Karanak (90)

- General
- Trait: Devastating Blow 

Skarbrand (400)

- Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak 

Valkia The Bloody (140)

Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (260)

Bloodthirster Of Unfettered Fury (260)

Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)


10 x Flesh Hounds (200)

5 x Flesh Hounds (100)

10 x Chaos Warriors (180)

- Hand Weapon & Shield

Total: 1950 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 116


Standing around an eight-pointed star on the fiery fields of Aqshy a Herald of Khorne discusses the orders from Khorne to his loyal followers.

Herald: “You are the greatest warriors of Khorne the mortal realms have ever known.  You will sack the enemies cities and let the blood flow.  You Scarbrand, Valkia, and the three Bloodthirsters will be lead by the greatest of all Khornes generals…KARNAK!!”

Skarbrand: “Excuse me?”

Herald:  “Khorne wills that Karnak will lead you all with his dogs to take back the mortal realms.” 

Valkia: “This is a joke right??  That’s a dog.”

Herald: “He’s got three heads.”

Valkia: “It’s not a matter of how many bloody heads he has.”

Skarbrand: “Why would the great Lord Khorne send us, his champions to be led by a dog?!?”

Herald: “It was his first pet.”

Valkia “Bloody hell.”

Herald: “He’s very fond of dogs.  They’re loyal, good hunters, a daemons best friend.  And vicious beyond all belief.  Right now he’s personally training the next batch of hounds that he personally designed.   The greatest Flesh Hounds ever birthed into the warp.”

Meanwhile…sitting on the bloody skull throne, Khorne, the great god of war, carnage and destruction holds a small red Flesh Hound in his massive clawed talons.

Khorne:  “Who’s a good boy, who’s a good little boy.  You are, you’re my good little snuggle buddy.  Heralds I want more of these Flesh Chihuaua’s!”


Sometimes you just have to follow the orders of those above you.  Even if they seem to have gone insane.


He’s got an unbind, so at least there’s that.  And once per game you can call down more dogs to hold an objective.  He’s not going to hit reliably and won’t put out much damage output.

Your best bet is to use his Prey of the Blood God ability to pick a weaker hero and go after that, preferably a small caster.  Let the big guys take on the other things.


Find the biggest baddest thing the other side has to offer and set him across from it.  I’ve given him the Thermalrider cloak to give him the increased 4″ and fly ability (up to 12″) to hopefully get over small chaff walls and into the meaty parts of the army.

I’d also keep him in proximity to the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury with their command ability to pile in 6″ if they’re within 8″ of that Bloodthirster.  More ways to jump smaller chaff units.

Valkia the Bloody:

I’d keep her near the Chaos Warriors near an objective or crucial position and almost chaff the Warriors with her.  You have so few troops in an objective game you won’t be able to gain the points if those objective holders get hit, even Warriors of Chaos.  Set her up to take advantage of a charge when an enemy unit gets closer.  This will increase the stand off distance for the Warriors to make it anther turn.  And she might do enough damage to severely weaken what ends up hitting those Warriors in a turn or two.

If you’re not in an objective holding game, she’s still useful to augment your Warriors and ensure they won’t Battleshock away with her Command Ability if you need it.  Send her to clear out some weaker units.  Ignore the chaff though if you can.

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage:

When he hits, he’ll hit like a truck.  But he’s really only good in the charge at max heath.  He drops way to fast in his stats for me, but Khorne wills it.  So, use him as a shock unit against objective holders early in the game if he’s uninjured to try and peel everyone off and let your hounds come up and take it.  You’re bets bet is to attack in conjunction with another unit, another Bloodthirster or Flesh Hounds.  Then pull him out of combat and towards a new combat where he can get his re-roll 1’s to hit on the charge.  With his slower and slower movement as he takes damage, he’s going to need to be near the thick of things always to utilize him like that.  So don’t take him to far from his Bloodthirster brothers.

Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury:

This Bloodthirster will give you a little more consistent damage output as their profile reduces their to wound instead of thier to hit.  They’ve got the lash as well so don’t forget it, but the axe will do your most damage throughout the game most likely.

Keep this one near Skarbrand to help him out with their Command Ability.  Pick off all the things that will want to try and kill Skarbrand and play clean up around him so he can get into better targets. 

Movement isn’t great but a lot of attacks are going to come to Skarbrand so hopefully that brings in lots of bodies so you won’t have to go far to kill things.

Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster:

You get to do D3 mortal mounds in the shooting phase within 8″.  Do that.  The flail, when it hits and wounds will do a lot of damage early on, but always count that you’ll miss as it only has 1 attack.  Your axe will be more consistent losing only the to wound over time.  And your movement will decrease from 10″.

You can use a command ability to have a Khorne Deamon within 16″ run and charge so this can be pretty key to getting a critical unit into combat on a charge.  A good partner for the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage.

Other Units

Flesh Hounds:

Khorne loves his dogs, so you gotta take them.  You can use them as anti magic if you face a heavy magic army as they can unbind and re-roll fails near Daemons of Khorne Heros…you have a few of those at least.  2 wounds and high bravery means they won’t battleshock away on you and will take some force to remove them from an objective.  They work well to follow up attacks and clean up what the Bloodthirsters don’t.  They’ll hold a spot for you, and maybe clean up the stragglers to let your Bloodthirsters go do the heavy lifting somewhere else.

Warriors of Chaos:

They aren’t fast, or very killy, but these guys will hold the line.  Use them for that.  Get them to a point that you must control and dig in.  Use Valkia to pick off incoming troops and hold them up if its late game and you need the point secured.  Or use her to pick off shooters that are trying to pick you off.  If there’s no objective on the board to take, see you turn 3 in the middle of the board.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Mag…what now?

In-Game Guide

You don’t have numerical advantage.  You don’t even have the best troop choices.  You won’t win the tournament.  But you will have fun playing with your biggest toys ran by a dog.  A dog getting a brand new great looking sculpt.

So play like Khorne.  Put your big things with lots of killing power into their big things as Khorne would want.  Smash into everything else full tilt with what you have. 

Don’t try to alpha strike.  You don’t have the number of dice rolls to make that work.  Don’t play defensive with your Bloodthirsters, they are the only things to do your killing.  Play smartly aggressive.

Deploy back a little bit, let the enemy come forward towards you some, then actually cry out HAVOC! and let slip the dogs of war!

So, charge.  That means charge.  Put it all in except maybe your Warriors.  Hounds can take and hold forward objectives once a Bloodthirster kills a bunch of stuff.  Bloodthirsters should try and kill everything.  You have so many good targets that take some concentrated fire to kill your opponent will only be able to do so much per turn.

Secondary Objectives


Your opponent will cheer every time they make you pull off a giant model from the table.

You will cheer as you tear through hordes of troops with giant battle axes pulling off dozens of models with massive damage strikes.

Honest Goblin