Chaos Knights, on their own they suck balls. Big hairy chaos donkey balls. Sure theyre quick(ish) and tanky(ish), but dont expect them to do much damage. But due to that ace slaves to darkness trait of being able to take a mark of choas, they can become a knightmare for your opponent (pun intended).

The Warscroll

Movement: 10
Wounds: 3
Save: 4+
Bravery: 7

Doom Knight: +1 hit for leader
Standard Bearer: Gives +1 bravery
Hornblower: +1 Charge and Run

Runeshield: 5+ mortal wound save
Impaling Charge: -1 rend and 2 dmg on charge when equiped with glaives

Terrifying Champions : -1 bravery to enemy units within 3″

Weapon Choices:

Ensorcelled Weapon:

1″ 3 x 3+/4+ 0r 1dmg

Essentially lots of bad attacks. Great against units with bad saves, or if they have additional buffs (more on that later).

Chaos Glaive:

1″ 2 x 4+/3+ -1r 2dmg (on charge)
1″ 2 x 4+/3+ 0r 1dmg (normally)

On the charge theyre good (but by no means great). After which if theyre locked in combat, they become crap, really crap.

Roughshod Hooves

1″ 2x 4+/4+ 0r 1 dmg

They’re horses what do you expect?

Units That Synergise With It

Lots of units synergise with chaos knights. This is what makes them so great. Pick a mark, and then dabble with combinations of the following:


Choas Lord on Daemonic Mount:

A must have.
Command Ability:
+1 hit
rerolls to charge
at the time of writing there is nothing to stop this being stacked (someone feel free to correct me).
A lot of the ace combos work off to hit rolls. So adding +1 hit (or +4 hit of you are feeling cheesy) is a must have.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord:

His spell gives:
reroll 1s to hit
reroll 1s to wound
reroll 1s to save

This synergises well in just about any chaos unit so its no suprise hes also useful here.

Chaos Warshrine:

Depending on the mark you go for you can either get the following from a prayer on a 3+:

Unmarked: (my favorite)
reroll 1s to hit
reroll 1s to wound
reroll hits
reroll saves
reroll wounds
immune to battleshock
reroll charges

The upside to using this over a chaos sorcerer lord is that the enemy cant dispell a prayer.

Sayl the Faithless:

Not the powerhouse he used to be, but a great delivery system for knights. He’ll set them up 9″ away from the enemy, and with a variety of options to improve charge can ambush any exposed unit on the board.


Harbringer of Decay:

Command Ability:
Adds a 5+ ward save to the knights, making them very tanky indeed.


Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount:

Command Ability:
Allows the knights to attack and pile in twice.

Chaos Lord of Slaanesh:

Command Ability:
On a 6+ to hit, get an extra attack in addition.


Aspiring Deathbringer:

Command Ability:
+1 attack

Lord of Khorne on Juggernaught:

Command Ability:
+1 wound


+3 to run and charge
reroll wounds of 1


+1 attack



Daemonic Power:

Chaos Sorcerer Lord
On a 5+ to cast (seriously?) you can reroll 1s to hit, wound and save. Amazing on any unit AND chaos knights.


Blades of Putrification:

Any Nurgle Rotbringer wizard (when in a nurgle army)

Oh boy.
On a 6+ hit you do a mortal wound IN ADDITION to any other damage in melee.
Kit them out in ensorcelled weapons to maximise attacks, pump as many +1 hit through command points as you can spare and watch your opponent cry.
Only issue is its 7+ to cast, and nurgle are very limited in what they can do to buff casting rolls.


Favour of Ruinous Powers:

Chaos Warshrine

Depending on the mark you go for you can either get the following from a prayer on a 3+:

Unmarked: (my favorite)
reroll 1s to hit
reroll 1s to wound
reroll hits
reroll saves
reroll wounds
immune to battleshock
reroll charges


The everchosen battalions are the ones to go to here as the slaves to darkness ones suck chaos donkey balls.

Fatesworn Warband:


Deploy it in multiples of 9 to get the full effect (ie a unit of 9 from cost of 10, or 18 from cost of 20)

As well as giving your tzeentch heroes an extra option of arcane bolt, it gives your knights -1 rend if they didnt already have it.
Kit them out with ensorcelled weapons to benefit most from this.
NOTE: The horses get rend too. Remind your opponent of this regularly because the reaction of “wait what?? your horses get rend??” never gets old.

Plaguetouched Warband:


Deploy it in multiples of 7 to get the full effect (ie a unit of 14 from cost of 15)

The reason you are no longer (feasibly) allowed cross faction battalions is this formation. It gives the knights -1 hit in combat (amazing). And whenever your opponent roll a 6+ to wound against them, they TAKE a mortal wound. This will annoy them, a lot. Its really, really good, and used to be broken as **** in the nurgle allegance (no longer allowed).


Feculent Gnarlmaw:

Any knight units that finish their move within 7″ can run AND charge. Knights get +1 to both adding at least 2 movement.


With a 5+ mortal wound save and 3 wounds a model, knights arent as bothered about D3 mortal wounds as most units. The reroll 1 to hit is handy.


The knights already have a -1 bravery debuff to enemies. Sinister terrain isnt usually enough to scare players away from standing by them, so remember to subtract 2 from the bravery in your opponents battleshock phase.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Unbuffed choas knights provide a mobile tanky unit capable of dealing low to moderate damage to small units. In short, chaff should avoid them but elite units shouldnt be too worried.

The real power (and fun) in chaos knights comes from their abilty to choose a chaos mark at the beginning of the battle which unlocks a wide variety of buffs from various units. In short I believe theyre the best and most versitile vehicle for buffs in the game (fight me). This is why i call them kings of the wombo combo, ill go into some of my favourite now.

Nurgle Blades of Putrification Bomb:

– Nurgle Allegiance
– Knights with Ensorcelled Weapons
– Nurgle Rotbringer Wizard with Blades of Putrification
– Chaos Lord with Daemonic Mount
– Feculent Gnarlmaw

This gives you the following:

– 5 attacks each per knight (ensorcelled weapons + horses)
– +1 hit and Blades of Putrification give you an additional mortal wound on a 5+ (more if you stack the Chaos Lord’s buff), remember the doom knight gets +1 hit ontop of this
– the gnarlmaw (with correct positioning) allows your knights to run AND charge (remember they get +1 each)
– +1 and reroll charges

This combo on the right target (essentially a target with a big enough footprint so the knights can fit in) can cause about as many mortal wounds as it is possible to comprehend.
Just remember that it all still hinges on the blades spell going off on a 7+ (58.3%), this isnt reliable at all, and you will look like a muppet when you take the first turn for an alpha strike and fluff the roll.

Nathan still hasn’t got over this.

Optional extras:

Chaos sorcerer lord/ warshrine to reroll the 1s
– Nurgle Allegance for extra movement or +1 wound.
– Harbringer of Decay for an extra 5+ ward save
Great Unclean One for even more movement

Super Slaaneshy Slaanesh

– Knights with Glaives
– Chaos Lord with Daemonic Mount
Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount
Chaos lord of Slaanesh
Sayl the Faithless
– Cogs endless spell

This gives the following:

– on a 6+ (or less) you get an extra attack
– double pile in
– +1 hit (or more if you stack the command abilty)
– +3 and reroll charges
– free setup anywhere on the board with sayls spell more than 9″ away from the enemy

This combo is less reliant on spells than the nurgle bomb (sayls spell is rerollable and isnt 100% required), it is however mortal wound free and only offers -1 rend. Simply be on the lookout throughout the game for a gap behind enemy lines to put your knights in, (you would need to keep them 15″ wholly within sayl for this to work).
The problem is unless your opponent is a complete idiot they’ll have surrounded their key units with chaff. This is probaly a problem as these arent EZ mode eels, and cant fly. But with double pile in you can sometimes get to the key units on the 2nd pile in.
Note that sayl can also teleport the unit out of combat if positioned correctly for a neat retreat and charge move.

Optional extras:

Chaos sorcerer lord/ warshrine to reroll the 1s
– Slaves to Darkness allegance for various reroll 1 buffs
– Slaanesh Allegance for additional run and charge bonuses

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