NOTE: GHB19 increased their points from 40 to 50 each. Max unit size is 3 now with a discounted cost of 120 for 3.

The are one of the best attacks per pts unit in Seraphon! At only 50 pts each Razordon does 2D6 shots at range 12″ and gets rend at 6″! When taken in a unit of 3 for 120 pts, you are getting 6D6 shots! And then take the max of 4 units…. yep… 24D6 shots! Wow.

Oh… and if they get charged, they can shoot again on a 4+.

Pros & Cons

Pro – All

Con – Cost ($30) per model is insane.

Hobby Notes

A great way to get cheap Razordons is to kitbash your own from Saurus Knights!

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