The bullgor does one thing, but it does it well. It hits very hard and can be boosted to ridiculous amounts of damage wiping even 30 man liberator blocks in one round of combat without battleshock.

In-Game Guide

This is a hammer unit.


Bullgors have a few different weapon profiles. They are all 1″ range.

Every bullgor has Bullgor Horns

2 attacks 4+/4+/-/1

Then you can pick between the Bullgor Axes or Bullgor Great Axes

Bullgor Axes

3 attacks 4+/3+/-1/2

Bullgor Greataxes

2 attacks 4+/3+/-2/3

With dual axes they can reroll 1s to hit. With the axe and shield they get to add one to save rolls vs melee weapons. The greataxe gets the extra rend.

Bullgors also have the bloodgreed ability. Every wound roll of a natural 6 inflicts one mortal wound in addition to the normal damage. This is what the horns are the most useful for.


The save for Bullgors is a 5+. While the save is nothing impressive they each have 4 wounds which is where they get their durability. 

The Warscroll

The unit size can be between 3 and 12. I recommend 6 due to the large footprint of the unit. It gives enough survivability that most enemy units will not wipe them out in one round and still deliver a decent punch back. It also helps to mitigate some of the unreliability of the 4+ to hit attacks.

Units That Synergise With It

Beasts of Chaos

The Doombull‘s command ability gives +1 to wound to a friendly warherd unit wholly within 12″ at the start of the combat phase. This means you will wound on 2s with your axes and 3s with the horns. It can help when you really need a unit to die.


The Bloodsecrator can plant his banner a d give the unit +1 attack while they are wholly within 16″. To use this guy you will need to have the Khorne allegiance and use the Brass Despoilers battalion. When you do I reccomend two to keep coverage as you advance.

A unit of Wrathmongers running behind a unit of Bullgors boosts their damage considerably with the +1 attack for being wholly within 8″ of the Wrathmongers.


You will need to take the Pestilent Throng battalion to use these and the Nurgle allegiance to use these.

The Great Unclean One with the bell allows you to add 3″ to the move characteristic of the bulls. With a 10″ movement you are now fast.

The Glottkin‘s command ability allows you to add +1 attack to all Nurgle units within 14″ until your next hero phase. More attacks is always good because it means more damage and a higher chance for mortal wounds.

Orghotts Daemonspew‘s command ability allows you to reroll wounds rolls for Nurgle units within 14″ until the next hero phase.

The Lord of Blights‘ command ability allows you to make it harder for the enemy to hit you with shooting which means you will take less wounds from shooting.

Allegiance Abilities

Beasts of Chaos

The herdstone allows units within range to ignore battleshock. It also makes enemy units subtract one more from their save rolls. That is effectively a -3 rend on greataxe bullgors.

Bloodgorge: When you kill any enemy units in the combat phase that unit heals d3 wounds at the end of the combat phase.


You subtract 1 from battleshock rolls if you fought in the combat phase and you can reroll charges while wholly within 18″ of the general if the general is within 3″ of the enemy.


You gain the brayherd ambush ability that lets you set up to half of your units off the table and come in within 6″ of a table edge and at least 9″ away from the enemy. It also allows you to bring half of the units in turn 2 instead of all of them turn 1.


The command ability gives 1 unit wholly within 12″ of a chaos spawn unit +1 attack. If you stack a few of these it will hurt.


The blood tithe table has plenty of good abilities. The most useful for this unit are Apoplectic Frenzy, Relentless Fury, and Slaughter Triumphant. These give the ability to attack in a hero phase, attack when you die, and on 6s to hit you get 2 hits respectively.


The cycle of corruption has a few that you will want to help these guys. The first turn you likely want Unnatural Vitality for +2″ of movement. Combined with the Great Unclean One that is a 12″ movement. If you also get off a feculent gnarlmaw you can run and charge as well. Turn 2 onward Fecund Vigor is a good pick for +1 to wound.


The reroll hit rolls triumph is the strongest for this unit.



Banner of Rage: You get to reroll 1s to hit or all to hits if you already reroll 1s. If you are wholly within 9″ of another brass despoilers unit you already have reroll 1s to hit.



The +1 to hit prayer is the strongest here. The prayer that forces an enemy to move closer is also very useful.


Brass Despoilers

This battalion allows you to reroll 1s to hit while wholly within 9″ of another unit from the battalion. It also allows you to reroll all wounds rolls for the battalion in one combat phase. It gives the Khorne keyword as well.

Pros & Cons


The unit hits very hard and has a fairly large number of wounds. 

In certain Allegiances it can get more attacks and get bonuses to hit and/or wound and reach extreme damage values.


Small unit sizes

Can be killed fairly easily by units with a large volume of attacks.

Hobby Notes

The unit is pretty easy to assemble and clean up. The peices are large and not very fiddily. Painting even after  assembly is pretty easy as well.

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