount of attacks. 

Allegience Ability

Coalesced So -1 Damage from successful attacks, un-modifiable bravery characteristic despite being lower than 10’s and +1 jaw attacks, A big plus for a list focusing on three units with damage 5 jaw attacks.

Koatl’s Claw once again, so +1 to hit on the charge for Saurus, and a Command Ability wholly within 24″ to re-activate this buff in opponents combat phase or when you didn’t charge. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Aetherquartz Brooch (Using Realm Artefacts) – Now the big thing about Coalesced armies effectiveness is stacking the buffs from the hero’s and getting to 2+ to hit as much as possible. So another roll to get back a CP on a 5+ is not a bad thing, Perhaps this can stack with the Dominant Predator to gain an extra one if you roll a 4+ and a 5+, Unsure if this is intended to work that way.

Blade of Realities (Not Using Realm Artefacts) – Gives an extra point of rend to the chosen weapon, this gets the scar vet’s warspear to 6 attacks 3+/3+ -1 1 damage, On the charge it goes to 2 damage, against hero’s it goes to 3 damage, Hey Presto, Sunstone Spear with double the attacks. Possible 12 damage against non-hero’s is also not bad. 

Eviscerating Blade – 6’s to Hit do 2 Mortal Wounds, Put this on another Warspear and that’s 6 changes of 2 mortals, possibly taking out a support hero without them getting regular saves.

Dominant Predator – 4+ CP Regen, Regularly I would put this on one of the scar vet’s as a general to get the exploding 6’s hopefully for free. But if you think you’ll be facing monsters more, Make the oldblood the General to get his extra +1 to hit on the carnosaur’s bites making them all 2’s to hit even against over 7 wound heros. 

Controlled Fury – Activates the Charge +1 to hit  for a unit wholly within 24″, allows for continuing to hit on 2’s or 3’s depending on the units in combat.


Slann Starmaster – Replaces the Third Starseer but gives alot more functionality in the first turn. Comet’s Call to weaken support heros already. 2 4+ CP Generation compared to one, Command Ability to raise a carnosaur’s save in shooting phase by +1, and Walk Between Realms spell giving one of the Carnosaurs flying, which will come into play later. 

Oldblood On Carnosaur – A Solid Melee Character on top of the first of the 5 damage carnosaurs now with 4 jaw attacks not 3. His Command Ability is generally in play already due to the charge bonus, but where it really comes into play is activiating it when the carnosaurs are against Over 7 wound Heros or Behemoths without the Hero Keyword, thus giving their extra +1  still to make them 2+/3+/-1/5 Damage against anything and everything.

Scar Vet On Carnosaur With Eviscerating Blade – This Scar Vet Leads your Fire Lance Temple Host, This meaning when Cogs is on speed up time and The Hunter’s Steed is Active, This Carnosaur gets +6″ to its charge move, Add in the flying spell, and the 18″ charge, and you’ve got a chance to fly over the screens and take out support hero’s that may otherwise buff the screens greatly, Or at the very least be sure at least one Carnosaur is making it into turn one combat. 

Scar Vet on Carnosaur (With Blade Of Realities Warspear if not using Realms, else Greatblade) – This is a bit of redundancy and possibly the carnosaur to hold back if you can’t charge a third in with the regular 12″ charge, However it can act as a proxy oldblood with the blade of realities, and also possibly having the command trait allowing for 4+ free use of the exploding Sixes ability.

Starseers – Where this list gets it’s name, Keep one wholly within 12″ of a carnosaur each, and let two of them charge at 18″. With the Cogs and Hunter’s Steed this can sure up a regular 12″ charge or allow for if the opponent did deploy  further back, risking you gaining ground. Hand of Glory to re-roll ones for one carnosaur, and Fiery Convocation can whittle down a unit once the enemy is within 18″ of the starseers. Their own spell giving one of the Carnosaur’s a 3+ save till your next hero phase, this with the Slann CA can give it a 2+ in shooting, possibly saving one carnosaur from a high shooting list’s barrage.  


Other Units

Saurus Knights – Required for the Battalion, However these can move as fast as  skinks now but are 2 wound 4+ save models, meaning they can take a charge despite their low numbers, and hit back with the amount of attacks they have in coalesced from the jaws buff. 

Razordons – Three Minimum Strength Units – You might ask why I have split these up, it’s simple. Board control, This list isn’t focussed on that or shooting, However three units of these give 4 models to each starseer and the slann, with another 2d6 shooting attack at 18″ inches, with a definite D6 at -1 shot  upon being charged, and the razordons are no longer meh in close combat either. This could be subbed for minimum strength salamanders or a full strength unit of either, But I feel this eases the slight issues faced with this list.  


Fire Lance Temple Host – I’ll be honest this is paying alot of points to make one of the tyranno-cannon‘s far more reliable, But can be used to get the Saurus Knights up the field fast in the first turn also, denying the enemy advancing too much after. 


No thanks.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Chronomantic Cogs – Giving +2″ to Move and Charge, making carnosaurs all 12″ move instead of 10″, and combines with the 18″ charge to make two carnosaurs a likely turn one threat if not all three. 

Comet’s Call – Support Hero Killer or taking care of units with minimal models left. 

Walk Between Realms – Chance to get a Carnosaur over a screen to take out more heros or shooting units behind screens

Fiery Convocation – A decent way to whittle away at a unit over an opponents turn, or even double turn, which could make them re-think taking a double. 

Hand Of Glory – Spell for re-roll 1’s, Perhaps can be changed for tide of snakes or similar due to hopefully enough CP’s being regenerated, but if not  this can be used. 


In-Game Guide

Most of all, Get those Carnosaurs charging, the sooner they get in and deal some damage and perhaps wipe off a screen, the sooner they’re all running and charging to get to the  more vulnerable hero’s. I’m not saying all of them will make it too long past the first turn against some lists, but against others I do feel they can run amok for a good while. Leaving your Slann, Starseers, Razordons and Knights to score objectives and win the game whilst the opponent is more concerned over the Saurus Leaders.

Secondary Objectives

Count up how many times your flying carnosaur leaps a screen and takes out those squishy support hero’s. 

Just give the enemy hell with a relatively tiny list. 

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom