The mutalith can be summed up in a few words; random, cheap, bait, behemoth. It fulfils all of these functions and is surprisingly survivable as long as you control the movement and control the damage done to it.

In-Game Guide

It is a very large and impressive, perhaps intimidating, model that can do a lot of damage. It is also not as effective as it looks due to being almost entirely random. Stick it on a flank and go after the largest horde on the flank and hope for the best!

The Warscroll

It is a single model behemoth, that comes in pretty cheap at 200 points for a 12 wound model.

With a movement of 10″ (reducing as per damage), it’s pretty fast to begin with.

Starting with 12 wounds it seems a bit lacklustre in the survivability department, but it does heal d3 wounds in every one of your hero phases (as long as you remember!). It’s 4+ save isn’t too bad either, but it has no protection against mortal wounds.

Damage output isn’t great, it should do about 5/6 damage at full strength. The main strength of the mutalith is it’s wierd ability, which you roll a d6 and apply a random effect, which can knock off movement, bravery or cause what we used to know as stupidity. If the D6 is a 6, then it does d6 mortals and if a model is killed, a spawn is created. This wierd ability is likely to happen once every two games as the range is 15″, and you’ll possibly only use it 3/4 times a game.

Units That Synergise With It

Nothing really. If allied to StD then the sorceror’s re-roll all 1’s can help, as well as the usual obvious realmgate spells, but largely it’s a solo beastie.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Stick it on the far side of a flank and go for those objectives. If you put it in the middle it may get some extra chances to roll a 6 with it’s ability, but it almost certainly will die within a few turns if you do so.

Pros & Cons

It’s sort-of good against everything, until it charges into combat it is pretty good with its odd abilities against hordes, as it can apply pretty effective de-buffs. If you roll well it can be worth as much as a magma dragon, if you roll badly it can be worth as much as a pointy stick with the point dropped off.

Hobby Notes

It takes ages because it is such a fantastic model. The Cthulu like tentacles, and the sheer bulk of the thing make it extremely fun to put together, as it is a spawn variant it is really easy to convert, and it just deserves the time spending on it. If you like modelling and painting at all then this is the model for you. It is one of the older plastics so please do be prepared to spend some time trimming the mouldlines!

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