New General’s Handbook, New Season, Same Great Stats

The new GHB is here and that means that we’ve got a new season of Age of Sigmar stats to look forward to! We’ve been busy over the last few weeks, refreshing the dashboards and adding mobile friendly versions for both the meta stats and player rankings (Links available below each dashboard).

We’ve also made sure that you can easily flip between last season’s information and the new data, so if you want to compare and contrast results its all at your finger tips.

As always, a massive shout out to the members of the Stats Team who have spent 100’s of hours pulling together the information needed to provide this overview.

If you’d like to show your support for their work, you can now do so using the below ko-fi link

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1. tSN Player Rankings

A view of how well players are performing at 2 Day events from around the world.

Tracking results over time, see who is the best performing player by country, region or even faction. Includes information on which events players have attended as well as who they played and what factions they faced.

Now includes Season 1 and Season 2 information.

Link to ‘Desktop’ view: tSN Player Rankings [Desktop]
Link to ‘Mobile Friendly’ view: tSN Player Rankings [Mobile]

What’s Included

Page 1: Title Page
Page 2: Ranking Summaries
Page 3: Worldwide Rankings
Page 4: Region / Country Rankings
Page 5: Faction Rankings
Page 6: Tournament Series Summary

2. tSN Age of Sigmar Stats

A view of how the various factions available in Age of Sigmar are performing at 2 Day events from around the world.

Now including GHB 2021 and GHB 2022-23 Season 1 informaiton.

Link to ‘Desktop’ view: Age of Sigmar Stats [Desktop]
Link to ‘Mobile Friendly’ view: Age of Sigmar Stats [Mobile]

What’s Included

Page 1-2: Title & Intro
Page 3: Overview: Win Rate & Battle Plans
Page 4: Overview: Meta Participation
Page 5: Overview: Win Rate Over Time
Page 6: Overview: Positive Win Rate Potential
Page 7: Overview: Win Rate by Opponent Tier
Page 8: Overview: Drops & 1st Turn Choice [NEW]
Page 9: Overview: Battalions & Grand Strategies [NEW]
Page 10: Faction Review: Win Rates
Page 11: Faction Review: Match-ups
Page 12: Faction Review: Tournament Performance
Page 13: Faction Review: Head to Head
Page 14: Grid Report: Win Rates
Page 15: Grid Report: Match-up Frequency
Page 16: Tournaments: Deep Dive
Page 17: Tournaments: Faction Outcomes
Page 18: Tournaments: Faction TiWP
Page 19: Army Composition: Most Common Units [Not Updated]
Page 20: Army Composition: 5-0 Army Lists [Not Updated]