Archaon (660)

- General
- Plague Squall

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)

- Mount: Steed

-Cloying Quagmire

- Runestaff
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

Great Unclean One(340)

- Tome of the Thousand Poxes

- Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell

Lord of Khorne On Juggernaut (140)

- Allies 

Slaanesh On Daemonic Mount (140)

- Allies

5 x Chaos Warriors (90)

- Greatblade
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

5 x Chaos Warriors (90)

- Greatblade
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

30 x Plaguebearers (320)

Chronomantic Cogs (60)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 280 / 400
Wounds: 106


Do you look at Archaon‘s warscroll and think to yourself.. ‘Fucking rend 1, on the Lord of the End Times! wtf..’ 

Me to, so here’s a list to get the most out of that lovely model

Allegience Ability

All Nurgle allegiance armies benefit from the following rules:

Cycle of Corruption: Nurgle is life, Nurgle is love, and Nurgle loves to share all his gifts. At the start of the battle – after deployment but before the first turn – the Nurgle player rolls a die to decide where the Cycle of Corruption begins. There are seven Stages of Corruption; the 7th stage being locked from the initial throw (which is good, as it is a healing one you most likely won’t need yet).

Each stage will provide you with a buff for your NURGLE units or debuff to your opponent’s non-NURGLE units. At the start of each subsequent battle round the Cycle will progress by one step. For example: if your initial roll is a 3, then you will benefit from The Burgeoning during the first battle round, Plague of Misery during the second battle round, and so on. You can either let the Cycle progress or try to change it with spells or abilities. Either way, try to plan ahead because you know which benefits you will get in the following battle rounds.

  1. Unnatural Vitality: The first stage adds 2″ to the Move characteristic of all NURGLE units. A really good one to offset your slower units (looking at you, Plaguebearers) and getting them into battle quicker.
  2. Fecund Vigour: The second stage adds 1 to the wound rolls of all NURGLE units during the combat phase. (Archaon‘s Sword loves this)
  3. The Burgeoning: The third stage is one that affects all units (yours and your opponents) as each unit within 1″ of a terrain feature will suffer 1 mortal wound – or heal 1 if they’re NURGLE – on a 5+.
  4. Plague of Misery: The fourth stage forces re-rolls of 1 for battleshock tests for your opponent, NURGLE excluded of course.
  5. Nauseous Revulsion: The fifth stage forces enemy units to re-roll wound rolls of 6 during the combat phase. Enemy NURGLE units are, once again, excluded.
  6. Rampant Disease: The sixth stage allows you to pick D3 different enemy units (guess which units you can skip) that are within 12″ of each other. Each unit will then suffer D3 mortal wounds.
  7. Corrupted Regrowth: The seventh and final stage will allow all NURGLE units to heal D3 wounds at the start of their hero phase. Note that this does include your opponent’s units, even if they don’t field a Nurgle army.

The Garden of Nurgle: Mimicking the Sylvaneth, the forces of Nurgle can now plant their own terrain pieces. After setting up terrain but before choosing a territory, each Nurgle army can place one Feculant Gnarlmaw anywhere more than 1″ from any other terrain feature. Since they allow all NURGLE units within 7″ to both run and charge in the same turn be sure to drop it off where you would benefit from this.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Archaon is a warlord without equal bitch, expend a command point in your hero phase and you are able to use every command ability on a chaos warscroll you control for free, marvellous. 

Archaon has all four of the chaos gods keywords, so he’ll benefit from all those lovely free command abilities, it’s WOMBO-COMBO TIME! 

Archaon has no need for a command trait you cheating bastards.. 

GUO also gets a fine command ability, pick a Nurgle unit within 21″ and add 1 to each of it’s melee attacks. When you consider Archaon has 4 separate melee profiles, pop this on his and he is loving life. Failing that, those 30 Plaguebearers will happily make use of it as well.. 

The Lord on Juggernaught can use his Command ability to give both himself and Archaon plus 1 to wound (wonderful on Archaon‘s Sword and makes his own attack damage 3 rather than d3 on a 5 to wound instead of a 6)

My fav bit of tech here, the Slaanesh Lord’s command ability allows you to pick a Slaanesh unit and in your next combat phase pile them in twice! Archaon will often be able to eat a screening unit and then pile into the good stuff and attack again, all with plus 1 attack to each of his 4 attacks and all with plus 1 to wound, maybe even plus 2 if the Nurgle wheel is in the right place. Now he’s starting to look like the Lord of the End Times right? 

Not much in the way of battalions in this list, so make sure the one item you choose counts. I have chosen the Tome of the Thousand Poxes on my GUO. 
List is risky enough, this little item gives you a plus 1 to cast your spells, combined with the GUO’s Bile Blade, you get to cast 2 spells at plus 2, keeping you casts more consistent and helping offset the advantage those pesky net-listing Nagash lovers get when unbinding.. #fucknagash


Archaon, place all the buffs you have on this guy and watch him make the world burn. 

GUO in a supporting role, in the list to make your front line of Plaguebearers a little more durable (reroll saves of 1 within 7″ of him for them), ring his bell to give a bubble 7″ plus 3 move to all Nurgle units and is himself very hard to shift. 

The Chaos Sorcerer Lord is here to make Archaon more consistent. One major likelihood when using Archaon is him whiffing his attacks. You need to get value out of Archaon as often as possible as you are basically all in on him. The Chaos Sorcerer Lord has one of the best support spells in the game (imho) on a 5+ to cast you can give Archaon reroll 1s to hit, wound and save. This greatly decreases the chances of him whiffing and helps keep him alive to boot. If you bugger up the casting, The plucky little chap can still look at Archaon and allow him to reroll his armour saves of 1 thanks to his Oracular Visions if he is within 10″ or pop that ability on the GUO if he does get the spell off. Being on a steed also helps him keep up with the big man himself. 

Both the Jugger Lord and Slaanesh Lord are here to pop their command abilities on Archaon and are reasonably good in combat themselves, so will happily take on any stragglers. both have good saves and mortal wound protection, so stick around long enough to help him throughout the game. 

Other Units

30 Plaguebearers to help take on alpha striking lists as they can string out and deploy across the entire board. Wang these chaps into as many enemy units as poss to tie them up while Archaon does his thing or use them to screen your supporting elements. More than happy sitting on an objective all game.

2 5 man Chaos Warrior units. Useless, here because they are 30 points cheaper than marauders which allows you to use Chromatic Cogs. If they do anything rejoice, they are utter trash even at 90 points.. 


Nope, Archaon doesn’t fuck about  


The Jugger and the Slaan Lord are Nurgle mates 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Foul Regenesis is key to getting the most out of the list, cast on a 7 (5 with the GUO) and allows you to pick which stage your Nurgle Wheel is at. One way to make use of this is to always set the dial to 5. Your Nurgle units will be protected as everytime your opponent rolls a 6 to would they will have to reroll it plus.. it means in your next turn the dial will move to 6, causing d3 wounds to d3 units within 12″ of each other. This happens at the start of the hero phase, so you are then free to reset the dial to 5 .. You’ll make short work of mid-level heroes with this and Archaon‘s Plague Squall. However I find most of the time I am changing the dial to plus 2″ to move for my Nurgle units or plus 1 to wound for them depending on whether or not my opponent has a big beastie Archaon needs to go eat.

Plague Squall is lovely, pretty easy to cast (6+) and allows you to roll 7 dice, any 6s do d3 damage to separate units Archaon can see (no range limit) and he is pretty big. In conjunction with the dial and Archaon‘s mount’s Nurgle head, you’ll be ending enemy support heroes and small support units with ease. 

Daemonic Power is explained above, keeps Archaon kicking ass

Cloying Quagmire… fuck knows, never used it, when aren’t you casting Daemonic Power? 

Plaguewind will heal Archaon up d3 if he’s within 14″ of your GUO on 6+ and seeing how he gets 2 spells easy enough to cast and control the dial. 

All the Nurgle Daemon spells are pretty shite.. Choose what you want, you prob aren’t casting it.. I can’t remember what they do

Cogs, give everyone plus 2 move/charge or allow the Archaon or the GUO to reroll all their saves and cast an extra spell.. Most boring part of the list, but when Marauders went up to 120 pts for 20 rather than 60 pts for 10 you could no longer fit in the Bloodstoker, so Cogs is a decent compromise. (Original list inspiration here from aos1

Realm spells, again fuck knows.. realm spells are for try hards and Nagash users.. Off the top of my head, making Archaon ethereal is probably awesome, esp if he is rerolling saves next to Cogs. If you have some knowledge of the realms and can see a sick combo, pop a comment below to increase my knowledge. 

In-Game Guide

Ever watched that  LEEEERROOOOYY JEENNNKKIIIINSSS!! clip on Youtube? If not, go do it now. It’ll tell you all you need to know about what this list does.

List is combotastic. Going 2nd? Screen everyone behind the 30 Plaguebearers and then do what you would do if you were going 1st.. 

Going 1st? You to my mind have 2 options depending on how your opponent has deployed and what heroes they have in they’re list. 1st decision is to think about the best position you want your Nurgle Dial on. Your GUO has plus 2 to cast so on a 5 you can get get either plus 2 move, plus 1 wound or make your army tanky with forcing rerolls of 6s to wound. 

Consider that you can make Archaon run and charge, pile in twice and reroll the world. Have they left a big monster character behind a little screen? Or have they deployed deep thinking you can’t get there? 

Full combo movement.. Archaon has a move of 12″ gets plus 3″ near the GUO’s bell, plus 2″ from Cogs, can run up to 6″ and get get a further plus 2″ from the Nurgle Wheel. 20-25″ move with a 2d6″ charge plus 2″.. He is getting to something. 

Full combo attacks.. Look at that profile (can’t be arsed to write it all out), but look at it and add 1 to each of those attack from the GUO) ? pop every command ability on him. Most of his attacks are hitting on 2s with rerolls, wounding on 2s with rerolls! If you don’t know already, if Archaon rolls 2 6 pluses when he is wounding with his sword attacks and you’ve directed all of them against the same character or monster, it’s SLAIN, dead, no more, 1 dead parrot! But with plus 2 to wounds from the Dial and the Jugger Lords command ability, you only need 2 4 pluses! With 5 attacks that are very likely to hit you are one shotting Nagashes and Morathis left right and Chelsea!  

Do date in my Archaon‘s sword I have:

Alarielle, Drycha, X 2 Treelord Ancients

Vampire Lord, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and 2 Nagashes! #fucknagash

Lord-Celestent, Relictor, Castelent

Bastildon, Skink Priest, Astrolith

The Glottkin, Great Unclean One, Festus

Still waiting to get my hands on Morathi, bitchbag..  

If you have gotten unlucky and not rolled those 2 4s.. Don’t worry, thanks to the Slaanesh Lord command ability you can do it all again! 

Worth mentioning, each time Archaon‘s mounts head kills a model you can pick a model within 7″ and spew d3 mortal wounds on to them, so if you’ve attack twice you can do this twice. There should be a few good targets your Dial and Plague Squall have whittled down earlier or you can just fuck someone else up. 

One thing to be careful of is over extending Archaon himself. If you are going for that glorious charge, make sure yo can move up your key supporting units so Archaon can keep dishing out the pain in later turns. 

Secondary Objectives

Not sure, at work atm and ran out of time, feel free to comment with anything you think would work.

Cheers for reading x

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