This rundown is my thoughts on why I believe Bloab Rotsp awned will be an excellent ally in a Slaanesh army in the future.  He adds to a lot of themes that are already happening in Slaanesh and they in turn help him as well. 

In-Game Guide

Bloab Rotsp awned as a Slaanesh ally will be put between the middle of the field and the enemy territory in most cases, but his range of abilities allow you to support different areas of your army depending on what army you are facing, making him a great mutli-use tool.

Units That Synergise With It

Fiends: Casting debuff stacking.

Enrapturess: Casting debuff stacking.  Deals damage in phases not usually accomplished in Slaanesh, buffing Bloab’s spell.

Epitome: Two chances at unbind after their reduced casting.

Another wizard ally: For casting Shackles!

Shackles: Damage in two movement phases to buff his spell.

Mesmerizing Mirror: Can damage in enemy move, charge and combat phase.

Allegiance Abilities

This guide is specifically for using him as an ally, so they do not directly make him better.  He is 240 pts in a hero slot that is not generating depravity, so poo on that.  I think his support role + chance at dealing horrendous amounts of damage if his spell goes off could make up for it.


Unique and an ally so he doubly cannot take them.  That being said, artefacts that deal damage during the enemies turn or phases that you are not doing much in can increase the damage output of his spell even if used by another hero.

If you were to go mixed chaos using some of these synergies, you could get a unit (probably tzeentch) that can learn other peoples’ spells and use the Goblet of draining so each of the spell’s triggers has an additional chance to do d3 on a 5+



One cast. One Unbind.  Infinity times better than zero.

Miasma of Pestilence: cast value of 6.  Pick an enemy unit within 14″ of the caster.  Until your next hero phase, roll a dice at the end of each phase in which any wounds or mortal wounds were allocated to that unit and not negated.  On a 2+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Already wrote in warscroll section.  Added synergy with mesmerizing mirror since the book came out. It can damage in enemy move, charge, pile-in and random hero phase movements etc, triggering spell more often.


The Slaanesh Beasts of Chaos battalion Depraved Drove can add even more synergies than usual.  It allows two different wizards:  The Shaygoth and Bray-Shaman.  They add the ability to cast more endless spells such as Geminids, Dirgehorn, Palisade to further stack the hitting debuffs and open up that magical 40 point spell Shackles, which is even better with Bloab than other armies.  Sorry, I just love shackles.  Shackles in Slaanesh is just too funny thematically.


Well, he is Nurgle so he won’t be hurt by the Nurgle trees!

How to Use the Unit in Game

Pick a weak spot in your match up and use him to support there.  Whether you need combat defensive support via -1 to hit, magic defensive support via -1 to cast or just a shit ton of MW damage rained down on one unit via his spell, he can do it.

Pros & Cons

^ Above ^ and he is a wizard in an army lacking many wizard options.  Not only that he a tough wizard and he doesn’t mind not having an artefact because he is unique anyway!

He is an ally. 240/400 used up. 
He won’t get Slaanesh buffs, but he is a supporter, not a supported, so whatever.
Can’t be in a battalion so guaranteed to add a drop to army that just got its first and second battalions.  

Hero that doesnt generate depravity.  (If he could, he would be autoinclude with spell that can do 10-30 damage)
Thematically odd

Hobby Notes

Thematically odd you say?
He could be your centerpiece with some HEAVY conversions and be the big fat slob of disease that is actually just dreaming of all these demon women surrounding him.  Add some pink Fur to the shackles and maybe more fuzzy handcuffs on Bloab.  

Honest Goblin


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