Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers

- Legion: Petrifex Elite

Liege-Kavalos (200)

- General

- Trait: Mighty Archaeossian

- Artefact: Helm of the Ordained

Mortisan Soulmason (140)

- Artefact: Soul Reservoir

- Lore of Mortisans: Drain Vitality

Mortisan Boneshaper (130)

- Artefact: Godbone Armour

- Lore of Mortisans: Empower Nadirite Weapons

20 x Mortek Guard (260)

- Nadirite Blade and Shield

- 2x Soulcleaver Greatblades

20 x Mortek Guard (260)

- Nadirite Blade and Shield

- 2x Soulcleaver Greatblades

20 x Mortek Guard (260)

- Nadirite Blade and Shield

- 2x Soulcleaver Greatblades

10 x Mortek Guard (130)

- Nadirite Blade and Shield

- 1x Soulcleaver Greatblades

Mortek Crawler (200)

Mortek Crawler (200)

Mortek Shield-corps (120)

Mortek Ballistari (100)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 2

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 111

Allegience Ability

Relentless Discipline Points (RDP) are the fuel that give this list any hit and all it’s survivability.

With 9 units you get to roll 9 dice start of each battle round and every 6 is another RDP. Usually you get 1. 

The unreliability of this is another reason I dropped Arkhan from my initial list and went double battalion + liege. 

Even if you roll no 6s for RDP you still get 6 each battle round and with Shield battalion giving 2 for free you’re working with 8 minimum before you lose any heroes.

  • Battalions = 2
  • Liege = 2
  • Boneshaper = 1
  • Soulmason = 1
  • Roll for 9 units

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


Trait: Mighty Archaeossian

Artefact: Helm of the Ordained

Mortisan Soulmason

Artefact: Soul Reservoir

Mortisan Boneshaper

Artefact: Godbone Armour

Other Units

Mortek Guard

Mortek Crawlers


Double battalions 

Mortek Shield-corps – Free reroll saves on 1 of the 20 model blocks of Mortek Guard in the battalion each turn is huge. Practically 2 extra RDP a turn with the battalion means you’re getting 3RDP worth of value from it.

Mortek Ballistari – Just brought to lower the drops and against give extra guaranteed RDP each turn. With it being a team event having a low drop hero sniping list was the whole idea behind the list when building it.



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Mortisan Soulmason

Drain Vitality

Mortisan Boneshaper

Empower Nadirite Weapons


Mystic Shield 

This spell is actually very important in the army, most people when trying to counter Mortek Guard spam they bring something that can fight start of combat, in the hero phase or shooting. This is to get around the rerollable saves.

With Mystic Shield you are still making them take shots at a 3+ save unit rerolling 1s.

Also on the heroes especially when stacked with cover mystic shield makes your Liege a 2+ save rerolling 1s ignoring rend 1 since technically he’s on a 1+ if in cover.

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