• Lord-Arcanum (180)

    • General
    • Command Trait: Deadly Aura
    • Artifact: Soulthief
    • Spell: Azyrite Halo
  • Lord-Castellant (100)

  • Knight-Azyros (100)

  • Knight-Incantor (140)

    • Spell: Thundershock


  • 20 x Sequitors (400)

    - Tempest Blades and Soulshields

    • 9 x Stormsmite Greatmaces
  • 5 x Sequitors (120)

    - Tempest Blades and Soulshields

    • 3 x Stormsmite Greatmaces
  • 5 x Judicators (160)

    - Skybolt Bows

    • 1 x Shockbolt Bows (Prime)

  • 10 x Evocators (400)

    • 10 x Grandstaves
    • Lore of Invigoration: Speed of Lightning


  • Celestar Ballista (100)

  • Celestar Ballista (100)

  • Celestar Ballista (100)


  • Everblaze Comet (100)

TOTAL: 2000/2000  WOUNDS: 133 

Table of Contents


The Idea was to make a list with both melee and ranged damage with a good amount of MW output.

with no way of bringing in more units, I’ve tried to create a melee defence in both Evocators and Sequitors that can both hit hard but also stand their ground.

Test game 1: Anvils of Heldenhammer works great with evocators. Had great success with getting Azyros in range for both Ballistas and Evocators. the spell chosen for the Knight Incantor requires her to stay fairly close to the action. slightly hard to keep all heroes near units they need to buff

Considerations: 1) Remove 3x Ballista units + 1x Judicator unit replace with 2x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane crossbows units(as one to optimise Command Ability) + 1x Sequitor unit 2) replace spell Thundershock for chain lightning on Knight Incantor.

C&C are more than welcome.

I’ll update the list as it gets tested

Honest Goblin