in this series i attempt to use math to find which units are most efficient. The rules and limits I impose on units and the math are as follows:

  1. only 1 command ability allowed
  2. cost of battalions and buff units are not included in the calculations for efficiency
  3. when there are random values I use the average roll
  4. I round to the nearest 2 decimal places
  5. effective wounds are calculated with this formula: (wounds per model/chance to fail a saving throw). this number is not accurate against attacks that deal multiple damage 
  6. 5+/5++ denotes a 5+ save with a 5+ ignore damage save (such as deathless minions)
  7. I do not take into account abilities that trigger on rolls of 6+.

Units That Synergise With It

Astrolith bearer (reroll failed hits)

Skink priest (reroll failed saves)

Saurus Eternity Warden (can take wounds/mortal wounds for the slann on a 2+) ***this is NOT accounted for in the math***

How to Use the Unit in Game

this is a pretty basic rundown, not much to it. the slann casts and unbinds 3 spells per turn. it can unbind anywhere on the battlefield and your GENERAL and ONLY the general can sacrifice casting spells to generate conjuration points at a rate of 3 points per spell sacrificed and an additional 1 per turn just for being a boss for a total of 10 points per turn. As a result it is pretty easy for a slann to summon up units with a total points cost greater than the 260 he costs, assuming you can protect him long enough to do it.

now lets get down to the math (like i said, theres not much here)

unbuffed vs 3+ save unit: 0.99 (262.63 points per damage)

unbuffed vs 5+/5++ unit: 1.08 (240.74 points per damage)

buffed vs 3+ save unit: 1.49 (174.5 points per damage)

buffed vs 5+/5++ unit: 1.63 (159.51 points per damage)

obviously this guy isnt a beatstick in combat, however it should be noted that hes not a push over either especially when compared to other wizards.

defenses unbuffed vs:

rend 0 = 14 effective wounds (18.57 points per wound)

rend -1 = 10.61 effective wounds (24.51 points per wound)

mortal wounds = 7  wounds(37.14 points per wound)

buffed defenses vs:

rend 0 = 28 effective wounds (9.29 points per wound)

rend -1= 14 effective wounds (18.57 points per wound)

mortals= 7 (see above)

Honest Goblin