The cyclopean eye of a Cygor allows it to see the flows of magic that wend across the battlefield.  As they tear their way through the ranks of the enemy, they feast upon spells as well as the sorcerous souls of those who cast them.

The Warscroll

Wow that sounds fantastic right, but sadly doesn’t quite translate.  Tearing through the ranks of the enemy with 8 attacks at 4+,3+,-1,1… that doesn’t tear.

Eating spells, must be like an auto unbind or some such, lets check the scroll.  2 unbinds… I guess that’s ok and they do 1 MW to the caster and heal a wound.

14w, 5+ save and m8 will survive chip damage but that’s about it.

Units That Synergise With It

Herdstone effectively buffs it’s rend, that’s nice.

Loads of units can buff combat attacks but that feels like a waste to put it on this unit.

Units it Synergises With

It doesn’t have any synergies it puts out, sadface.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Put it on the board and watch it do nothing all game. Wish that it was any other unit out the book that actually achieves things.

Pros & Cons

Pro’s – put this model on the table safe in the knowledge you’re a fluffy player.

Cons – put this model on the table with the crushing knowledge that you’re bringing a fluffy army to a competitive game.

Hobby Notes

The kit doubles as a Ghorgon. The Ghorgon doesn’t see much table time either but at least it looks like it might kill something, sometime.

Honest Goblin

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