The Cities of Sigmar tome has breathed new life in to many old warscrolls we rarely saw before gracing the top tables and the Gyrocopter will most certainly benefit a great deal from the new allegiance abilities, command abilities and items each city can provide. 

Below I’ll lay out how I feel you can get the most out of this plucky little warmachine in each city and give some example armies. 

In-Game Guide

Coming in at 70 points per machine and seeing a reduction in points to 180 if you take them in max units of 3, this warscroll is packed with plenty of value. 

With a move of 16″, you’ll be able to rapidly redeploy, making this unit easier to use and more forgiving should you make a mistake in deployment, or later in your turns. It’ll be harder to predict where you plan your attacks also, giving your opponent real headaches. 

In units of 1 you can use them to tag enemy units without committing too much of your resources and with a decent amount of wounds and save, can expect a good chance of surviving at least a turn with some clever placement, helped out by the fact it can fly to where it’s placement will be optimal to mitigate enemy attacks. 

Units of 3 will decimate horde units with their very impressive Steam Gun, it’s so much better than it’s other load out (Brimstone Gun) i’m not even going to bother discussing it later on.. 

Guild Bombs:* 

Ability (Once per battle, after this unit has made a normal move, pick 1 enemy unit and roll 1 dice for each model in this unit that passed across any models from that enemy unit. For each 2+, that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds), is a real and present threat armies without any ranged damage output will struggle to be able to counter.
Again, it’s movement of 16″ and the fact you could also run up to 6″ and/or retreat and still use this ability will catch support heroes with their trousers down.
Plus you can really dice these results, which in turn may tilt your opponent. Happy days. 

It’s a perfect late game piece, grabbing objectives up to 22″ away and being able to fly over terrain and enemy models. There’s plenty of ranged threats available to City lists, so clearing chaff holding the enemies home objectives and capitalising on this with a Gyrocopter is something your opponent will have to really think about from the off.
If they don’t, make em pay! 

In short (pardon the pun) there’s many uses for this unit and will be great fun, as they are obvious, difficult to counter for many opponents and easy to use. 

It becomes so much more when you start to take into account the added value you can gain from each of the Cities.. 

The Warscroll

  1. Move 16″, bloody marvellous 

4 wounds each and a 4 up save is pretty tanky and they can benefit from cover.

Bravery 6 is their main weakness, taking units of 3 is best in lists with the ability to generate many Command Points and swift tanky characters like Phoenixes that can keep up with them.
Luckily, many cities have ways to bestow immune to Battleshock also. 


Guild Bombs: see in-game guide*

Steam Gun: 

Before attacking with a Steam Gun, pick 1 enemy unit within 8″ of the attacking model. The Attacks characteristic of that model’s Steam Gun is equal to the number of models from that enemy unit within 8″ of the attacking model. All attacks made with that Steam Gun must target that enemy unit. 

Steam guns profile is 8″ range, 3s to hit 4s to wound, rend and damage 1, amazing combined with the above ability. 

With a move of 16″ we are really going to be able to make use of this excellent horde clearing weapon, perfect for dealing with Plague Monks, Daemonettes and other meta relevant units. 

Many competitive builds have units that need to be wholly within to gain a bonus or close to a character to protect them. 
Take Skaventide units needing to stay within a certain distance of Screaming Bells or Plaguepriests on Furnaces to remain immune to battleshock, Gloomspite Gitz and Beasts of Chaos needing to stay near their scenery pieces. All big horde armies now suspectable to your Gryos scalding jets.
Daemonettes staying within 6″ of Keepers to make use of their Locus ability and strike before others. 
All need to stay cramped up, perfect for your Steam Guns! 
Trying to space out Daemonettes to avoid losing them to your Steam Guns, meaning they maybe more vulnerable to one of your melee threats, is exactly the kind of rock and hard place decision you want to be forcing your opponents to make. 

At a push, it’s melee profile of d3 attacks, reach 1″, 5s to hit, 4s to wound, ‘-‘ rend and damage 1 will still be able to finish off a lowly support hero if it’s Guild Bombs have left them on a wound or 2.. 

Units That Synergise With It

Celestial Hurricanum:

Increases it’s Steam Gun’s to hit roll to 2s (pop a Command Point to reroll 1s and you are laughing). Best taken with the Thermal rider cloak to keep pace with your swift Gyros, to keep them in range of this ability. 

Luminark of Hysh:

Will on average mean 5 wounds are required to take the first Gyrocopter down, if you are within range of their negate a wound on a 6 ability. Very useful for single Gyrocopters looking to tag units. 

Greywater Runelords:

Are able to pray.. 

Rune of Unfaltering Aim: 

On a 2+, select a friendly Greywater Fastness Ironweld Arsenal War Machine within 3″, until the start of your next hero phase it gets +1 to hit with its missile weapon attacks. 


Master Engineer: 

In your hero phase, pick 1 friendly Ironweld Arsenal War Machine unit within 3″ of this model. You can heal up to d3 wounds allocated to that unit.
Useful early doors, not so much later after they have flown away. Deploy next to Damned terrain though, take the wounds and heal them back for some reroll 1s action. 

Stormkeep Knight-Ayrzos: 

Is swift enough to keep up with them and will allow you to reroll 1s to hit against enemies within 10″ of it,increasing your damage out put. 

Stormkeep Lord-Ordinators: 

With provide a plus 1 to hit to your Gryocopters (as the have the War Machine keyword), while they are wholly within 9″ on them. 

Allegiance Abilities

Loads of synergies within most of the Cities, here are the ones I feel most relevant to our beloved Gyros. 


One of the least useful cities to run Gyrocopters in, you can still eek out a few drops of value. 

Battle Traits:

The Pride of Hammerhal:

While wholly within your territory, your units ignore battleshock. You can run units of 3 more safely against opponents with decent ranged threats and not have to worry about expending Command Points early to keep your Gyrocopters from flying off.. 

Command trait:

Blood of the Twelve:
Reroll wound rolls of 1 for melee attacks made by friendly units wholly within 12″ of the general.
If you are in a tight spot and need to take a wound or 2 off a unit or support hero. But in truth, not that great.. 


Twin Stones:
You can activate this artefact in each of your hero phases, if you do so, chose which aspect you want to use.

  • Aqshy Aspect, Add 1 to hit for melee attacks made by friendly units wholly within 12″ of the bearer.
  • Ghyran aspect, roll a d6 for every unit wholly within 12″ of the bearer, on a 4+ you can heal d3 wounds that were previously allocated to that unit.

Again, another way to get a bit off mileage out of your rubbish melee attacks, though far more useful to heal your Gyrocopters. They will be on the front lines most likely, keep them Steaming units longer! 


Nothing much here, though their command ability means running units of 3 is much safer.

Command Ability:

Make an Example of the Weak:
At the start of your Battleshock Phase, pick 1 friendly Anvilguard unit wholly within 12″ of an Anvilguard hero. One model is slain, but Anvilguard units wholly within 18″ of the targeted unit ignore Battleshock.

Tempest’s Eye:

Here we go! Loads of ways to buff your Gyros here, and mostly without the need to roll dice. My favourite. 

Battle Traits:

Alert and Forewarned:
Add 3 to movement and 1 to saves for Tempest Eye units until the end of the 1st battle round.
Wow, 19″ move 1st turn and a 3 up save! Just brilliant, but it gets better. 

Outrunners of the Realms:
Add 1 to run rolls.
oosh 26″ threat range off those Guild Bombs from the off, 23″ in later turns. Glorious, but it gets better still.. 

Command Ability:

Rapid Redeploy:
In the shooting phase, pick a Tempest’s Eye unit wholly within 12″ of hero. That unit can shoot even if it ran in the same turn.

Good grief! 26″ move and still able to firing this Steam Guns! Bonkers good, it still gets better though.. 

Command Trait:

Hawk Eyed:
Add 1 to wound rolls for missile attacks made by friendly Tempest’s Eye units wholly within 12″ of the general.
WOW, just wow.. combine this with a Hurricanum and your Steam Guns profile is looking to be 2s to hit 3s to wound. Yummers. 


Patrician’s Helm:
Do not take battleshock for friendly Tempest’s Eye units wholly within 12″ of the bearer.
More ways to keep your low bravery from affecting the game and allowing you to take units of 3 with more confidence. 


You probably won’t see many Gyrocopters in most competitve Hallowheart builds, as the additional drops I’d imagine won’t be desirable. If you are a right pervert though, you may not care and there is a few ways to help them out within Hallowheart. 

Battle traits:

Eldritch Attunement:
If a unit is affected by a spell or endless spell, you can choose to roll a die. On a 5+, ignore the spell’s effects.
Solid, can be buffed later with a Hallowheart Lore spell.. 

Command traits: 

Veteran of the Blazing Crusade:
Do not take battleshock tests for friendly units wholly within 18″ of the general.
As we’ve seen before, using 3s is much safer. 

Living City:

This city is probably the funnest way to run your Gyrocopters and will reward the forward thinker! 

Battle Traits: 

Hunters of the Hidden Paths:
Instead of setting up a Living City unit on the battlefield, you can say that it is set up in the hidden paths. You can set up a unit in reserve for each living city unit you have on the battlefield (therefore this excludes potential allied units from the count). At the end of the movement phase, you can set them up wholly within 6″ of the battlefield edge more than 9″ from any enemy units. Deploy them at that latest on turn 3, because at the start of turn 4 any units that are still in the hidden paths are destroyed.
Sneaky! Though, with only a range of 8″, only really useful if you are going second and playing for the double for your Gyros.
Nothing stopping you deploying your Gyrocopters on the board and using this ability to move a character on so you can use the excellent Command Ability this awesome city has later though.. 

Attuned to Nature:
In your hero phase, heal 1 wound allocated to every living city unit.
Just really great, esp if you are taking your Gyros in 1s

Command Ability:

Strike and Melt Away:
End of shooting phase, pick one friendly Living City unit that shot that phase, is more than 9″ from enemy units and wholly within 18″ of a friendly Living City hero. That unit can move, it cannot run.
Yes! Move, shoot, then if you have killed what’s within 8″ of you, Guild Bomb who’s left, another unit or run away using your excellent 16″ move. So, so good. Plus synergies’s well with one of the Living City spells. 

Command Traits: 

Can run and charge. Friendly units are not affected by the Deadly Scenery rule if they are wholly within 12″.
Meh.. Slightly useful, prob better Living City options for your general though. 

Greywater Fastness:

Rivalling Tempest and Living City for best city to take Gyros in! 

Battle Traits: 

Home of the Great Ironweld Guilds:

Friendly Greywater Fastness Ironweld Arsenal missile attacks have their maximum range increased by 3″. In a pitched battle, you can include an additional artillery unit.
Steam Guns with 11″ range? Yes please! Plus the recent faq means all models from the enemy unit you are targeting are in range within 11″. Get in! 

Command Traits: 

Reroll hit rolls of 1 for friendly missile weapon attacks made by units wholly within 12″ of this general as long as the general is more than 3″ away from any enemy units.
Consistency is king, pop this on a Phoenix and you’ll have a large base and tanky swift general keeping your 11″ Steam Gun scalding all! 

Ghoul Mere Ranger:
Friendly units wholly within 12″ of the general can run and still shoot later in the same turn.
If speed is your thing, this is another choice worth exploring. Running, shooting 11″ Steam Guns.. Wonderbar. 

The Phoenicium:

Not a great deal going on here, but suicide bombing could be really useful within this city due to it’s excellent battle trait you want going off as often as possible once you are melee commited. 

Battle Traits: 

Vengeful Revenants:
Add 1 to hit and wound rolls for melee weapon attacks if any friendly Phoenician units have been destroyed in the same phase.
Get your single Gyrocopters dive bombing units with their Guild Bombs and then straight into combat with units that have to fight them and likely to take out in one go.
The rest of your units (especially Phoenix Guard, Halberdiers of Phoenix characters) are going to be most grateful! 

Command traits: 

Aura of Senerity:
Do not take battleshock tests for friendly units wholly within 12″ inches of the general.
I wouldn’t be fielding Gyros in anything other than 1s in this city, prob give this a miss. 


Listed in Allegiance Abilities for ease. 


Some of the Lore spells form the Cities can benefit our plucky little flying machines. Here’s what I see working best with Gyros.. 


Vitrioc Spray: CV8. If cast, pick a visible enemy unit within 6″. Until the start of your next hero phase, they have a save characteristic of “-“.

Woah.. the fact you can cast this through an Umbral Spell Portal to get in to range, means this spell will easily be able to support your Gyrocopters wherever they are on the table. Another reason to bring Sorceresses with you to stab their mates and gain plus 2 to their casts..
Even Heartguard Berzerkers will fear this combo! Delete horde units with ease. 

Tempest’s Eye:

Aura of Glory: Cast on a 7, add 1 to the attack characteristic of melee weapons for friendly Tempest’s Eye units that are wholly within 12″ of the caster.

In a tight spot, may be useful helping take out a support hero on low wounds. 


Warding Brand: Cast on a 6, target a friendly unit wholly within 18″ and visible. Until start of next hero phase, roll a dice each time a wound was dealt by a melee weapon and was not negated. On a 4+ the attacking unit suffers a mortal wound.

Cast on single Gyrocopters, suicide into a unit of Plaguemonks, DoK Witches, or any other blender unit and watch them mortal wound themselves to death for the loss of just 70pts. 

Crystal Aegis: Cast on a 5, until the start of your next hero phase, add 1 to the rolls for Eldritch Attunement trait for friendly units wholly within 12″ of the caster. 
You now ignore enemy spells on a 4+, decent

Ignite Weapons: Cast on a 6, pick a friendly unit wholly within 18″ of the caster that is visible to them. Add 1 to wound rolls made by that unit until the start of your next hero phase.
Great way to increase damage output, thanks to Hallowheart’s very reliable casting. 

The Living City:

Life Surge: Cast on a 6, pick 1 friendly model within 18″ of the caster. You can heal d6 wounds that were allocated to the model.
Keep your flying machines in the fight longer, solid. 

Cage of Thorns: Cast on a 7, pick 1 enemy unit that’s within 18″ of the caster and that is visible, halve the move characteristic of that unit until the start of your next hero phase. Also, until the start of your next hero phase, the first time that unit moves it takes d6 mortal wounds.

Combine this with your Living City Command Ability. You’ll be able to fly up to a unit that’s had its move halved, shoot, then fly away. They have a tougher time catching your swift Gyrocopters with their movement halved! 
Can be used in conjunction with Soulsnare Shackles and/or Shards of Valagharr to really shut down an enemies advance and keep your Gyros safe. 

Iron Oak Skin: Cast on a 6, pick 1 friendly wholly within 18″ of the caster and visible, subtract 1 from wound rolls that target that unit until the start of your next hero phase.

Best used on single Gyros on tagging duties. 

The Phoenicium:

Golden Mist: This is the one you’re taking. Cast on a 6, heal d3 wounds to each friendly Phoenician unit within 12″ and visible. 

Healing always welcome. 

Some Wizards also have useful warscroll spells to add to the party.

Lumniark of Hysh:

Pha’s Protection: Cast on a 5. pick a friendly unit within 18″ and visible to the caster. -1 to hit rolls from attacks that target the unit until the next hero phase. 
Great for those single Gyros on tagging duties or keeping your Gyros alive in ranged exchanges.*


Battlemages can have several spells depending on where they hail from. These are worthy of consideration imho


 Mystifying Miasma: Cast on a 4. Pick an enemy unit within 18″ of the caster and visible to them. That unit cannot run and subtracts 2 from any charge rolls until your next hero phase.

Another great spell to take in Living City and keep the enemy at bay after flying away! 


Pha’s Protection: as above*


Shield of Thorns: Cast in a 5. Pick a friendly unit within 18″ and visible to the unit. until your next hero phase, any unit finishing a charge move within 3″ takes d3 mortal wounds until your nest hero phase. 
Dissuade charges, punish them if they do!


Wildform: Cast in a 5. Pick a friendly unit within 18″ of the caster and visible to them. Add 2″ to run and charge rolls for this unit until your next hero phase.
Worth considering within Tempest Eye, seeing how you can run and still shoot thanks to your Command Ability.
The max threat range of Gyrocopters (with steam Guns) possible would be 38″! 16″ move, plus 3″ Tempest Eye first turn, 7″ run, 2″ Wildfom, 2″ Chronomantic Cogs, 8″ Steam Gun.. Woah! Amazing with the fact they can fly and incredibly hard to play around. 

Endless Spells:

Thanks to city Endless Spells being ‘Empowered’, wizards with access to Lifeswarm have a 50% chance to bring a Gyrocopter back with a successful cast that’s in range. 
Chronomantic Cogs is also great for increasing their threat range. 
Both these can be cast more reliably than most factions due to Hurricanum’s and Sorceresses abilities to increase their casts. 


Greywater Runelord‘s prayer,  mentioned in units that synergies with them already. 


Not today 


We fly over it all, but use Damned in Living City or when there’s a Cogsmith close by and then gain a wound/d3 wounds back for some cheeky reroll 1s action. 

Pros & Cons

The pros way out way the cons! 

In short (reused pun, I enjoyed typing it the first time), I see the most successful City builds including Gyrocopters.
A solid unit full of value with a vast array of synergies and several battlefield roles, that can change through out the game. 

It’s one con is it’s low bravery of 6, but there are so many ways to neuter this and City lists have many ways to create Command Points, this con is not going to be a worry. 

Hobby Notes

Here’s an example lists with Gyrocopters in, please do feel free to send me your own ideas!! 

I’d appreciate a like or a comment on what you have found most useful, help me gauge what’s working and what isn’t. 

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