So you went ahead and bought it! Or are you here to convince yourself to? Let’s go.

20wounds monster without really getting worse for wear over time. It’s rend goes down from -3 to -2 when its taken 8 wounds. And from -2 to -1 at 17!

It’s swingy attacks also lessens from 8 down to 4. But it’s not that bad.

It has fly and moves 16″ while shooting at a whooping 18″


4 attacks 3+ 2+ -3 rend // d6 damage each is very respectful.

8 attacks 4+ 3+ -1 rend // 2 damage

Shooting ability:

2+ on a unit of 10 or more = 2d6 mortal wounds, holy bananas!

or just a normal d6 if the unit has less then 10.

Burning Blood:

This is where it shines! Each wound taken in melee  is a mortal wound on your enemy on a 4+. Or d3 mortal wound on a 6. This is scary and very useful. I’ve killed units of morsarr guards with this.


I use Talisman of the watcheron a HERO to give her a “free” mystic shield every combat phase.


Depending on which realm your play in, you can really buff this lady up. Use whatever means you got to make it more survivable or so. Rerolls to hit? To save? Whatever it takes!

How to Use the Unit in Game

Either have it in the back as some kinda sniper with it’s 2+ mortals. Or use it as intended and charge and die with honour as it blood burns your enemies to cinder.

Hobby Notes

A semi-pain to build. But loads of fun to paint! No pinning needed if you dont travel with it allot!

Honest Goblin


Warpfuel Gasstation

Gaming style:

Reliable list with good results? NO

Something happens on a 5+, YES!

Event Results:

Scored 2nd placed on every tournament I have tried to win \_o.o_/

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