So you thought Saurus knights suck? Well they almost went 4 and 1 at BoBo and they rock when you know how to play them. The key is Synergy and knowing what to charge-this ain’t no bloodcrusher unit!

In-Game Guide

See tips and tricks but should be fielded in several units near the scar vet on cold one.

The Warscroll

2 wounds, 7″ move, 5+ save, 10 Bravery

2 weapon load outs: Spears 4+/3+, blades 3+/3+

Mounts attack twice at 3+/4+

Jaw-Bite attacks at 5+/4+

Spears can get a mortal wound in addition to damage on 6+ on charge.

Shields ignore rend -1 weapons

Icon bearer makes battleshocked enemy units add 1 to roll and war drums allow you to double move instead of run. Alpha has 2 blade/spear attacks

Units it Synergises With

Most important synergy is with Scar Vet on cold one. His command ability allows you to:

Reroll charge rolls of 1

Reroll hit rolls of 1

Add 1 extra bite attack for cold ones(mounts).

This is a huge boost as it makes it easier to get in combat, be effective if you rule the firelance battalion, and most importantly can boost a crazy amount of attacks on a simple unit(just 1 command point on a unit of 10 means 30 cold one bites)

Then you couple this outrageous amount of attacks with the serpent staff ability on your SKINK STARPRIEST, and you are looking at 30+ attacks that do double damage on 6 to wound plus any extras from your Saurus bites. Remember all of these are rerolling 1s because of the command ability!

Allegiance Abilities

Teleport dino! But seriously this is a big help to manueverability. My only recommendation here is to have a slann that can do it twice or take the battalion above that let’s the slann free summon you the first turn for a guaranteed charge.

It will fail sometimes but having 2 teleports help mitigate the impact that can have.


Firelance is a must if you are playing heavy with these guys. They get a nice boost with adding 3 to run or charge as well as giving all your weapon types the ability to generate mortal wounds. Just don’t take it for the mortal wounds but for the lessening of drops.

Moreover the newer Dracothians Tail battalion( with Firelance and slann) is even better to make you a true 1 drop and teleport those dinos on dinos all around the board.

How to Use the Unit in Game

The key once again is to not see this unit as a monster of charges, the 5+ save is too weak to really get stuck in with large units, especially units that generate a ton of mortal wounds( skaven pestilence rat packs).

I stead they should initially start by playing the objectives and then become opportunistic hunters. Look for the weak units or lynchpin models, then buff up and charge away-best part is you can always teleport after you get the buffs on as there is not specific order to that in the hero phase.

For the most part you will want them in groups of 10 (too big and they won’t all make it in for that big charge). Further, I recommend steering away from every unit having Spears. While the potential for that big charge and mortal wounds is there, it is way to fickle to be counted on. The real bread and butter is weight of attacks and the surprise your enemies shall feel when they thought this unit was crappy.

Be surgical and attack weak points and if you have to get stuck in, do it against elite infantry as you will ignore their -1 rend which typically means lower attacks.

Lastly, the more artefacts you have in this army the better as those scar vets can be easily targetted. My recommendation is at least a protection artefact and the broach to get command points coming back because these dinos need to be command pointed up to as many attacks as possible.

Pros & Cons

Pro: great amount of attacks, great ability to hit and wound, 2 wounds, great allegiance ability. Good unit size.

Con: not strong vs every unit, need synergy to stand, finesse unit

Hobby Notes

They look badass being dinosaurs on dinosaurs, what else do you need?

P.s. Rob you can suck it for hatin’ on this sweet unit.

Honest Goblin