the High Warden or known in Australia as the Murder Pidgin is probably the most overcosted Behemoth in AoS more than capable of eating most small heroes but needs help dealing with other Behemoths. (also known as Kevin Costner)

In-Game Guide

with “Predatory Leap” this miniture breaks the “Pile in” rule as it can pile in 6″ in any direction even hopping over units and joining other fights. 

this model shines on the charge with +1 to wound rolls and damage on the lance when combined with the “legendary fighter” warlord trait for +1 attack and a casting of “hand of glory” from a friendly Loremaster for  rerolls of missed attack and wound rolls and a nearby skywarden for an additional +1 to wound rolls this hero can consistently deal out some real damage.

2″. 3x. 3+. 2+. -1. 3damage

1″. 4x. 3+. 2+. _. 1damage

2″. 1x. (3+?). 2+. -1. D6damage

2″ (x6). 4+. 2+. -1. 1damage


maximum of 25 damage. with all buffs.

The Warscroll

with 10 wounds this Behemoth Hero degrades once damaged but starts out very fast 16″ going down to 8″ at slowest.  with a save of 4+ and 8 bravery it is a bit of a glass cannon so don’t get it in close to anything that can tank its initial charge. though with its predatory leap ability it can run off to a different fight if needed.

Units That Synergise With It

Loremaster‘s Spell: Hand of glory for rerolling hit and wound rolls.

Skywarden‘s Pennant: Aura +1 to wound rolls.

Allegiance Abilities

Order allegiance.. Legendary fighter +1 attack with Lance


Had one in 1.0 but got forgotten in the changeover to 2.0

RIP Guardians of the Dawnspire

How to Use the Unit in Game

this guy is great at killing smaller heroes but avoid big Tanky behemoths unless he is fully buffed and even then expect it to die

Hobby Notes

Purchase: this model was only available from the Dawnspire Boxed set or the 8th edition fantasy boxed set. though you will find them available in various Warhammer trading sites (facebook, eBay etc..)

Care: the Lance is particularly prone to breakage and the stand is easily snapped.. 

Base: the original 8th ed boxed set included a square base so an oval base will be required

Honest Goblin


2nd Legion

Team QLD