Welcome to the sharp end of the KO stick. The Endrinrigger is a 2 wound model with a wide range of utility and weapon options. Wether it’s wiping out the enemy unit, dying (sometimes far too quickly) or using its movement shenanigans to get waaaay out of combat Riggers will not last long in a fight but they will generally cause more damage than they take. A fragile unit with high damage output and crazy mobility it is a must take in any KO and almost any mixed order list that can take it!

The Warscroll

Unit size

  • 3+ 

Weapon options:

  • Default = Rapid fire rivet gun and aethermatic saw
  • For each grp of 3, 1x Aethermatic volley gun 
  • For each grp of 3, 1x Skyhook, Drill Cannon OR Grapnel launcher 
  • any of the special weapons replaces the models aethermatic saw with a Gun butt weapon profile.

Weapon profiles:

  • Missile:
    • Rivet gun:                            12″ 3 atks, 3+, 4+, -1, 1
    • Aethermatic Volley Gun: 24″ 6 atks, 4+, 4+, -1, 1 
    • Skyhook:                             24″ 1 atks, 4+, 3+, -2, 3
    • Drill Cannon:                     24″ 1 atks, 4+, 3+, -3, 3
  • Melee
    • Aethermatic Saws:              1″ 1 atks, 3+, 2+, -2, D3
    • Gun Butt                               1″ 1 atks, 4+, 5+,  -, 1 


  • Fly: they fly…
  • Leader (Mizzenmaster) 2 atks with saw
  • SKYVESSEL within 1″ (including the one they are embarked on) heals 1 wound in each of your hero phases
  • Skyhook: when an unsaved wound goes through on target the Endrinriggers can move d6″ towards the target unit.
  • Drills: 6+ wnd roll = D3 additional wounds to unit within 3″ of targeted unit.
  • Grapnel: at end of “their” shooting phase on a 4+ can grapple to a terrain piece or hero with 10+ wounds and move up to 24″ towards target. Cannot pass within 3″ of ANY enemy during this move or move stops immediately.
  • Don’t count towards number of models Embarked on a SKYVESSEL.

Units That Synergise With It


  • Use the Khemist buff on the saws for this unit and you’re getting double the attacks on an incredible profile. This is really the meat of some of the most successful KO armies.


  • Not only can these “balloon boys” be deployed off the board (and possibly even “deepstruck” (is that even a word?)) by putting them into a ship, but they wont prevent you from putting anyone else in the boat. They can also hang out in the boat to keep them away from threats, heal the boat for 1 every turn (per unit of Endrinrigger) and then be deployed as close as 3″ to an enemy (not likely but possible). 

I’m sure there are more feel free to comment and I will try to add it. 

Units it Synergises With

They make units deader not better… ;P

Allegiance Abilities

meh, the big one is the Khemist buff really. The battleshock buffs avail from some skyports/codes is kind of nice as these guys are often quite a ways away from most heroes or other buffing units, I guess.

How to Use the Unit in Game

alpha strike, counter charge, hero/monster/lynchpin hunter, objective grabber (late game… if they last till then).

These guys are your reliable damage output in an army that has very little reliability.

Pros & Cons


  • crazy damage output potential
  • massive mobility: 3″deploy from ship +12″ move +6″ skyhooks +24″ Grapple move =45″ total movement
  • Massive threat range: 45″+ 12-24″ Depending on loadout.


  • SOOOO SQUISHY: 2 wounds @4+ save means these guys get SHREDDED as soon as anything even looks at them!
  • No seriously, they are so much squishier than you think. and they WILL be prioritized.
  • As with all of KO mistakes made while playing this unit hurt very badly. KO in general are a very onforgiving army to play every mistake will cost you huge!

Hobby Notes

Every KO kit I have built has been amazing!! The ships and “balloon boys” do require sub assemblies for a proper paint job. Otherwise the sprues are all really well laid out. The pieces fit nicely together with few mold lines or spaces. As always there are some contact points that make clipping the piece off of the sprue a bit tricky but if you’ve ever built a GW model before you will have encountered this already.

Please leave a comment if you think I’ve missed something and I would be happy to try and fix it!

Honest Goblin



My Bio:

Have been Hobbying for ages, started finally playing a little more than a year ago. I play Death (LoN and LoS) and Kharadron Overlords. 

You can find me as a regular guest on Mini War Gaming's AOS series, usually playing Death but, have been branching out and practicing with some mixed order lists lately. 

Gaming style:

Generally I would say that I am a "Controller" type of gamer, but recently I have started to veer towards "Quickie". 




  • “So because of all those debuffs, you can’t hit me” Cool, calm collected and they wake up in the morning hoping to make it rain on your sunny day. The aim of these players is to make you not play your army the way you want to or had planned to. While this is a very viable tactic, it's frustrating to play against and we imagine a sick delight to play as. Just be aware it won't get you many favourite game votes and knowing what units to control will require a lot of planning ahead of time and some good system mastery.


  •  “I alpha strike, then I either win or I hit the bar” Some players just don't want 2.5 hours of intense tactical decision making, to see every dice roll as a key part of a rosetta stone of decision rubrik and that's totally ok. You want a fun game and a low impact weekend. All the gamble of this playstyle happens in army selection. You go for the win in the early turns. 

Event Results:

I have been to several tournaments and have lost all but my very first game... So y'know... I'm obviously a fantastic source of strategic advice. 

Most of my playing experience actually comes from Making Battle reports with Mini War Gaming, for their AOS series.