This unit is all bout the pennant… though it can also choose not to have a pennant and have a trident.. no-one would choose the trident.. this guy is an auto include in every Swifthawk Agent army as he give a +1 to wound rolls for all swift hawk agents that are within 16″ when they attack. which stacks when you have two.. take two…. but only if you take the pennant…

In-Game Guide

this guy attacks like a wet noodle and has a save of 5+ rerollable. so he is not great in a fight.. he is big so he is easy to surround but has a fast 16″ move so keep him defended well or out of the way..

this unit is basically a mobile Aura that has a slightly awesome command ability that is pretty much useless…. unless you army is swifthawk agents that can fly (three possible units)

The Warscroll

this guy is all bout the Pennant and 16″ Aura don’t get him into combat. with 8 wounds  and 5+ rerollable save he won’t last long..


Units it Synergises With

all Swifthawk Agents 16″ aura +1 wound roll

Swifthawk Agents that can fly = command ability: whole battlefield, run and charge.


possibly Doppleganger cloak so he is not murdered..


RIP guardians of the dawnspire (no more swordmasters in swifthawk agents armies)

Hobby Notes

this is one of the fidliest models I have ever put together with two flight stands and a connector between the Hawk and the chariot that is very flimsy not to mention a pennant that is easily broken you want to travel with care with this model.. Magnetise early on 

Honest Goblin


2nd Legion

Team QLD