in this series i attempt to use math to find which units are most efficient. The rules and limits I impose on units and the math are as follows:

  1. only 1 command ability allowed
  2. cost of battalions and buff units are not included in the calculations for efficiency
  3. when there are random values I use the average roll
  4. I round to the nearest 2 decimal places
  5. effective wounds are calculated with this formula: (wounds per model/chance to fail a saving throw). this number is not accurate against attacks that deal multiple damage 
  6. 5+/5++ denotes a 5+ save with a 5+ ignore damage save (such as deathless minions)
  7. I do not take into account abilities that trigger on rolls of 6+.

Units That Synergise With It

Astrolith bearer’s Proud Defiance (reroll hits)

Skink priest‘s Celestial Rites (reroll saves)

Saurus Oldblood on foot’s Wrath of the Seraphon ability (reroll wound rolls of 1)

Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur‘s Ancient Warlord command ability (+2 attacks on a single weapon, in this case the carnosaur’s jaws)

How to Use the Unit in Game

the oldblood on carnosaur clocks in at 260 points and comes with one of the best command abilities the seraphon can leverage, +2 attacks to a single weapon for every saurus hero within 20″.

Unbuffed Offense vs 3+ save

sunbolt gauntlet= 0.58

spear= 1.31

clawed forelimbs= 0.57

Jaws= 2.48

52.63 points per damage

unbuffed offense vs 5+/5++

sunbolt= 0.63

spear= 1.43

forelimbs= 0.76

jaws= 2.71

47.02 points per damage

buffed offense (reroll hits, reroll wound rolls of 1, +2 Jaw attacks) vs 3+ save 

gauntlet= 0.89

spear= 2

forelimb= 0.88

jaws= 5.99

or 26.64 points per damage

buffed offense (reroll hits, reroll wound rolls of 1, +2 Jaw attacks) vs 5+/5++

gauntlet= 0.98

spear= 2.2

forelimbs= 1.17

jaws= 6.56

or 23.83 points per damage

Defense, 12 wounds, 4+ save 

unbuffed effective wounds vs

rend 0= 24 (10.83 points per wound)

rend -1= 18.18 (14.3 points per wound)

mortals= 12 (21.67 points per wound)

average effective wounds= 18.06 (14.4 pts/wound)

buffed effective wounds vs

rend 0= 48 (5.42 points per wound)

rend -1= 24 (10.83 points per wound)

mortals= 12 (21.67 points per wound)

average effective wounds= 28 (9.29 pts/wound)

Pros & Cons

So, lets compare this guy to one of my personal boogeymen, a buffed sequitor, just for some context (sequitor is reroll everything, hits wound saves all of it and has a greatmace):

sequitor is

15.48 points per damage vs a 3+ save unit

14.12 points per damage vs a 5+/5++ unit

7 points per effective wound (average across rend 0, rend -1, and mortals)

Hobby Notes

One point to note is that even against other monsters it is still more efficient to give the +2 attacks to the Jaws rather than the forelimbs (barely, less than 0.2 damage)


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