A nice simple unit that is cheap and disposable. They’re not overly powerful but add a little unknown into your game plan for your opponent to ponder.

In-Game Guide

These guys can either deploy on the battlefield or in reserves. It is not an automatic decision to set them up in reserves. They do have their uses starting on the board since they can run and charge. When setting them up in reserve you are forced to bring them in turn 1 and 12″ away from enemy units so in terms of reserve units they are proably the worst. but for 60 points I don’t complain….too much. Anyway they are handy to bring on to harass a character, or threaten an objective.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Very simple. You either hold it back in reserve or deploy it on the board. Don’t also have them as your first units deployed into reserve so that you can see what your opponent does. Sometimes you might want to hold them back so you can decide if they will be in reserve or not.

In Reserve

If you hold him in reserve you have one big issue and thats that you have to deploy him at the end of your first movement phase AND 12″ away from enemies. It means your opponent only has to worry about him for one turn and after that can forget about him. So when placing him you are looking for any gaps your opponent may have left open or maybe a spot that forces the opponent to come after the gorger taking a unit out of the game temporarily. The purpose for these guys is to draw attention and die. Any damage or objective scoring is a bonus.

Deployed on the Board

If you deploy these on the board it is either because it is total commitment, the opponent has a lot of reserves and you need the bodies to zone them off or you want them to go character hunting and the opponent has left you with relevant to bring them in. One use I have found for them is when opponents put soft characters too far forward and you get a chance to charge them. Now the likelihood of the gorger killing a model in one round of combat is slim but for 60 points it can be worth the gamble. you might be in range to cast a spell at the wizard also or even buff the gorger with the cauldron. In any case its unlikely this will happen but always worth keeping your eyes open for these opportunities.

Pros & Cons


Can be held in reserve

Potential 11 damage output

Can run and charge

Cheap unit


Must arrive T1 12″ away from the enemy

Not very survivable

Honest Goblin


My Bio:

Hi everyone, my names Mick and Ive been playing warhammer since 6th edition warhammer fantasy. My main armies are Gutbusters and Tzeentch but I also play Khorne and Stormcast when I feel like it. Currently giving Gutbusters all of my attention to see what I can squeeze out of the army and to really just change things up a bit from 3 years of Tzeentch.

I am the current captain and founder of the Irish AoS team. I love to play in tournaments and I also run regular tournaments with Dave Smyth, Chin Dave and Nathan Sandison as part of our Hero Phase group in Wicklow, Ireland.

Gaming style:

Competitive and tactical. Best way to describe what I like about warhammer games. I like to think out every single movement and action I make and have a purpose for same. nothing better for me than a game that takes a lot of thought.