Mounted on Cunning Predatory beasts known as Cold Ones, Saurus Knights are the shock cavalry of the Seraphon. The biggest shock being they aren’t actually very fast or cavalry like.  However, having said that they are universally recognised as the most amazing unit in the seraphon book both aesthetically and statwise.

The Warscroll

Movement – This is what sets cavalry apart from the grunts of AOS, these guys zoom round the battlefield at an unrivalled pace of 8 whole inches (unrivalled by foot dwarf units). Ok that somewhat sucks for cavalry but don’t worry, Seraphon have skinks if you want something fast and flexible or just take the side of the book that can teleport, don’t bother me with your mobility concerns.

Damage output – As with most cavalry the unit gets a buff on the charge, unlike most recent units getting this buff these guys only get +1 dmg and not the pip of rend to go with it but this inferior version is still pretty tasty because of the fact that they have 2 attacks each with their spears.  Wait, spears, the stats up the top says clubs or lance, the warscroll on this unit is so half arsed they didn’t even update the wording to be consistent online. Where’s the love GW, WHERE’S THE LOVE?! 

Ok, so ignore all that junk.  Anyway, the bit that matters is these dudes kick out 5 attacks per model or if you toss it into the coalesced thingy 6 per model.  So that’s 30 attacks out of 5 dudes for 100pts, sure they are basically 4’s and 4’s with no rend 1 damage but 30 is like a really big number.

Unit has a champion, flag and drum which all do broadly the usual pointless stuff with the drum being a reroll on charges and not a +1” to charge which would have been way better in the teleporting part of the army but meh, whatever, a free reroll is a free reroll.

Defensively – 2 wounds each and a 4+ save.  4+ baby, wow… ehh, ok, that’s soso but hey, they’re 100pts.

Units That Synergise With It

Saurus Knights.


When you look round the Saurus half of the Seraphon book you can get a tonne of buffs onto the unit too, that can be multiple +’s to hit, +1 to wound, any 6’s are 2 hits and all this just through giving up on all the really good characters that buff the good stuff in the army and focusing on buffing this mediocre unit.

Units it Synergises With

more Saurus Knights


they put a spell on me.


I received this unit in response to my prayers.


Battalions – They have basically their very own battalion, it does something about mortal wounds on something, it’s fine.  Fine.

How to Use the Unit in Game

The most amazing unit in the game, and one that Rob should really spend many, many more hours talking about on the show.  If nothing else this would give him a whole week’s worth of material talking just about the amazing models alone. ignore the fact they’re probably over 20 years old by now and the cold ones look derpy as anything and Dark Elves got far far cooler cold ones many years ago and yet Seraphon still have to struggle on with their ancient models.  Ignore all that and just focus on the fact that they are covered in pointless crap in the form of runes and skulls that just makes painting them difficult.  Ignore the fact that the sculpting of the scales doesn’t really look like scales or make any real sense and just remember.

These are the greatest unit in the mortal realms.

Pros & Cons

Pros – The best unit in the game


Cons – Only available in Order, only battleline in Seraphon

Hobby Notes

You get that they’re the best unit in the game right?

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