A Hail of tiny arrows that block out the sun! And tickle your foes! This Unit comes in stacks of 20. I run them with only 2 netters per 20 in order to maximize the number of arrows I can shoot.

In-Game Guide

Let’s get real, this unit is not the best shooting unit in the game. But with that many dice rolls on a 4+ to hit 5+ to wound, it gets some licks in.

In AoS 3.0 we have seen some tough nerfs to our beloved stabbas in coherency and point costs. Which means the Shootas have become a little more attractive in terms of opportunity cost (comparison).

A buff we got to the Loonshrine puts these little guys over the edge. We can now Garrison up to 30 units WITHIN the loonshrine, which means we can shoot EVERY bow measured from the base of of the loonshrine. This also means we can ungarrison a whopping 6 Inches… 1 inch further than a grot’s normal movement… I picture them jumping off the top for that extra umpf! 

The Warscroll

Grots are Grots and are weak defensively. 6+ save and a 4+ bravery. But, Grot bows are special in that they receive a +1 to HIT if there are more than 10 of them in your unit. 

If they find themselves in melee, they receive the +1 to WOUND on their little grot daggers.

They can also still receive netters to receive the -1 to hit them and the extra melee attacks (but you lose the bows on them).

Units That Synergise With It

1.Wardokk Allied in – Access to “Curse” to allow for 6+ mortals when attacking an enemy unit. (EDIT: Wardokk is no longer a “priest” and therefore no longer has access to curse…. wom wommmm)

2. Spiker – 3+ can reroll wound rolls of 1

3. The Bad Moon – Reroll Hit rolls of 1

In Melee

      4. Sneaky Snufflers – + to their melee attack characteristic (attacks twice)

      5. Sporesplatta Fanatics – Same as Sneaky Snufflers and stacks with the snufflers.

      6. Loonboss on foot (Shaman with Boss Shaman) – 6s become mortals.

       7. Various Know Wotz skills from Gobba Paloozas

Units it Synergises With

Helps to protect screens with Unleash Hell and heroes with Lookout Sir and the netters in your group.

Synergizes well with the Loonshrine as now your loonshrine is more like a turret than a building!

Allegiance Abilities

Light of the Bad Moon – Re-roll hit rolls of 1 if the unit is wholly within the quadrant the Badmoon is in… Not our favorite Allegiance Ability, nor the most reliable.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Tricks for this unit.

Hide a set of Loonsmashas in this unit. Load it up with as many buffs as possible. Hand of Gork it to your enemy’s territory, Unleash a volley of arrows, release the fanatics, charge with the shootas first if you are charging into an unleash hell moment. Then charge with the fanatics!

Another use to use a Wardokk as kind of a “sniper mark” for your bows around the battlefield. This is tricky because you’ll need to be able to get within curse range which is 9″ and it’s a 4+ prayer. But if you manage to get this bad boy off, loose all your arrows into the cursed unit. (EDIT – Wardokk no longer has the priest keyword and does not have access to the Curse prayer… fun was detected)

Do not forget about redeploy and/or Unleash Hell.

Pros & Cons

Pros – There are whole turns where I have Stabbas sitting on an objective doing nothing because they are melee. But what if they had bows? Now they sit on objectives and pepper enemies!

Cons- Hits on a 4+ wounds on a 5+ which  means you may only average around 5-8 hits to be saved with no rend per 20.

Hobby Notes

Building Grots is easy… Painting 20 to 120 grots… Burn Out central.

To overcome this, pick a color scheme, and make it as easy as possible to do and don’t worry so much about the details on these dudes. Detail your heros like Gobbapaloozas, Skragrott and shamans. 

My Paint Scheme for Grots is this: Prime Black, Dry brush Lothern Blue on their already black robes. Yellow or Lothern Blue moons, Red bows, Nets Ushtabi Bone with Agrax Earthshade.

Skin – Deathguard Green Base, Coelia Greenshade, Kreig Khaki Layer.

A Unit of 20 can take about 45 to an hour to unsprue and glue, and another hour to 2 hours to paint.

Honest Goblin