Gibbering with lunatic energy, the luminescent Pink Horrors whirl and flail, generating raw magic that can manifest as blasts of unnatural fire that scour the enemy.  Should they be slain, Horrors split in twain to form two lesser incarnations.

The Warscroll

Battleline with 3 shooting attacks per model but it’s ok, they’re only doing 0.5 wounds before saves with no rend, on average.  Oh, oh right, the book has all the buffs in the world which apply to them. So it’s often hitting on 2’s with rerolls and rend.  Oh ffs.

They then split into 2 blue and then 2 Brimstone horrors, wow that must give you some decent efficiency.  Wait a minute, that means 50 wounds for 200pts is the cheapest cost/wound in the whole game. I can see no problem with this.

At least the defensive stats are garbage.

Units That Synergise With It

Everything in tz buffs everything, so basically… Everything.

Units it Synergises With

They are the cheapest cost per wound in the whole game, that basically makes the synergise with anything you like.


They have a spell but can only cast that one, of course it buffs their shooting.


I can’t possibly think of any battalion which I would consider using with these guys.  Nope, none at all, definitely not one that can be a one drop if you really wanted.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Flood midtable, tie up opponent’s army, stop them from ever getting near an objective, win on scenario.  Oh but also some reasonable shooting when you need it.

Pros & Cons

Pros – Take a guess.  What pro’s could one possibly identify for a ridiculously points efficient battleline unit that also has some damage output to it.  Go on, I challenge you.

Cons – your opponent will immediately assume you’re a bit of a dick for playing Tzeentch

Hobby Notes

They’re piss easy to paint as well, some people even use 3 colours.

Honest Goblin

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