“Skragrott is the self-styled Loonking, the master of all 
subterranean grots and herald of the Everdank. His sinister 
presence upon the field of battle ensures the Gloomspite Gitz 
fight with greater spite and cunning than ever.”

One of the best grot models in recent years, this little legend brings a whole host of tools to the table and asks plenty of questions of your opponents. 

Fist of Fun fans like myself will love ‘Da Moon Onna Stikk’, gotta love a bit of alternative comedy from the 90’s. 

The Warscroll

At 220pts he is a real steal. 

Pretty bog standard stats reflecting the fact despite being a King, he’s only a grot after all (sorry Donal). 

Move 4″ will mean his early deployment must be well thought out, though he has a way of getting about later if need be thanks to ‘The Hand of Gork’ (see spells).

He’s a little squishy, 6 wounds with a 5 up save, though his Loonking Crown helps this somewhat. 

Bravery 6 will make him vulnerable to those units that cause wounds based on your bravery or the new batshit Mortek Crawlers from the Ossiarch Bonereapers, that’ll slay him on a 6, given the chance. 


Babbling Wand: 

If this model is your general and is on the 
battlefield at the start of your hero phase, 
roll a dice. On a 4+ you receive D3 extra 
command points.

Who doesn’t like free command points? If you keep him alive for all 5 hero phases, you can expect an average of 5 Command Points a game, that’s 250 pts of value right there! He basically pays for himself. 

Da Moon Onna Stikk:

If any wounds inflicted by Da Moon Onna 
Stikk are allocated to an enemy model and 
not negated, that enemy model suffers 1 
mortal wound at the end of each battle 
round (even if the wounds inflicted by Da 
Moon Onna Stikk are subsequently healed)

This most gorgeously named item has both a ranged and melee profile. 

28″ range (bonkers) 6 attacks (bonkers) 3s to hit 3s to wound rend 1.
This will do some real chip damage at range. You can also split these attacks across up to 6 enemy units with multiple wounds, making even better use of the extra damage that will then come at the end of each battle round from the items ability!
Support hero sniper supreme ? 

In melee 2″ reach, 4 atts, 3s to hit and wound rend 1 isn’t too shabby either for a wizard, just 1 nick will bleed out a support hero that runs or you run from. 
You’ll likely be able to attack from behind plenty of Grots as well, so getting in a few cheeky wounds for no return is decent. 

Loonking’s Crown:

Add 1 to casting and unbinding rolls for 
this model. In addition, roll a dice each 
time a wound or mortal wound is allocated 
to this model. On a 4+ that wound or 
mortal wound is negated.

Now we’re talking.. If you’ve ever heard me talk about what wins 5-6 games events, it’s consistency.
Plus 1 to cast increases your chances to get off your key spells and stacks with the other ways Gloospite Gitz can get bonuses to cast thanks to ‘the Bad Moon Rises’ allegiance ability and the ‘Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron’ Endless Spell, for up to plus 4 to casts next to Arcane terrain. Noice. 

Plus 1 to unbinds decreases your opponents consistency and also stacks with ‘The Bad Moon Rises’ that gives -1 to enemy casts, can come in real clutch and helps create a feeling of despair in your opponents when their spells are easily neutered the LoonKing himself would be very pleased with. 

The 4 up ignore damage will keep this squishy King in the game much longer. Just a solid ability. 


Skargrott is a double caster and unbinder baby! Further adding to the value of his Crown and has access to one of my favourite spells in all of Age of Sigmar. 

Nikkit! Nikkit!: 

Has a casting value of 8.
If successfully cast, pick 1 enemy model 
within 18″ of the caster that is visible to 
them. The unit that model belongs to 
suffers D3 mortal wounds. In addition, if 
that model has an artefact of power and the 
casting roll was 10+, that model’s artefact of 
power can no longer be used (if it was used 
to enhance a weapon, that weapon reverts 
to its normal form).

It’s high cast isn’t insurmountable thanks to all the bonuses to cast as above and if it goes off is unlikely to be unbinded. 

Turn off Ethereal Dragons, make Doppleganger netlisters cry, crack Suspicious Stones..


Command Ability:

Finally we see a really useful way to use an extra Command Point he’s farmed for himself in his excellent Command Ability. 

The Loonking’s Entreaty:

You can use this command ability once per
battle if this model is your general and on
the battlefield, before you roll the dice to
determine how far the Bad Moon moves
that battle round. If you do so, you can
choose for the Bad Moon to either not move
that battle round, or to make 1 move or 2
moves that battle round (do not roll the
dice to determine how far it moves).

For context, see Allegiance Abilities for an explanation of ‘The Bad Moon Rises’, for now trust me having control over this army buffer, enemy debuffer is aces. 

Units That Synergise With It

Everything, the Command Point farming is real. 

Allegiance Abilities

The Bad Moon Rises:

At the beginning of the game, you choose one of the corners of the board as the Bad Moon’s starting point (if both players use Gloomspite Gitz, roll off to decide who places it). Starting from the second turn, it will start to move. To determinate how much it moves you roll a dice: on a 2+ it moves once, on a 6 it moves twice. Splitting the field in 4 equal sized quadrants, the Bad Moon moves in a straight line towards the opposite corner of the field stopping in the middle of the starting quadrant, in the middle of the field and in the middle of the opposite quadrant. Once it gets to the opposite corner, it’s removed from the field and never comes back. So, if you’re really unlucky it could be gone at the start of turn 3, giving you a single turn of benefits. With no 1s or 6s, it’ll vanish at the start of turn 5, giving you three turns of goodness. Your only way of controlling it is by having Skragrott as your general, and that’s only once per battle.

Light of the Bad Moon:

Units under the Bad Moon’s light (AKA: If it’s in the middle of a quadrant, it covers only the units in that quadrant; If it’s in the middle of the field, everyone; if it’s in a corner, nobody)

A Gloomspite Gitz General will generate an additional command point in each battle phase.

Each Gloomspite Gitz Wizard (that’s all wizards here, including the Gobbapalooza wizards) get +1 to casting rolls.

Every other Wizard gets -1 to cast.

Moonclan Grot units (that’s Stabbas, Shootas… AND Skragrott, Loonboss, Loonboss with (but not on) giant squig, Madcap Shaman, Zarbag and gits, Fungoid, Sneaky Snufflers, and the Gobbapalooza), can reroll every 1 to hit.

Spiderfang units’s Spider Venom ability will activate on a 5+.

Squig units (that’s Loonboss on(but not with) giant cave, Loonboss on Mangler, Herds, Hoppers, Bounderz, Mangler, Colossal, Gobba) can run and charge in the same turn.

Troggoth units (includes Mollog, but not the Hag (as confirmed in the Designer’s Commentary)), can reroll the Regeneration rolls, or double the result.

You can also pick an enemy unit and roll a dice: if the result is equal or less than that unit’s number of models it will suffer D3 mortal wounds.

Note that there are no overlaps between Grot, Squig, Spiderfang and Troggoth units.

One of the coolest allegiance abilities going, for my money. 


Skragrott can choose a spell from the Lore of the Moonclan and they are all pretty decent choices.
To my mind, The Hand of Gork is what I’d be taking on my most reliable caster. 

Lore Of The Moonclan:

Vindictive Glare:

 Cast on a 5. Deal D3 mortal wounds to a unit within 12″. Literally a slightly better Arcane Bolt with a shorter range. 
Better choices for your King of the Loon. 

Itchy Nuisance:

Cast on a 6. Pick an enemy unit within 18″. It’s forced to fight after everyone else in the next Combat Phase. 
If you are worried about being able to take part in the activation wars (compete against all those units that can always strike first), then this may well be a useful tool for Skrag to make use of. 

The Great Green Spite:  

Cast on a 7. Pick a Gloomspite Gitz unit within 18″ and an enemy unit within 24″. If the Gitz are less than 10, the enemy unit suffers a mortal wound; if they’re 10-20, the enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds; if they’re more than 20, the enemy unit suffers D6 mortal wounds.

Surprisingly easy to set up, as the ranges on both halves are quite generous. Great long-range sniping if you have a big ass block of Stabbas nearby, and 6 mortal wounds is a very, very scary proposition.

The Hand of Gork:

 Cast on a 7. Pick Gloomspite Gitz unit wholly within 24″ and at least 3″ away from any enemy unit and warp it away, at least 9″ from any enemy unit. The unit can’t move in the next movement phase. 

Such a useful spell in so many situations..
Hand forward a throw away wizard to cast Geminids deep into your opponents lines, move a large 60 block of stabbas in front of the entire enemy lines to help choke the board and keep the gold safe, get Skraggy himself out of dodge.
Solid, solid choice. 

Squig Lure:

 Cast on a 5. Pick D3 Squig units visible to the caster and within 18″ from him. They can run and charge in the same turn.

Better elsewhere if you have Squigs in your build

Call da Moon:

 Cast on a 8. Pick an enemy unit visible to the caster and deal D3 mortal wounds to it. It the unit is under the Bad Moon you can reroll for the amount of mortal wounds.

Potential consideration here, as the unlimited range in conjunction with Scuttletide could really threaten any small support heroes in the back field, especially with the rerolling of the damage.  

Endless Spells:

Gloomspite Gitz have access to some great Endless Spells and with up to plus 3 to cast, Skragott is gonna be able to make use of them all, despite some of their high casts. 

Malevolent Moon:

 (40pts, Cast on a 6, predatory). Moves 12″, flies, deals mortal wounds to units it flew over and gives -1 to casting rolls to not-Gloomspite Gitz unit within 9″ (-2 to those within 3″ from it). A great long-range wizard sniper, use it to bully enemy wizards into trying to dispel it or take huge penalties to cast, as well as deal a couple nasty little mortal wounds along with it.

Mork’s Mighty Mushroom:

 (90pts, Cast on a 6). Every unit within 8″ from it must roll a dice for every model that is within 8″ of this spell and suffer a number of mortal wounds equal to the number of 5+ rolled. Fantastic way to deny a huge part of the board, especially as it can’t be moved once placed. Unfortunately, since this works best against hordes, it also denies those parts of the board to you. Use with caution.


 (30pts, Cast on a 7). +1 to the casting rolls of this spell for Spiderfang Wizards. If any non-Spiderfang unit end within 6″ from it after a charge movement it will suffer up to 6 mortal wounds on 5+ rolls.
Slightly less suicidal form of area denial, and if your placement is right, you can triple-dip on mortal wound rolls.
Great for a number of reasons: It’s a wall, first and foremost, meaning that it’s a great area denial tool.
Second, there’s no maximum range, meaning you can place it anywhere on the map as long as it’s fully within 6″ of terrain. And because of the wording on it’s ability most enemies won’t want to roll twelve to eighteen dice looking for 5-up mortal wounds.
Lastly the high casting value is also a bit of a bonus, as it requires an 8 to dispel, which isn’t an easy feat for most of the wizards the enemy will use to dispel your Endless Spells.

Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron:

 (40pts, Cast on a 5). It attaches to the caster, giving him +1 to cast and dispel rolls plus teaching him every Lore of the Moonclan spell, but at a price. At the beginning of every Hero phrase it deals D3 mortal wounds to a unit within 3″ (including the caster itself of no one else is in the range).
As this doesn’t say friendly unit you can deal the D3 to enemies. 
Use with caution with Skraggy, if he’s on his own, best avoid this unless the circumstances are dire. 

Take note that these Endless Spells aren’t bound to what Allegiance you are using, just to the keywords of the caster, so you can use the Cauldron as a way to get access to the spell lore even when you’re playing Destruction Allegiance or have the Gitz as allies. But it’s might not be worth bothering – two effect Gloomspite Gitz only, one effects only Squig units, two are slighty better arcane bolts, but the remaining one (Itchy Nuisance) is awesome. Plus you need a way of mitigating the cauldron’s mortals: Skragrott looses most his usefulness outside Gloomspite; the Hag is a large investment (and too expensive to ally both her and the spell), and our other wizards too squishy unless you can be sure to always keep them next to something else.

With 2 reliable casts, there’s plenty of ways to get value out of our Grotty little hero. 


Bad Moon Loonshrine:

The main help for your little guys for zero points cost

Before armies are setup, place one of these in your section of the board at least 12″ from enemy territory and more than 1″ from other scenery. Makes friendly Gloomspite Gitz units within 12″ pass Battleshock tests automatically.
Whilst amazing, it will only ever have any effect on your own side of the board.

Allows you to attempt to resurrect a unit of Shootas or Stabbas which has been entirely destroyed on a 4+ roll at the end of each of your turns (every unit can be resurrected only  once). 
Great LOS blocker for artillery (Squig Hopper) and a great way to keep his Grotliness out of line of sight early doors, behind this great lump of scenery. 
Less useful for pure Squig/Troggoth/Spiderfang lists due to lack of resurrection. But there is no reason to ever not take it.

GHB2019 matched play rules state you can no longer place faction scenery on top of an objective, which is a shame. 
FAQ states that number of special models in units returned by the Loonshrine should be the number in the original unit halved (rounded up), even if this breaks what is listed on  the warscroll. This essentially makes your returned units slightly more powerful than regular ones.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Early doors keep safe away from any ranged threats and then blast away with your excellent 28″ ranged Moon lashed to a Stikk and access to many many spells! 

If you manage to get some early CPs from his ability or by virtue of being the general under the Light of the Bad Moon, move the Bad Moon turn 2 to where it’s most beneficial. Better to have plus 1 to cast and -1 for your enemies to cast early, while your Wizards are alive or risk losing the Bad Moon. 

There’s a lot of bonuses to cast and unbind available, try to be the best position to make use of your double casting/unbinding.
Plus 4 to can be achieved for both (Arcane terrain, Arachnacauldron, Light of the Bad Moon, Loonking’s Crown). 
Making Nikkit Nikkit’s item stealing much easier with a 6+ to cast and your opponent could well have minuses to cast from your Endless Spell Malevolent Moon (up to -2) and being under the Light of the Bad Moon -1, helping to shut down your opponents strongest hero phase plays (Nothing demoralises opponents more than stopping their favourite combos with ease). 

He’s handy for sniping support heroes, use him this way and profit.
Unlikely to take out a support hero in one. But used in conjunction with your Endless Spells like Scuttletide, he’ll be finishing them off pretty reliably. 
Also, the Arachnacauldron will add 4″ to his already impressive 28″ reach plus move of 4″ for a max threat range of 36″. Handy for catching people out, if they make a mistake thinking they are out of range. 

He’s not an easy character to just d6 mortal wound off either, but I’d avoid taking any wounds early doors as much as poss. Keep him safe behind your loyal Grots as often as poss. 

You can do some advanced plays more reliably with him also..

Try setting up Scuttletide and Palisade in front of a big enemy unit you wanna keep tagged with him and another reliable caster. 
Keep a gap between them, enough to fit Arachnacauldron. 
If you use Skragg to cast Palisade and a Spiderfang Wizard to cast Scuttletide, you’ll have a good chance of getting these off. 
Now with Skraggs last spell, cast Hand of Gork on an Webspinner Shaman, behide the gap in your endless spells. 
Cast Arachnacauldron from the teleported Webspinner Shaman.
You’ll now have a much easier charge and be able to fight the unit you’ve engaged, their attacks back will be heavily mitigated by the Endless spells on either side. Happy days. 

Another great way to use Hand of Gork is to cast it on one of your cheap wizards, place on a flank and then use them to cast Geminids through their battleline. 

Keep farming those Command Points and make the rest of your Grots much more fighty with the Loon Bosses nifty Command Ability, Keep them staying around when outside of the Bad Moonz baleful stare or keep your boyz running as swiftly as poss/ more reliable charges.
All those Command Points will help you throughout your games. 

Hobby Notes

I really rate this plucky little upstart. At 220pt I think he’s a great addition to any Gloomspite Gitz force and will likely get more out of his points cost.

Here’s a sample list with our most noble of Grot Lieges, other than the normal Grot spam that’s seen a lot of play.. 

Please do pop up a like or leave a comment on how you get the most out of the Loonking, it would be much appreciated.

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