Ogors IMHO are the centre of an ogor army. They are probably the most points efficient unit in the army. They have a variety of abilities within the unit which really impact their performance. They can adapt and change their role depending on matchup and scenario. I think every army needs a unit of these and that unit should be 12 strong!!!

In-Game Guide

This unit has serious potential. A unit of 12 have a large footprint so good for denying reserves incoming and the damage output is incredible. 

As I fully believe this unit is a fantastic aggressive unit I think 2 ogor clubs is the best choice since youll be getting a lot of rerolls when you charge in.

You have access to a bellower, two different banners and the champ. It is important to pay attention to the positioning of the command group in the unit throughout the game to get the most out of them.

The Warscroll

Weapon Options

Here I’ll start with the two weapons choices. First we have ironfists. Ironfists provide the chance of a mortal wound when making save rolls. On a 6+ save deal a mortal wound back to a unit in combat. It’s not a great choice imo as it is negated by any rend and also is only 1/6 wounds without rend bouncing back with a mortal wound. Other than the few mortal wounds it might do throughout the game they don’t do a lot. The other choice is two ogor clubs. I really like the ogor clubs as they let you reroll to hit rolls of a 1 always. As ogors dont have access to many buffs I think the reroll 1s is essential. You need to deal as much damage as possible to the enemies you are up against so they hit back less. So on the charge they get to reroll 1s and reroll all wound rolls (if 10 or more ogors)


The unit has 3 attacks per model with an extra one for the champion. They hit on 4+, wounds on 3+, no rend and 2 damage. Hitting on 4+ isn’t great but with reroll 1s and the mountain of attacks you have you’ll get a respectable number of hits on average. They wound on 3+ and have rerolls on the charge. Reroll 1s in general, and reroll everything if theres 10 or more ogors. The rerolls really make them worth their points. The no rend can hurt when against highly armored units but against the majority of units its not too big of an issue. 2 DAMAGE!!! each wound is 2 damage which seems to take a lot of opponents by surprise. So a full unit of 12 charging in will have 37 attacks, which is about 22 hits, about 19-20 wounds and against even a 4+ save thats 9-10 wounds resulting in 18-20 damage. Not bad considering they have received no external buffs from characters or battalions.

Command Group

The command group is quite strong in this unit. The bellower has a 6″ -1 bravery debuff. Try combine that with any sinister terrain and some of the endless spells then you can finish units off quicker through battleshock. The unit has two banners, both of which have good abilities. the Beast Skull banner works well with the bravery game as each time an enemy model flees within 6″ of this banner you roll a d6 and on a 6 another model immediately flees. its not game breaking but a nice way to clear another model or two out of your way. The tribal banner is a bit better in that it gives two very good abilities to the unit. First it allows the unit to reroll battleshock rolls of a 6 and second the lookout grot. The lookout grot gives the unit a 6+ save against wounds and mortal wounds from missile attacks. Always nice when you roll a few 6+s on this against high damage weapons. or the 1 damage you save to keep a model alive!

Units That Synergise With It

GROTS!!! Grots really make this unit way better with correct screening.

The butchers cauldron ability giving this unit +1 to hit makes them even more devastating. There is an argument to take two cauldrons to increase the probability of getting the +1 to hit buff and then the rare occasion you get +2 to hit then you will be smashing face with hitting on 2+ rerolling 1s!

If you are worried about battleshock, the tyrants command ability can make these guys immune to battleshock for the entire game.

Ironguts and mournfang both synergise well with Ogors. The banners on all three of these units are different banners but all have the ability that when a model flees roll a dice to potentially make another model flee. so if set up right you could be rolling 3 dice for each model that flees.

Allegiance Abilities

The destruction allegiance ability helps the ogors massively. The added potential of numerous 6″ moves increases their threat range quite a lot which your opponent has to take into account. You can use this threat to keep your opponent back.  

How to Use the Unit in Game

This unit needs to be doing a lot of your damage or at the very least keeping an opponent from coming near you while you score objectives. If this unit gets charged by a very offensive unit with a lot of damage then you’re in trouble so it is very important to use a grot screen with these or at least keep them out of threat range of dangerous units. When using the screen make sure you keep a full 1″ gap between ogors so when you decide to charge forward you can have the grots run back through the ogors to get out of their way. Alternatively you can set up a counter attack by letting an opponent charge the grots and have the ogors within 3″ of the front of the unit so they can pile in and attack over the grots.

Positioning this unit against an enemy is also very important. It isn’t enough to just get this unit in combat. It is just as important to send it in the right way. What I mean by that is you want to have the command group position for maximum effectiveness, ensure wherever they end up they’re not exposed to charges from other units because as I mentioned before, their armour isnt great so will die quite easily. You can use the grots or units like gorgers or allied frost sabres to block off enemies from getting into them. As the unit is on 40mm bases and only have 1″ ranged weapons it is also very important to move the unit in such a way to maximise how many models can get within 1″.

The targets this unit excels against are ones with little armour. If you charge a unit with a 5+ or 6+ save youll be doing about 26-28 (5+) or 32-34 (6+) wounds on the charge without any external buffs or help. Watch out for units and characters bunched up as it might be worth it to multi charge a few units and/or characters and take out multiple threats at once.

Pros & Cons


Lots of internal buffs

2 Damage attacks

Very impactful command group

Good synergies with army despite no book


No rend

Weak Armour

Honest Goblin


My Bio:

Hi everyone, my names Mick and Ive been playing warhammer since 6th edition warhammer fantasy. My main armies are Gutbusters and Tzeentch but I also play Khorne and Stormcast when I feel like it. Currently giving Gutbusters all of my attention to see what I can squeeze out of the army and to really just change things up a bit from 3 years of Tzeentch.

I am the current captain and founder of the Irish AoS team. I love to play in tournaments and I also run regular tournaments with Dave Smyth, Chin Dave and Nathan Sandison as part of our Hero Phase group in Wicklow, Ireland.

Gaming style:

Competitive and tactical. Best way to describe what I like about warhammer games. I like to think out every single movement and action I make and have a purpose for same. nothing better for me than a game that takes a lot of thought.