Probably one of the most essential units in the Gutbuster army for two main reasons. One his command ability is amazing and two he is an absolute combat powerhosue for 160 points. Depending on how you load him out he can either be a utility Tyrant or double hard bastard combat monster! You decide.

In-Game Guide

The tyrant will vary depending on your load out. Personally I prefer to make him a bit more survivable, so I give him a massive ogor club, the Gryph Feather Charm (reduces the chances of mortals on 6+ as well as hits in general) and make his command ability more reliable with the Ravager command trait. He is still dangerous in combat but mostly use him for his command ability and allegiance ability. I’ll send him in late game to finish off small units or wounded characters.

You can load him out to be more combat orientated with the great gut gouger combined with artifacts and command traits that increase his chances of wounding. You can get this up to a 3+ to wound doing 6 damage if you also roll the right big name (which is a 1/3 chance to get). In this instance he becomes a serious threat to your opponent and if they know what he can do will usually give him a wide berth unless they can take him out in one go. Using his 3″ range can catch opponents out or keep them from charging a unit you want to keep safe.

The Warscroll

Just a great warscroll all in all.


I think his best weapons are the great gut gouger and the massive ogor club due to the high rend, damage and range of the weapons. 


His pistols are nothing to be sneezed at with a potential 6 damage!! 3+, 3+, -1 D3 damage. Not bad as an added bonus to his clos combat ability.


The tyrant has two great abilities. One is his command ability which works great with grots and big units of ogors. the other is the big name roll at the start of the game. While you cant depend on the toll you make, you can alter how you use him when you know what he has. You might get the 3+ save one and decide to put him in cover more, or get the +1 damage against monsters and decide to send him after a particular monster etc…

Units That Synergise With It

The Tyrant synergises well with nearly all units in the Gutbuster range. However I would say that he adds more to other units than vice versa. The butcher is good to keep nearby for when he rolls a 2 on the cauldron healing a wound on all ogor models nearby.

Units it Synergises With

The Tyrant is a great unit for the army as he provides so much support to all the units. The main synergy he has is with grots and making 60 of them immune to bravery while the Tyrant is alive. other than that he is great at charging the flank of units while your other units charge them in the face. It is a good way to reduce models piling in and doing more damage to the unit.

Allegiance Abilities

It is very important to remember to keep the Tyrant in range of whatever unit you want to use the allegiance abilities on and this might mean planning 2 turns ahead.


It really depends on your intentions for the tyrant. Gryph Feather Charm, Doppleganger Cloak and Ethereal Amulet are all good for defensive choices.

Anraheirs claw or rage blade can also be useful in combination with either the +1/2 attack (conditional on wounds taken) or +1 to wound command trait and the great gut gouger.

How to Use the Unit in Game

Keep him near your grots, if you are using them, and bully them turn one. Be careful if you are going second not to lose them to battleshock before you get a chance to bully them. I keep 50 points spare for a command point in my list building for this very reason.

Use him alongside other units so they can have the benefit of command abilities if needed. Make sure to keep him within 3″ for look out sir. When your units are in, the tyrant is great for a flank charge or for keeping other units from piling in.

Pros & Cons


8 wounds

Plenty of Damage output as standard

Has great synergies with artifacts

Command ability

Big Names


Only has 4+ save standard

No access to rerolls or other buffs

Honest Goblin


My Bio:

Hi everyone, my names Mick and Ive been playing warhammer since 6th edition warhammer fantasy. My main armies are Gutbusters and Tzeentch but I also play Khorne and Stormcast when I feel like it. Currently giving Gutbusters all of my attention to see what I can squeeze out of the army and to really just change things up a bit from 3 years of Tzeentch.

I am the current captain and founder of the Irish AoS team. I love to play in tournaments and I also run regular tournaments with Dave Smyth, Chin Dave and Nathan Sandison as part of our Hero Phase group in Wicklow, Ireland.

Gaming style:

Competitive and tactical. Best way to describe what I like about warhammer games. I like to think out every single movement and action I make and have a purpose for same. nothing better for me than a game that takes a lot of thought.