Ever wanted to recreate the charge that the rohirim do in the Return of the King? Have you ever asked yourself, how fast is too fast? Welcome to this Rundown on Centigors.

We are using this unit in a Maggotkin army by fulfilling all the requirements of the Pestilent Throng warscroll battalion, to take advantage of Blades of putrefaction. The mortal wound spell from the maggotkin battletome.

Units That Synergise With It

Great Unclean One 

Reverberating Summons

+3 move to nurgle units starting move within 7”

Great Brayshaman 

Infused with Bestial Vigour

+3” move to BRAYHERD units WHOLLY within 12”


Spell: Fleshy Abundance ( 7 )

14” range +1 wound characteristic till the next hero phase

Command Ability: Lords of Nurgle

Nurgle units in 14” gets +1 to attack

Chaos Sorcerer

Access to Blades of Putrification

Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Access to Ocular Vision and Demonic power

Units it Synergises With

It synergises with the dead units around it by putting a spear through them.

Allegiance Abilities

The Nurgle ones available in the Battletome. This gives you access to the contagion wheel, the feculant gnarlmaw piece of scenery and the summoning available to papa Nurgle and his hordes


Blades of putrefaction ( 7 )

  • Unit in 14” 6+ to hit causes a mortal wound in addition


Pestilent Throng 

1 – 4 heros of


Dragon Ogor Shaggoth


Great Bray Shaman

3 – 7 Bestigors, Gors, Ungors, Ungor Raiders

0 – 7 Centigors, bullgores, dragon ogres and Tuskgor chariot

0 – 2 Cygores o Ghorgons

Entropic Deluge

If a friendly unit is destroyed then 7” aoe 2+ mortal wound to enemy

Vectors of the plague god

Gain the nurgle keyword

Hobby Notes

These dudes are hella expensive!! So this is not for the faint hearted!

The Boss

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Creator of THWG, Worlds best tSport commentator, Based in Nottingham UK. Massive collection of armies but 2018 i am playingAOS - Chaos Dwarves  40k - OrksI like castle builds and im a gamble gamer

Gaming style:

Big risk big reward, its my bedroom technique too.

I prefer combos and utility to a more traditional efficient list. Trying out the fringe edge competitive lists and polarizing my army can also be what I like to do. I'm also a confidence gamer. Full of guts and bravado but really its all a bluff. 
I have a long way to go to fully understand my gaming style but looking forward to the journey.

Event Results:

AOS Scgt Champ 2016 - Worlds Largest AOS event pre GHB 1
Alliance Champ 2016 - Worlds first GHB matched play event

2018 Throne of skulls -Champ /Best sports
2018 Aos Doubles Champ

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