Plague monks; dont get too attached and DONT name them. They’re going to die, and die quickly. But with a bit of planning, you can take down your enemy with you.

In-Game Guide

No one expects plague monks, and everyone underestimates them. In short they are an extreme glass cannon, with lots of low rend low damage attacks, and NO ARMOUR SAVE. Their job is to get into combat and make favourable trades with your opponent, and as plague monks are so cheap, this is very achievable against most combat armies.

Units That Synergise With It


Plague Furnace:

ESSENTIAL if you’re playing with a lot of plague monks. Praying to the horned rat on a 3+ you can either:

Bless with Filth: reroll wounds to a pesilens unit

Rabid Fever: allow models in a pestilens unit to pile in and attack AFTER its been slain in the combat phase

Good use of Rabid Fever is key to using plague monks and is typically used in 2 ways.

If you are using them a screen. FIRST see if you get the 3+ necessary, then buff them up through other sources, line up the plague monks in a line and taunt your opponent mercilessly. Rabid fever and the Icon of Pestilence will allow you to deal damage before the monks bite the dust, and unless they’re rocking a particularly good armour save, they’ll do more damage than your opponent will be expecting. Look at your opponents face as they realise their mistake and cherish it.

Using them on a charging unit allows you to pile in and attack AFTER you’ve made your attacks, essentially allowing 2 pile ins, (this is assuming that your opponent survives, attacks and kills your models in their attack phase.) They will get the extra attack from Frenzied Assault, on both sets of attacks.

Getting these prayers off is key and can make or break a game, and sadly there are limited ways to buff this roll. The only way im aware to improve your odds is through the pestilens allegiance abilities. One of your “Great Plagues” (The Neverplague) allows +1 to prayer rolls, but it requires rolling a natural 6 first, hardly reliable.

Verminlord Corruptor:

The pestilens flavoured verminlord.

Command Ability:

+1 attack to a SKAVEN unit, this cant stack.


The Glottkin:

Command Ability:

+1 attack to all NURGLE units within 14”. This can stack with the verminlord ability. WOOF.

Fleshy Abundance:

This can add an extra wound to the fragile plague monk, making it twice as tanky (still not tanky).

Lord of Blights:

Command Ability:

-1 hit on shooting attacks on a unit, whenever the unit has 20 or more models, it gets -2 hit on shooting and -1 hit on melee. WOOF.



Command Ability:

Give a SKAVEN unit a 6+ ward save. If they have 13 or more models, they get a 5+ ward save. Tanky plague monks? Nearly!

Grey Seer:

Command Ability:

Whenever a SKAVEN model flees within 26” on the grey seer, on a 4+ it doesnt.



Blades of Putrefaction:

On a 6+ hit, cause a mortal wound in addition to any other damage. This is great on a warscroll with lots of attacks like this. WOOF WOOF.

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