The ground shakes beneath pounding Juggernaut hooves as the Mighty Skullcrushers ride into battle. Foes are smashed aside by the impact of the charge, and any survivors are soon reduced to piles of gore by the riders’ axes. Skullcrushers are Khorne’s cavalry, a fast-ish tanky unit that is really REALLY hard finish off

The Warscroll

Skullcrushers come in increments of three, at 160 points apiece with a max unit size of 12 and no horde discount. They can be batttleline if A Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut is your general. These guys look like a super killy unit, but in game they actually function better as a speedy tar pit with an 8″ movement, 5 wounds apiece and a 3+ save, these guys will last a while, all while tying up some of your opponents best units. Skullcrushers can be equipped with an assortment of Ensorcelled Axes with 3/3/3/ – /1 attack profile, and Bloodglaives, who hit with a 3/4/3/-1/1 attack. Which weapon you take is up to you, they’re statistically the same, unless you expect to be facing lots of models that ignore rend, in which case use ensorcelled axes. Skullcrushers ride Juggernauts, each of with use their Brazen Hooves as a 3/3/3/ – /1 attack (The same as ensorcelled axes) One model in this unit can be a Skullhunter, who gets 1+ attack with his weapon, one in three models can be a Standard Bearer, who adds 2 to this units Bravery Characteristic and one in three models can be a Horn Blower, who adds 1 to run and charge rolls for this unit. For warscroll abilities, this unit only has one, but it is good. Every time this unit charges, pick an enemy unit, and roll a dice for every model that charged in your Skullcrushers unit. On a 2+, the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound, and if this unit has 6 or more Skullcrushers, the damage characteristic is d3 instead of 1.

Units That Synergise With It

As for all Khorne units, the Bloodsecrator and Wrathmongers do the most to help this unit, with 1+ attack while WHOLLY within 16″ of the Bloodsecrator and 1+ attack while WHOLLY within 8″ of a Wrathmongers unit.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Use these guys to tie up some of your opponents hardest hitters, Skullcrushers are very good at being a fast tar pit. If you do want them to do any serious damage though, consider keeping them out of combat for a turn so you can get a charge and do all those mortal wounds.

Pros & Cons


Fast (sort of)

Very Tanky

Decent Damage


Still kind of slow for cavalry

Bravery is low 

Forced to get a charge to do significant damage (not to say they won’t do any if they don’t get a charge)

Honest Goblin


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I like to either take an armies weakness and find a way to negate it, or take an armies strength and make a list completely based around making the most out of that strength as possible. I love diving deep into strategy and figuring out how to optimize my lists, units and in game decisions as much as possible, and I love sharing my (often unconventional and unexpected) opinions and outlooks. I often find that my responses and rundowns are probably WAY more detailed and long than they need to be.