This is the humble ghoul king, made fearsome on a terrorgheist. He is in my opinion the best monster we have. They move 14”, and fly, which is almost fastest natural unmodified movement in the game. They cover a lot of space (a pro and a con sometimes). They have 4+ save, and a 6+ death save, and have a spell Unholy Vitality for another 5+ after damage save. 4+/5++/6+++ is very strong. They are bravery 10 (as is all death).

The death shriek unfortuantely is now a missile weapon, but it does what it always has done – kill low bravery things. Anything bravery 6 or less takes basically d6 auto-mortal wounds with no hit roll. I have one-shot so many low bravery characters with this. In my opinion this far beats the zombie dragon breath which still has to hit most of the time, and only does d6 non- mortal wounds.

In-Game Guide

In combat, this thing is beast. The king himself does 5 attacks, 3/3/-1/1, which is quite good. Then the terrogheist adds 4 claws at 4/3/-1/d3. But the kicker is the gaping maw. It used to be a single attack, so rolling that 6 to wound after 4+ to hit was very lackluster. But now it is 3 attacks, averaging 1-2 hits, then that magic 6 to wound to do straight 6 mortals is hardcore good.

Not only is it hard to kill, but auto heals d3 each hero phase. It can summon crypt horrors or flayers for a command point (and a second for free with Majestic Horror command trait). It is almost always more useful to summon horrors than another courtier (which is what Zombie Dragon does). As mentioned above, it can cast Unholy Vitality on itself or someone else, giving someone a 5+ after damage save. Finally, as a final insult to your opoonent after they have spent so much effort killing it, it explodes for d3 mortal wounds!

At 400 points, it is a decent chunk of points, but worth it, and 40 points cheaper than the GK on zombie dragon. These big guys should be the centrepiece models of your FEC army. They synergise with your other units so well by providing a LARGE reroll hit aura. Crypt Ghouls reroll hit rolls of 1 within 15” of any king (which is so good with large blocks of ghouls), and crypt horrors become frighteningly efficient when within 15” of any GK because it lets them reroll ALL hits.

Finally, the bases are large, so covers more ground, can be used to your advantage by blocking off movement lanes and stopping opponents from reaching objectives. The Deathless Courtiers save is a bit worse than before, your units have to be WHOLLY within 12” to benefit, but the bigger base means you can cover more table while staying within 12” for the save.

Allegiance Abilities

FEC do not really have allegiance abilities (except feeding frenzy, which I have literally never used). They have delusions, and the best one is obviously Crusading Army.Having the delusion is automatic and does not depend on anyone being alive.


Best artifact is probably flayed pennant. This has recently been improved in AOS 2, now a 12” aura giving all FEC units ability to declare charges against units 15” away, and a flat +3 charge (used to be 3d6 charge). For a combat army, this can be so clutch. Other artifacts that would go well on the GKOTG include Ethereal Amulet, to make it 4+ unmodifiable, 5++ unholy vitality, and 6+ deathless save. That’s one hard to kill monster. Other one would be Doppleganger Cloak, meaning he can wreck some face before taking any damage.


Unholy vitality

Unholy vitality can be cast on himself, and probably should be, since he will likely be in combat and it makes him very survivable (ala Nurgle). If he is safe in the back, Unholy Vitality can make a giant ghoul block, or a block of 9-12 horrors very very hard to kill.

Mystic Shield

Mystic shield on himself or cast on him by another wizard now makes him reroll 1s on his 4+ save, which is great.


The only worthwhile battallion for FEC is ghoul patrol which does not normally synergize with
GKOTG. However, the GK has such fast movement, and as mentioned above, you want your
big ghoul patrol blocks to be within 15” to get reroll 1s to hit, so that’s a nice thing to think about.

How to Use the Unit in Game

While they are hard to kill, hit hard and can move fast, don’t thrown them away without support. They can be killed by any decent combat unit, like Daughters wyches, khorne guys, evocators, deepkin eels, etc. Be smart, run multiple and screen if not getting the charge off.

Pros & Cons

The only CON to this unit is the base size, the largest circular base. It can easily get blocked by scenery or enemy models, since you have to stay 3” away while moving. Fly helps a lot, but you need a lot of movement to move that giant base over a unit and end up 3” away. Anything that buffs the movement is naturally extremely useful, such as chronomantic cogs (+2 move), and Amethestine Pinions from Lores of Death (+5 move). This just makes them unstoppable

Hobby Notes

I would rate this model as a medium difficulty to assemble. Some of the parts are finicky, and balancing all 4 legs on the rocks and having them all flush to the base can be tricky. I perrsonally magnetized my GK model and have him standing on his own base on the terrorgheist base, touching his head (like petting him). Then I can run him as a GK on terrorgheist, or run them separately as a TG and a GK (although I have never done that).

Not too difficult to paint. The areas where the bone show through the torn flesh can be a bit time consuming, and painting inside the ribcage is tricky.

Honest Goblin

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